D/s Toy Making at Home For Affordable Prices
Speakers: Master Perry and malli[VP]
Website: MasterLeatherWorks

PhntmJoe: Ok folks, we're gonna get started
PhntmJoe: I wanna welcome everyone to the discussion tonight.
PhntmJoe: once again, Master Perry and malli are here to talk.....Master Perry is gonna share some things tonight about making affordable toys at home
PhntmJoe: so, I'll let Master Perry start where he'd like.....
malli[VP] curls up at her Master's feet and smiles
MstrPerry: well in the old days...at least for me most of my things were made from parts I picked up from wal mart and thrift stores
MstrPerry: what I used to do was simply cut the leather or suede into strips and attach them to a 1 inch dowel with (lol) a hose clamp...thats how my firts flogger was made
Gauss: why bother with thrift store..could just get the materials at a sewing type shop
PhntmJoe: how wide of strips did you make Master Perry?
Gauss: although, you might get more material from thrift shop..hmm
MstrPerry: I typically use 1/2 inch falls...they fly better for me and will still produce that thud if there are enough falls
MstrPerry: you can also get your leather or suede shipped to you from the leather factory...
MstrPerry: although it would probably be more cost efeective to just buy the kit from www.masterleatherworks.com (grin)
malli[VP] smiles
PhntmJoe: so you just provide the material and let the customer make it themselves?
MstrPerry: but I have a couple of little projects Ill share here for other stuff
MstrPerry: yes....everything is included except...
MstrPerry: hammer and glue
MstrPerry: they are 25 dollars and you'll just have to specify color
MstrPerry: all the nails ...suede is already cut for you
KttN: that would be a fun project to do with your partner
MstrPerry: yes....it will also give you some experiance and a guide to go by so you can make more later for yourself
MstrPerry: I can also sell the suede by the whole hide but they'll have to email for that
kytten: may i ask a question?
PhntmJoe: sure
PhntmJoe: if that's ok with Master Perry
MstrPerry: sure
kytten: MstrPerry Sir do You have recomendation for the lengths of the falls, i personally have been inujured from a flogger that the handle was too long and the falls were too short
MstrPerry: hmmmmm.... the two most common leangths for mea are...
MstrPerry: 6 in handle w/ 18 inch falls...
MstrPerry: and 8 inch handle w/ 20 inch falls
kytten: thank You Sir
MstrPerry: its seems to be the general standard
MstrPerry: anytime dear
Zuzzz: <--- has a 38 innch flogger of leather. . . . . . . 26 to 28 inch tails. . . 1/2 inch wide. . . . . i cant see how this flogger if you intended to hurt could . . . its a very good beginner flogger as it is very forgiving and even at a full swing will not harm but thuds as it should
kytten has a room full of floggers

MstrPerry: one of the things I made early on was a nylon string flogger...and I still use it to this day at VH
malli[VP]: The nylon string flogger is very nice for new ppl
MstrPerry: now the nylon flogger you can make with one spool of JP coats crochet nylon...
malli[VP]: Like I stated.. they are great for ppl that have never done it real life before..
MstrPerry: the reason I say the JP coats brand is the spool will be the handle
MstrPerry: you'll also need some sort of ring....like a keyring or a solid ring....
MstrPerry: and some zip ties
MstrPerry: I wind the string around a piece of cardboard about 24 inches long...
MstrPerry: when it runs out and most of the string is on it I cut a piece about 8 inches off it to use to pull trough the handle...
MstrPerry: then you tie a loop around one end so it slips tight around the string and cut the other so the 8 inch string is in the middle and the ends hang free....
MstrPerry: once you have that, the spool is empty and you pull the 8 inch piece through so that the ends hang like aflogger should...
MstrPerry: attach the key ring to the loop end with 2 or 3 zip ties and pull it back to make sure it wont pull through
MstrPerry: and there is it.....thats the same way I make them to sell I just put some suede on the outside of the spool for looks..
PhntmJoe: anyone have any questions about making that?
MstrPerry: and because it's nylon...if it wont thud enough for you, you can wet it...
jen-jen: yes..i have one
Foord__: MstrPerry--is there a pic of that on the site?
