The Woods
by alluriana
Intended for adults only. This story is fiction and only written to amuse, not suggest.

Walking on sunny fall mornings through the woods was always something I had enjoyed. That day was no different. The cool, clean, crisp air was what I needed to clear my thoughts. I had found a new patch of woods on that October morning, and decided to explore new territory. I was completely lost in my own thoughts, when I heard a noise. I turned quickly and saw a hunter standing right behind me. How could I have not heard him before, I wondered.

"Oh Hello there, you startled me." I chuckled softly, as relief swept over me. I saw him. I mean really saw him. He was an amazing specimen of human perfection. He stood stock still staring at me. I felt his gaze and grew uncomfortable. I shifted slightly and backed away a step. Still he remained silent. "Well, I will be on my way." I turned to leave, when I felt his strong hand on my arm.

"What are you doing here, girl?" he growled. Normally I would have laughed at being called a girl, but there was something in his stance and tone that told me it was a good idea not to provoke him. His blue eyes bore down on me, as he waited for an answer.

"I am just going for a walk, exploring." I stammered. My eyes were locked with his and I felt my hand creep up to my neck and I took another step backward. "I did not know I was intruding, I will just leave now. Sorry if I was on your property." But his hand remained on my arm. His eyes commanded me to be still.

"Yes you are on my property, without my permission. There is a price to be paid for that, girl." He pulled me by the grip he had on my arm. Turned and began to trek deeper into these strange woods. He seemingly did not care if I remained on my feet or was dragged behind him. I fought to keep my footing as I willed my feet to not stumble. The twigs and leaves crunching underfoot, branches whipped and slapped against me. The man's grip, like a ring of steel around my wrist .

We arrived at a cabin, after what seemed like an hour of fast paced walking. I was totally lost. Nothing marked this area, no paths, no streams, nothing to guide me out of here. I thought of begging him to slow, to release me, but I feared that would just anger him more. I felt fear grip, fear like I had never before known. I frantically thought of who would miss me. Who would start a search for me. The sad truth of it was, nobody would. At 34 years old, I was alone in this world. I worked for myself, as a free lance writer. No deadlines, no one to bother me about when I do things, had all been so alluring. I never imagined what alone really meant. Until I had to confront it. Not one person would miss me. I was terrified.

"Any thing on my property is my property. That is my law, girl. I hunt and live on this land. All I see and touch and know I own. Now I own you." He opened the door to his cabin and thrust me inside. With the slam of the door, I felt my independence shatter like fine glass. All I had worked for, all I held dear, was now a distant image. Surviving was my new goal.

My knees buckled and I fell. I looked around the room. My mind took in every detail. The furniture was all hand evidently hand carved. Function and comfort were considered with each piece. Nothing frivolous or decorative. The complete opposite of my home. The skins of animals served has blankets, here. The table in the center of the room was of solid wood. The only door was the one behind me. The bedroom and kitchen and living area were all one room. There were many windows. The place was clean, despite its rough decor. It smelled of earth, warm and manly. This fit the man in the woods perfectly. I could see he had lived here for many years.

I turned to the door behind and jumped, a small screech escaped my lips. I had thought I was alone. He was so still behind me, silently watching me. I got to my feet, and backed into the room. Trying to put some distance between us.

"Strip, girl." He said in a calm soft voice. But, it sent shivers of fear down my spine. I continued to move backward, slowly. I shook my head one time, no.

He closed the distance between us in a two short strides and grabbed my jacket, yanking it open and splitting the zipper with his force. His huge hand grabbed my shirt and ripped it from my shoulders in one quick yank.

"Now, strip the rest of the way, girl. I will not tolerate defiance." He rocked on his heels as his icy gaze bore deeper into me. With shaky hands I slipped my jacket and the tattered remains of my shirt from my shoulders. I undid the clasp of my jeans. "Hurry, girl, think I have all day to waste, waiting for you to follow a simple order?" Hastily I kicked my boots off. Through my growing terror, I managed to get my jeans and panties off. I unclasped my bra and stood there in just my socks.

"You may keep the socks for now, girl." He took my clothing and walked to the fire. I watched in horror as he tossed everything into the blaze. I stood there shaking. He went to the kitchen area, ignoring me. He made coffee, and took out food for lunch. I felt my stomach lurch at the smell of food, of coffee brewing. I gagged it back. Naked and vulnerable in the middle of this strange cabin. Somehow I knew if I made a mess, I would pay dearly.