MstrPerry: ok jen-jen
kytten: or tie knots in it
kytten: or add beads, with no seams
jen-jen: MstrPerry You said a 24" long piece of cardboard, but how wide should this cardboard be? maybe an inch wide Sir?
MstrPerry: the wider the better just so it wont slip off
MstrPerry: mine is now made of plexiglass and about 6 inches wide
kytten: is that enough to braid or would it take two spools?
jen-jen: :) Thank You Sir...and could i please have the web address again for Your toy store?
malli[VP]: http://www.masterleatherworks.com
jen-jen: :) Thank you malli :)
malli[VP] smiles at her Master
MstrPerry: Foord__, theres not a pic on my site yet...but I'll send you one if you give malli your adress
malli[VP]: welcome jen-jen
malli[VP] smiles at Foord__
MstrPerry: and yes you can knot them or bead them....If you want to put that kind of time into it
MstrPerry: it will cost you about 6 bucks to make one
kytten is a pain slut, i would be more than willing
MstrPerry: or less
Foord__: sure thing
malli[VP]: They are nice little floggers if you wish alittle more to them.. just get the strands wet
MstrPerry: yes and if you can use a bigger tube for a handle you can put all the falls on them that you want
PhntmJoe: anyone else have a question about this?
KttN: Master Perry, would that work for shorter strands? for like the breasts and genitals?
MstrPerry: first you ll have to put together a couple of spreadder bars....
MstrPerry: oh yes KttN, it works really well
MstrPerry: hehehehehehe
malli[VP] grins
KttN: thanks :) sorry to jump in out of place
malli[VP] giggles at KttN..

PhntmJoe: ok Master Perry....do you h ave another toy you'd like to talk about making?
MstrPerry: yes....I made a restraint device once that they can put together easy
PhntmJoe: we're making a restraint system now...correct?
malli[VP] nods to Joe
MstrPerry: yes.....really portable too
malli[VP]: Master letting his fingers rest so I will type what he tells me too
malli[VP]: For the spreader bars.. use 7/8 wooden dowel ( there is a reason for the size)
malli[VP]: Want to make them about 2 1/2 ft long.
malli[VP]: Need to get wood screw eyeletts
PhntmJoe: malli, is there anything that he uses to finish the wood with?
malli[VP]: Joe... Master.. says.. he paints them
malli[VP]: with spray paint
malli[VP]: When you put wood screw eyeletts in the dowels.. they tend to crack... so you want to clue the eyelets in
malli[VP]: with epoxy glue
malli[VP]: Coat the ends of the dowel with epoxy glue.. so eyescrews don't break out
malli[VP]: Once you have made the two spreader bars..
malli[VP]: The 7/8 size will fit snuggly into the S-hook of a cargo strap tie down
malli[VP]: Then you can just attach a pair of cuffs (which we make) to the ends
malli[VP]: You can run it behind a door.. for standing restraint
malli[VP]: or (what we have used it for) under the bed :)
malli[VP]: Works also for a sofa.. or chair.. for kneeling restraint
malli[VP]: The whole thing cost about 18 dollars.. not including the cost of cuffs
malli[VP]: Nice little device :)
MstrPerry: cuffs by the way....you can use lots of things for those too
KttN: where do you get the cargo straps?
MstrPerry: I got mine at wal mart...
MstrPerry: but Home depot...and even big lots carry them
SheDragon: Cargo straps are the same thing as bungee cord?
MstrPerry: no Dear.....
KttN: i agree, i would buy a nice pair of cuffs, but making the accessories is very cool
MstrPerry: it's just a nylon strap with s hooks in the end and they're adjustable for length
MstrPerry: they cost 8 to 12 dollars
MstrPerry: my first cuff were just velcro strips BTW
Hawkwood: If I may? Army surplus stores have the nylon strapping cheap. You'd need your own hooks though.
malli[VP] smiles at Hawkwood
MstrPerry: ahhhhh true Hawkwood, and then you can buy the right size hooks
PhntmJoe: anything else on the restraints?
MstrPerry: you mean the velcro ones Joe?
PhntmJoe: actually I like those, and they're pretty cheap
MstrPerry: I just separated the two pieces and invented one...(1.5 inch wide velcro...
malli[VP]: They are that Joe.. some ppl just like the leather ones for the way they feel or makes the submissive feel ;)
MstrPerry: inverted I mean
PhntmJoe: yeah, I'd like the leather too...
{radish}: M made ones with velvet *winks at malli*
malli[VP] grins at radish and nods
MstrPerry: yes ...me too...I was so worried sometimes when I was new that someone would laugh at my toys lol
malli[VP] never did
PhntmJoe: hey, if it works, and serves the purpose.....
MstrPerry: very true.........yes How do you tell if your Dom is a redneck malli?
malli[VP] giggles at her Master
kytten guess duct tape
malli[VP]: er with.. right.. I giggled with you Master
malli[VP]: no kytten.... He has a hose clamp holding his flogger together
kytten: ohhh
malli[VP]: bad personal joke kytten :)
PhntmJoe: anyone else have any questions about this restraint?
gem1: what size wood screw eyelettes are used?
MstrPerry: just large enough to get a quick disconnect trough...dont go too big the wood will splinter
gem1: thank you, Sir
MstrPerry: that's why you have to coat the ends of the wood with epoxy glue....keeps it from breaking the eyelett out of the wood
MstrPerry: yw gem1

PhntmJoe: ok....have another toy for us Master Perry?
malli[VP]: DragonTail is a good one Master
malli[VP]: A dragontail is usually made with suede.. but can be made with something as simple as sheet..
{radish} watches malli's exuberance :)
malli[VP]: The more material you use.. the better the thud will be (<--thud slut)
malli[VP]: If you use a sheet... you need to fold it into a triangle.. about 3ft by 3ft
malli[VP]: The take one of the sides and roll it.. like a rat tail Master says...
malli[VP]: er then
malli[VP]: then cut yourself a 3/4 inch dowel.. about 8 inches long.. .. you can use that has a handle.. more so.. that you would roll the sheet around that..
malli[VP]: and tack it on with.. nails (small) furniture tacks
malli[VP]: We also sale those.. tho the picture is not up on the site.. it is made of suede
Zuzzz: if it can roll i can make a tail wif it lol
MstrPerry: the thud from a cotton sheet makes a nice thud...the suede one will light you UP!!!!!
MstrPerry grins
malli[VP] smirks
malli[VP]: Yes it will
MstrPerry: I have seen single tail sluts look at it and say.....wait a minute
malli[VP] snickers
malli[VP]: I never said that
MstrPerry: Greg did

MstrPerry: now if you'd like a little info on making the standrad floggers I have...I'll do that Joe
PhntmJoe: that works
PhntmJoe: by all means
PhntmJoe: I just might bid on the one they're donating after the discussion
malli[VP]: ok
malli[VP] smiles and becomes Master's typing slave again
malli[VP]: The suede pieces.. are 7 1/2 by 28inch and there are two of them
malli[VP]: that way you can make it two colors.
malli[VP]: then you also need two 6 1/2 by 1 in.. pieces of suede cut to braid for the handle knots
malli[VP]: The dowels is 1/2 by 8 1/2 (handle)
malli[VP]: Use one 1 inch D-ring
malli[VP]: 3- #9 nickle furniture tacks
malli[VP]: 5/8 18 gage brad nails
malli[VP]: Those are what you will need to make it
malli[VP]: (we have kit with all those items that you can make yourself)
malli[VP]: Ok.. with the suede pieces.. you will cut the falls whatever width you would like.. we cut them to be 1/2 by 20
malli[VP]: that will leave 8 inches at the end.. to roll around the dowel to make the handle
malli[VP]: Once you have the falls cut... you lay the two pieces down side by side
malli[VP]: Give them a rather thick amount of rubber cement.. just on the part that will be wraped around the dowel
malli[VP]: lay the dowel down on one end of the piece and roll them up...
malli[VP]: Then you are ready to attach the D Ring
malli[VP]: For this.. (I did not mention) you will need a small piece of seude about 1 inch.. by 3 inch..