He ate his lunch, and I eased my way to the door. Each time he looked down to his plate I took another tiny step. He did not seem to notice my progress. He did not seem to notice me at all. I gained all the space I needed, and he was still engrossed in his food. I reached for the door and opened it very slowly. I turned and prepared to run to my freedom.

Before me was the most petrifying thing, yet. A dog. No, more wolf than dog. He had his hackles up, teeth barred, and was snarling. It lunged at me, and knocked me to the floor just inside the cabin. His barred teeth just inches from my face, as it pinned me to the floor. My heart raced but I dared not twitch. My eyes darted over to the man, who sat calmly, and continued to finish his lunch. Eternity passed while this creature held me captive. I heard dishes clanking, and prayed he was finished. The cold air from the open doorway rolled over me. I shivered from fright and cold. The dogs low growl just rumbled on and on.

"Rogue Down!" Instantly the dog climbed off me and licked the man's hand. He petted the beast behind its ears, with affection. I lay very still, and tried to calm my breathing. My eyes moved from beast to man, then back again. The man put the dog outside and shut the door.

"You will find I never lock my door." He actually chuckled. "To your feet, girl." His tone of voice left no room for argument, and I instantly stood, still trembling. "I see you still feel fear. You should. I told I do not accept defiance."

His hand reached out and grabbed my nipple. He twisted it, and watched my face as I winced. I remained silent as he twisted harder. He turned my breast in a circle just holding the tip of my nipple. He continued to abuse and turn my breast until I cried out. Then he smiled, and let it go. Then he reached out and slapped it. Once, hard, but it stung deep down to the core of my being.

"Thank me." he whispered. I blinked and swallowed, trying to form the words through my confusion.

He grabbed my other nipple and twisted. Harder this time, and faster. He twisted and turned it until I screamed. Then he let go. Then he slapped it harder than the first. I reeled with pain and felt I might faint, when his words broke though to my mind.

"Thank me."

I was quick to whisper "thank you." He grabbed my pussy with a cupped hand and squeezed. I felt his fingers digging into my tender flesh. He lifted slightly and I instinctively moved to my tippy toes. I screamed louder this time. My lungs emptied with the shriek I felt escape my lips. He just as suddenly let go.

"You will address me as, Master. Now thank me properly, girl."

"Thank you master." I was able to rasp out through the searing pain I felt in my hips, spreading through my whole bottom half. Tears silently rolled down my cheeks.

His hand remained covering my sex, but the pressure was released. The throbbing pain remained, but I was able to catch my breath. Slowly, he began to massage. His touch so gentle, it belied the torture of a moment ago. Confusion gripped me as my hips began to rock. Then one of his big meaty fingers probed inside me. I whimpered, but more from pleasure than pain, this time. He jutted the finger in and out of me while I stood silently, my only motion was the slow rocking of my hips, and the rise and fall of my chest as I took deep calming breaths. It was as though time stood still. My pleasure increased, yet his finger did not quicken. He just continued to sink the one finger in, then out of me.

My humilation grew at the same level of my arousal. I grew wet from his constant probing. I looked into his eyes, and he was smiling. His eyes even twinkled a bit, and I began to relax and enjoy the sensations he was creating. He leaned closer and whispered to me. "What do you want, girl?"

I blinked several times. My heart pumped loudly. I knew I must answer this question correctly. I just felt this was my test. But, my mind was so clouded by confusion and building lust. "I don't know, Master." I felt relief sweep through me as I remembered to address him as Master.

"Then you want me to decide for you?" His warm breath caressed my ear. At that moment I forgot the fear, the pain, and my circumstances. I nodded in agreement.

He inserted a second finger. The two fingers massaged my insides. Touching me places I had not known existed. Each breath was a moan, and I closed my eyes, surrendering to my pleasure. My climax was building at a rapid pace. His fingers began to pump a bit faster, and I tried to grind against his hand.

"Ask permission, girl." He purred into my ear.

"Please, Master." I whispered back.

"Please, what?"

"Hmmm?" I mummered. Confused by what he wanted me to say.

"I feel how hot you are, I feel how much you need release. You must ask permission from your Master to feel what you want so badly." He moved his fingers faster, his thumb raked across my swollen clit, smearing my own warm juices over it.

"Please, let me have an orgasm." My cheeks flushed with desire and shame.