malli[VP]: you put it over the end of the handle.. nail one side down with the 5/8 brad nails
malli[VP]: use about 2 or three nails so it won't pull out
malli[VP]: slide the D ring onto the suede.. nail down the other side of the suede to the handle.. MAKE SURE that they are even on both sides
malli[VP]: Because the handle knot will cover up the nails
Zuzzz wonders what kind of 'd-ring' she means as the only d-rings I know are used for repelling
malli[VP]: Zuzzz... they are just D rings... for saddles.. can get them from Home Depot.. just ask for a D Ring.. flat part is an inch wide
Zuzzz: gotcha
malli[VP]: then you take the 6 1/2 by 1 inch suede strips.. and cut them two slits in them length wise.. so you can braid it
malli[VP]: Leave one end enclosed.. do not cut all the way to the end
malli[VP]: Braid the suede like you would hair... :)
malli[VP]: The you take the open end after it is braided... nail it to the handle.. next to the nails you put in for the D ring
malli[VP]: Wrap it around the handle.. and add a few nails to keep it in place..
malli[VP]: You will need to but at least 5 or 6 nails in the knot.. to keep it attached.. we have found that some ppl like to swing the flogger by the top knot.. and it WILL come off if not enough nails
malli[VP]: To hide the nails nicely.. just pick up a piece of the knot.. and nail the lower part down..
malli[VP]: Understand that?
KttN: i am with you so far
malli[VP] smiles
malli[VP]: Ok.. the last knot that you make
malli[VP]: will go on the lower part of the handle.. you attach it the same way
malli[VP]: Note that the knots are more for looks.. You don't have to have those to make a flogger
malli[VP]: on the seam of the handle..you can tack it down with furniture tacks.. maybe three or four to make it pretty
MstrPerry: anyone have any questions?
Hawkwood: Gettin' down to brass tacks?
malli[VP] giggles and nods to Hawkwood
MstrPerry: lol the brass ones will tarnish....thats why I use the nickel ones
malli[VP]: any more questions on that
malli[VP]: Joe .. KttN?
PhntmJoe: we're here
malli[VP] seems to be boring ppl
PhntmJoe: nah
whooty: no not all
kytten: not at all
KttN: nooooooo i am not bored at all

PhntmJoe: do you have another toy to talk about??? Maybe clamps, insertibles?
SheDragon: You're not boring at all. Just no questions
whooty: you explained well
malli[VP]: clothespins are great for nipples
malli[VP]: and cheap
KttN: i am just having a hard time staying put and not going to the store :)
PhntmJoe: hehehe...very cheap malli
SheDragon: :) KttN
malli[VP]: Want me to tie ya down KttN?
SheDragon: lol malli
KttN: speaking of which hehe.
KttN: do you are make bondage ties?
malli[VP] blinks at KttN.. and thinks her english went out the window
KttN: something you can clip cuffs to, and maybe wrap around a bedpost?
SheDragon: or what about self bondage? That seems to be a popular theme.
kytten: you can do that with rope
karoua: i dunno. bondage is so much more fun when there is a woman involved to tie you up.
kytten: or so i have heard
KttN: hehe kytten
malli[VP]: nylon dog leashes are good for that KttN... but yes we can make leather bondage ties
PhntmJoe: anyone else have questions for the speakers?
KttN: ahhhh never thought of the leashes. i think i meant bondage straps, but called them the wrong thing
SheDragon: Did you cover making a bondage hood? I missed a chunk of the discussion.
malli[VP]: bondage belt KttN?
Hawkwood thinks the army surplus store has no idea how erotic it is. LOL
kytten hides at the mention of hood
MstrPerry: just pull the strap through the handle on a leash and it makes its own cuff
malli[VP]: hehe Hawkwood
kytten: so is a craft store
KttN: no, but i like bondage belts too :)
SheDragon: Dont forget WalMart
kytten: rabbits fur for $4
MstrPerry: lol...they all ask me what I'm making....once
kytten: everything is a sex toy, its all how you look at it
malli[VP]: we make cuffs that have rabbit fur in them kytten
kytten: rabbit fur alone is a great toy
Hawkwood: A rabbit is a little animal that grows fur that a lot of other little animals get credit for. :)
SheDragon: lol Hawkwood

KttN: what is your favorite toy malli?
malli[VP]: hrmm
malli[VP]: Well I love the Floggers... because I am into thuddy.. But I have say I love the strip whip he made
KttN: i was going to ask you about that one :) i love and hate looking at that pic of the whip hehe
malli[VP] smiles
MstrPerry: the strip whip is made from a 1/2 strip of 12 oz leather
malli[VP]: It is easier to handle and less deadly then a standard single tail
malli[VP] purrss and it hurts so good
KttN: good hurt is a nice thing :)
malli[VP]: agreed
MstrPerry: you can actually make something like it out of a thick belt...(thrift store)
MstrPerry: just cut a 1/2 inch strip and put a small hole in one end for a cracker
MstrPerry: make it about 3 feet long
MstrPerry: for a cracker I use 14 inch peice of nylon string...
MstrPerry: the JP coats crochett nylon works well
MstrPerry: you pull it through the hole and twist the string in the same direction that its already twisted in....so that when you tie the loose ends together they will twist together

SheDragon: What about hoods? That is one thing I would like to try
PhntmJoe: SheDragon asked about hoods...have ya'll made or experimented with making them?
malli[VP]: Sorry SheDragon... No We haven't
SheDragon: No, I havent even used one outside of writing about them and the research to write about them.
MstrPerry: SheDragon....I dont yet have a good machine for sewing leather
SheDragon: Would you have to use leather or is that just traditional? How about denim?
malli[VP]: I would assume that you could make it out of anything you wish... just that for the lifestyle.. alot of ppl use leather.
SheDragon: Denim would breathe
KttN: and wet denim would hurt
KttN: ow :)
SheDragon: I didnt even think about wet denim KttN. O, that could be an evil story in the making.


PhntmJoe sets up his auctioneer's stand to auction off the flogger
Zuzzz: hey Joe how will we pay for the flogger?
SheDragon: I know leather is popular. But I try to think of what might backfire, as far as a hood being too tight, etc.
malli[VP]: Zuzzz.. channel bucks
KttN: Z, auction money
PhntmJoe: your auction cash Z
jen-jen: ohh cool
Zuzzz needs a new one too
PhntmJoe: malli, Master Perry, thank you for donating the flogger...its a great thing to do for us
malli[VP] smiles and listens to Master play his guitar.. while the auction goes on
malli[VP]: You are Very welcome Joe Sir
PhntmJoe: we'll start the bidding for it folks, at 100 auction dollars
jen-jen: I bid 100 AD
PhntmJoe: ok jen......
jen-jen: AD=Auction Dollars
PhntmJoe: anyone go 200?
jen-jen: :)
Zuzzz: 110
Foord__ would bid but he wants jen to get the flogger
PhntmJoe: ok Z....110....
jen-jen blushes
PhntmJoe: anyone go 150?
jen-jen: me I go 150
SheDragon would bid but I don't like the idea of flogging myself.
PhntmJoe: jen for 150
itsme{GD}: i don't know how much i have to spend
PhntmJoe: anyone 160?
gem1: how do u know how much auction bucks you have?
malli[VP]: it feels good SheDragon
malli[VP]: hold on
itsme{GD}: can i ask a question and be a pain ? i am in australia...how would i get it he re ?
Zuzzz: 160
SheDragon flogs Dwaggie with her tail.
PhntmJoe: http://cuffs.com/submission/auctioncash.html
jen-jen looks for something to fling at Zuzzz
MstrPerry: well anyone who needs a demo of that flogger can get one in Atlanta hehehehehehehehe
itsme{GD}: 170
malli[VP]: I couldn't find an account for you gem
KttN: i will watch :)
Nakoda: just dont ask how i got it
jen-jen: ok ok 175
Zuzzz thinks 180
jen-jen doesn't have one
PhntmJoe: Z goes 180
freyja{T} bids 185
gem1: i could of swore i had one????