"NO." He removed his fingers and stepped back. I stood there panting, aching. I felt so cheated, but dared not say a word. I silently closed my eyes, and felt the complete horror of my situation. I was at his total mercy for everything. "You must earn your rewards, here. But I am sure we can work something out. Any ideas, girl?"

I opened my eyes and defiantly stared at him with my chin jutted out. "I am sure any ideas I have, you will gladly inform me of!"

I saw my mistake, instantly. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the bed. I fought to keep my balance, but in vain. My feet flew out behind me at his brutal force. Before I could regain my footing, I was on my back across his soft bed. He tugged my hands above my head and secured them to the carved headboard. I watched in horror as he quickly undressed. His perfect body displayed to me in such an obscene setting.

"Please, no, I am sorry." I begged for some mercy of what I knew was to come.

He snapped his belt from his jeans in one fluid motion, and whipped it across my breasts. It lashed around my body, the tip landing right on my exposed armpit. I screamed with all my might.

"I told you - you are to address me as Master, when you speak to me, girl." He lashed the belt over me one more time. This time it snapped over my belly, the end of it just barely touching my pubic hairs. I screamed louder. "Go ahead and scream. Who do you think can hear you out here?" He laughed and dropped the belt. He covered both my breasts with his large hands, cupping them. He massaged them roughly. I could feel each time his hand moved over the welt that was rising on my tender flesh. He rolled both nipples between his thumb and finger, pinching it, tugging on it.

He moved so his body was over mine. His face inches above mine. "I will let you decide, girl. How painful will this be? I will claim my property now, whether or not you cooperate. Now open your knees."

There was no other option but to obey. I spread my knees apart and felt the weight of his body sink down between my thighs. He rotated his hips, and thrust his erection against my still wet slit. He smiled as he watched my eyes grow in terror. I shook my head no, trying to block this from my mind. I slammed my eyes shut.

"Open your eyes, girl. Watch your Master claim you as his." I opened my eyes and stared up at him, as the head of his penis sunk into me. He paused and smiled at me. A smile so bright and sweet, betraying his brutal rape of me. He rocked his hips slightly and slipped deeper into my pussy. His cock was swollen and rigid. He continued to rock, sinking deeper and deeper into me. His pace so slow and precise. When he was all the way inside me, He paused and whispered "Pleasure me, slut."

I blinked several times. My mind absorbing this command, I swayed my hips slightly. I watched his eyes to see if I was doing as he asked. He nodded. My hips sawed back and forth. The movement caused his pubic hairs to crush against my clit. I lifted up slightly and moved in a circular fashion. I used the muscles inside my pussy to clamp down on his cock. I could feel the veins swell with each tight hug. I moved faster and pumped him in and out of me. I was tiring fast. His weight on top of me was making all this effort difficult. My arms still tied over my head felt stretched and painful. I used my thighs to hug his hips and force him to move with me.

"YES!" I felt his teeth bare down on my shoulder, seconds before his hot sperm splashed inside me. I was so close to orgasm, myself I continued to rock my hips. He watched me as his cock began to dwindle inside me. "Oh poor girl didn't get to cum?" He laughed and rolled off me. "Well you did please me well, so I will let you cum one time. Just once. Anything more than that will be cause for punishment."

He opened the side drawer and fished around until he came up with a vibrator. He turned it on, then turned to me. He rolled the cold machine over my tits. Teasing each nipple until it ached. He slowly moved it down over my belly and swirled it around in my bush. He lay it across my clit and turned it on higher. I screamed and orgasm instantly. He left the vibrator there, on my swollen throbbing clit. I felt the pressure begin to build again and tired to move away from the insistent vibrations. He laughed and rolled the vibrator over and over my clit. I felt the tremors building and frantically tried to get away from the small machine he held against me. I could not control my own body, and sobbed as I orgasmed a second time. Still, he held the vibrator against me. I quietly begged him to stop but he ignored all pleas. His other hand pinched my nipples roughly and caused me to orgasm a third time. I was crying openly now. My hips continued to rise up and meet the vibrator. I! could not fight this anymore It was too much. I lost count of how many orgasms rippled through me, by the time he finally turned off the machine.

"My my my, you are such a little slut." He laughed. I felt such shame and horror at myself. "That was six orgasms. I think lil girl needs to learn some discipline." He reached up and clamped one hand over my mouth and used the fingers of his second hand to squeeze my nostrils shut. I kicked my legs and tugged at the ropes binding my hands. I thought this is the end. When just as suddenly he released my nostrils. I sucked in air rapidly, my eyes wide. His hand remained over my mouth, and again he squeezed my nostrils shut. I struggled and fought, until I thought I would pass out. Then he released both hands.