malli[VP]: gem1
PhntmJoe: frey for 185
jen-jen: 190
malli[VP]: you have 300 dear
PhntmJoe: jen goes 190
Zuzzz: 195
PhntmJoe: a flogger Nakoda
malli[VP]: Flogger Nakoda
PhntmJoe: Z goes 195
Nakoda: ahh
jen-jen pings jelly beans at Zuzz..big meanie
Foord__: 200
jen-jen: 210
Zuzzz: 211
PhntmJoe: jen ups the bid to 210
freyja{T}: 215
PhntmJoe: 211 from Z
jen-jen giggles
{radish} looks at frey *heyyyy those dollars were supposed get ---oops*
PhntmJoe: 215 from frey
jen-jen: 350
freyja{T} giggles at {radish}
Zuzzz: DOH!!
`waif: wow
Zuzzz: count me out lol
PhntmJoe: jen goes big....350
`waif: sure that's not 250?
itsme{GD}: wooohooo
Foord__: go for it jen
malli[VP] smiles at jen
Zuzzz: i like cleaveland so
Zuzzz: ummmm
jen-jen: i was going to say 250..but 350...yes i will bid that
gem1: jen-jen really wants it bad ;).........
jen-jen reallly wants a flogger
PhntmJoe: jen jen has a big in at 350.....Anyone else?
kivrin: hi waif =)
PhntmJoe: err
Zuzzz thinks
PhntmJoe: bid that is
jen-jen: LOL
malli[VP]: nice typo there Joe
malli[VP]: come on Z
Zuzzz: 350.01
malli[VP]: haha
itsme{GD}: lol .01 ?
malli[VP]: doesn't work that way
malli[VP] bonks Zuzzz
Zuzzz chuckels
PhntmJoe: hey...he has the money to bid
jen-jen: 351
PhntmJoe: Z goes 350.01
Zuzzz: tis ok. . .
kivrin: hi Hawkwood! =)
jen-jen cackles
SheDragon: Hi Sentur and kivrin
PhntmJoe: jen goes 351
SheDragon: Hi Vix
Foord__: go jen go jen!
kivrin waves at SheDragon
Zuzzz waves off. . . . .
PhntmJoe: jen has the high bid at 351......
malli[VP]: ayla{DL}
gem1: are we playing the Price is Right?
malli[VP]: the bid is 350 baby
PhntmJoe: anyone else?
malli[VP]: hold on Joe
malli[VP]: I know ayla{DL} wanted to bid
ayla{DL}: 450
Nakoda: i dont have any bucks
ayla{DL}: :)
Nakoda: or i would
PhntmJoe: wow...ayla comes in at 450.....
Zuzzz resigns
jen-jen can't touch that..
ayla{DL}: umm and hi to every one else
Zuzzz: 451
Foord__: 460
ayla{DL}: 480
Zuzzz: shit Foord
malli[VP] smiles and hugs ayla{DL}
Zuzzz: LOL
kivrin: are we auctioning?
malli[VP] blinks
jen-jen: dayyymmnnn
malli[VP]: Flogger kivrin
Foord__: 500
PhntmJoe: ayla goes 480
ayla{DL}: 550
PhntmJoe: wow....look at em go
PhntmJoe: 550 is high bid...by ayla
malli[VP] giggles
Foord__: 575
PhntmJoe: 575 now from Foord
ayla{DL}: 600
Zuzzz: 601
Zuzzz: :pp
PhntmJoe: 601 from Z
Hawkwood: Now if only the dang DowJones would go like this!
ayla{DL}: 610
{radish}: lol HW
PhntmJoe: ayla 610
jen-jen wonders if MstrPerry ever puts stuff on Ebay
Zuzzz: i hope you all have bigger pockets than i do lol
malli[VP]: yes jen-jen
SheDragon: Are you short jen?
PhntmJoe: current bid is 610
MstrPerry: I have jen-jen,....just look for Masterleather Works on ebay
KttN: the prices are very reasonalble on the website too
ayla{DL} crosses her fingers, eyes and toes
SheDragon thinks ayla is going to stay that way.
malli[VP] licks phreec
PhntmJoe: Ok....current bid is 610....going ONCE
jen-jen: short on auction cash or just short?
SheDragon: short on auction cash
ayla{DL} thinks SheDragon is right :)
jen-jen is 5ft 3
{radish}: oooooo
jen-jen: I only had 440
malli[VP] looks at Joe
jen-jen: they past me long ago SheDragon
PhntmJoe: take donations jen
kytten has none
kytten: or i would help
aleisa: do I have enough PhntmJoe?
{radish}: frey's got all mine
Foord__: what's the bid at
aleisa: (for what I should ask too)
Nakoda: 610
Foord__: from whom?
Nakoda: ayla
PhntmJoe: ali...you have 860
itsme{GD}: 860 you have aleisa
PhntmJoe: 610 is high bid
freyja{T}: i have too many floggers at home anyway......lol
aleisa: okay.. and what is being bid on?
KttN: a flogger alesia
malli[VP]: flogger
PhntmJoe: a flogger made by Master Perry
SheDragon: jen is bidding 650, she can have auction bucks from me.
malli[VP]: made from Master Leather Works
Zuzzz: a flogger donated by ranya and her Masters
aleisa: I think I need one of those.. nods :)
PhntmJoe: jen goes 650
ayla{DL}: 660
aleisa: so 670 then
ayla{DL}: 700
PhntmJoe: high bid is now 700
aleisa: 725
kytten: darn it now i want to buy a new toy
ayla{DL}: 740
malli[VP]: They are very nice toys kytten
PhntmJoe: ayla has high at 740
aleisa: 750
ayla{DL}: 760
aleisa: 800
ayla{DL}: 820
kytten needs to replace all of her plastic/flexible toys first, then new floggers
PhntmJoe: hang on
PhntmJoe: wait
PhntmJoe: stop
PhntmJoe: High bid is 800
PhntmJoe: ayla, you can't go over 760....unless you get a donation
malli[VP]: Yes she can
ayla{DL}: Joe Sir....I did...
malli[VP]: she has donations
PhntmJoe: you need to tell US then....
PhntmJoe: so that we can keep track
ayla{DL}: Hehe oops..thought she did ;)
malli[VP]: I PMEd you Joe
PhntmJoe: you're giving her 300 more then malli?
malli[VP]: yes Sir
PhntmJoe: ok.....
malli[VP]: yes
ayla{DL}: no..I'm not giving mine away
aleisa: 860 then
PhntmJoe: actually, its not being given away
PhntmJoe: she's bidding on the flogger
ayla{DL}: 880
itsme{GD}: lol i want a flooger
KttN: you going to make her serve you for a week malli?
jen-jen flogs itsy
malli[VP]: yes KttN
PhntmJoe: ayla goes 880
jen-jen: 900
itsme{GD} shivers with delight
malli[VP]: gonna get her Master for a day.. haha kidding
ayla{DL} doesnt' have a single one..that's why I want it :)
PhntmJoe: jen goes 900
ayla{DL}: 910
KttN: she can do the windows
ayla{DL}: if I get this thing..I'll do 'em KttN.lol
aleisa: well dammit.. I knew there was a reason I should have scened in here day and night
PhntmJoe: 910 from ayla
jen-jen: 950
ayla{DL}: 970
jen-jen: 1000
Nakoda: ayla really wants this flogger
Zuzzz: do i hear 1000 dollar?!? !?!?!?!
PhntmJoe: jen goes 1000
Nakoda: ya got a screen of it Perry?
ayla{DL}: 1020
malli[VP]: Master went afk Nakoda Sir
Dwaggie: what are people bidding on
PhntmJoe: a flogger
malli[VP]: Flogger Dwaggie
SheDragon: You Dwaggie
Nakoda: a flogger
jen-jen: 1050
PhntmJoe: 1050 is high bid now....from jen
SheDragon: so far.
ayla{DL}: 106
Dwaggie: cheap date
malli[VP]: no you went for 30
Nakoda: i wouldnt bid 5 bucks for a slimy lizard lipped dragon
ayla{DL}: oops
ayla{DL}: 1060
PhntmJoe: 1060 from ayla...that's as high as you can go ayla with yours and the 300 from malli
Nakoda: thats good
Nakoda: cuz im priceless
jen-jen: 1075
malli[VP]: 100 more Joe
Dwaggie: but i'd pay 5 bucks to have ya look like a wetrat/kittn :)
Nakoda: <-= just got out of the shower
Nakoda holds his hand out
Nakoda: payup
Dwaggie: bah
PhntmJoe: high is now 1075 from jen
ayla{DL}: 1090
{radish}: lol!
PhntmJoe: alya at 1090
jen-jen: 1150
PhntmJoe: jen goes 1150
ayla{DL}: 1160
PhntmJoe: that's your max....ayla goes 1160
malli[VP] nods
malli[VP] shakes her head at her Master.. as he jokes about bidding it for himself
jen-jen: 1175
ayla{DL}: I'm out
ayla{DL} sighs
PhntmJoe: jen goes 1175
jen-jen: I am breakin a sweat here i think
Zuzzz: DAYUM
Hawkwood: LOL
aleisa: hang on.. I'm negotiating sexual favors for cash..
SheDragon: lol aleisa
malli[VP]: hahaha
Hawkwood: ROFL
jen-jen giggles
aleisa: does anyone want the rate schedule?
malli[VP]: Hell.. Master will give you flogger for that aleisa
aleisa: I'm cheap, really
PhntmJoe: top bid is jen-jen at 1175.....going once
{radish}: hehe malli
SheDragon: make that a quickie aleisa
PhntmJoe: top bid is jen-jen at 1175.....going twice
aleisa: good lord.. I'm sucking as hard as I can.. cut me some slack LOL :)
SheDragon: lol
jen-jen: lol
PC^Vixen: <{CbrVxn}> LOL
gem1: lol
PhntmJoe: you shoulda offered each oriffice ali
jen-jen: would they donate two for the same bid for me and aleisa??
SheDragon: How much are you making?
{radish}: ali hurry up dammit :)
aleisa packs her bags and goes home.. LMAO
aleisa: it's jen-jen's :)))
SheDragon: YaY jen :)
jen-jen: wait wait
{CbrVxn}: dayum that thing better be gold flocked :P
PhntmJoe: SOLD!!!
{radish}: wave phreec
jen-jen: WOULD they donate two for 1175 each?
KttN: YAY jen-jen :)
PhntmJoe: jen jen gets the flogger for 1175
PhntmJoe bangs the gavel on CV's foot
jen-jen jumps around the channel frolicking ike a kid in a candy store
PhntmJoe: Thank you Master Perry and malli
{CbrVxn}: kicks PJ in da nose
aleisa: wtg jen-jen :))) (brawl in the parking lot in 10 minutes) LOL :))
malli[VP]: Welcome Sir
ayla{DL} claps for jen-jen
{radish}: lolololol
jen-jen: LOL
{radish}: poor sis NOT
SheDragon: Thanks Master Perry and malli, you had a lot of information, Im glad I came.
malli[VP]: Now if anyone wants to buy our.. Make your own flogger kit.. it is 25. plus shipping
{CbrVxn}: he has a really sensitive nose :P
jen-jen: thanks go to my generous benefacter SheDragon **Standing Ovation**
malli[VP]: our website is http://www.masterleatherworks.com
MstrPerry: your wlecome everyone
{radish}: sis hmmm i wouldnt know that
malli[VP]: I am glad you enjoyed SheDragon :)
KttN: i loved this discussion!
malli[VP]: jen-jen... please PM when when you get a Minute
jen-jen: okies
Foord__: yes thank you for this discussion :) all of you
malli[VP] smiles
malli[VP]: welcome Foord__
malli[VP]: Now jen-jen.. need to pick colors.. red.. black.. blue.. green or purple
PhntmJoe: jen, SheDragon, we'll adjust your accounts accordingly
PhntmJoe: a great big thanks to Master Perry and malli...and to everyone that participated tonight
SheDragon: You mean there are colours other than red?
malli[VP] smiles
malli[VP]: Our pleasure
malli[VP]: Yes SheDragon
malli[VP]: we make blue.. red.. black.. purple and green
MstrPerry: lol. I enjoyed it very much...sorry bout all those typos
itsme{GD}: thank you MsterPerry and malli :)
KttN: thank you both so much :)

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