"You will do well to learn to obey me, girl." He left me, then. Left the cabin, I was alone, bound and scared for my life. I must have dozed off, because the next thing I remembered was the smell of food being cooked. I realized then I had not eaten a thing since last night. This cleansing walk in the woods was not exactly going as planned. I tugged my arms and found my wrists were no longer bond. Where the rope had cut into my flesh, was coated with a soothing ointment. I lay very still and listened to the sounds of the lone man working in the kitchen. Afraid to move, to rise up from the bed, I dared not speak to him of my full bladder. I shifted and he looked up, walked over to me.

"I imagine you must need to pee." He took my hand and led me to an alcove in the corner. No door, but it was a fully functional toilet. "You may go." He stood there watching me. I waited, expected he would give me the privacy for such a personal function. But he stood. "Last chance girl, go now, or don't." I knew he was serious, so I swallowed my pride and squatted over the seat and let go. He watched, with no expression at all on his face.. I reached for the toilet paper and his hand reached out and stopped it.

"If you want something, you ask permission."

I stared at him. Disgust built inside me. My independent nature revolted against this, but I knew I had to obey. "Please may I use some of the toilet paper, Master?" I managed to strangle out. He nodded yes, and let go of the tight grip he held on my arm. I cleaned myself and stood. He took my hand and led me to the table. I saw one plate set and my stomach lurched. I felt near faint from lack of food, and drink.

"Girl, you have this chance to prove to me your worthiness. I will allow you to pleasure me with your hand and mouth while I eat. I want to stay aroused, yet do not make me cum before I finish my after dinner coffee. If you can do this task, I will feed you. If you fail, you will wait until tomorrow for food."

He sat down and began to eat his dinner. I took just a moment to think, before I scrambled under the table and kneeled at his feet. I rubbed him though his jeans, with one hand, as the other hand reached up and undid the zipper. I opened his jeans and reached inside his boxers. The penis was semi-erect and knew I must work quickly. Using both hands I stroked his shaft. Slowly I moved my palms over the velvety smooth surface, while my fingertips danced over the tip. He grew with my touch, and I continued to variate my stroking to keep him hard. I bent my head and kissed the tip of his cock. Tasting the precum that had begun to ooze. I licked at it, with just my tongue touching his skin. I kissed the tip and parted my lips to drawn him into my mouth. Just the tip slid past my lips. I held the head inside my warm mouth and savored the tasted. I forgot everything else.

So lost was I, in my task, his voice barely registered. "Good girl, now you may make me cum." I clamped my mouth over his cock and sucked. My fingers worked up his thighs and cupped his balls. His hips jutted at my mouth. My mouth bobbed faster over his engorged cock. He moaned out loud then the hot jets of semen filled my throat. I swallowed every drop, unwilling to think of my punishment, if I failed. I continued to suckle and lick him, as he went soft in my mouth. He continued to eat. I was forgotten under the table. I sat, and waited. My mind had been working over time. For a few brief moments, I had felt in complete control. The idea took hold, and worked its way around in my brain.

Finally, he reached down and tugged me out from under the table by my hair. "Good girl, you have pleased me. Now you will eat." He tugged my hands and cuffed them behind my back. Then, as I kneeled there beside his chair, he offered me food from his hand. I was forced to eat like a pet. His hand my dish. All the tendrils of hope faded as I licked the last of the food from his hand. I raised my eyes, and saw his smile. My cheeks burned with frustration.

He grabbed my cuffed hands and dragged me back over the bed. I tensed, not willing to remember the betrayal of my own desires. Instead he dropped me to the floor and hooked a chain between my cuffs, then snapped it tight. "Get some rest, girl, tomorrow will be a long day for you." He actually laughed. I lay there and watched him clean up the dinner remains. I don't remember how much time passed, but I slept. I woke to the sun streaming in the windows. I tried to stretch, but only could move my legs. I again marveled at the simple, yet functional furnishings.

The next few days went quickly. I did things to this man I never thought I would do. He did things to my body that caused pain, pleasure, desire, lust and hatred. My mind was a fog of emotions. I lost track of time. My days spent servicing him, eating from his hands, cleaning, then receiving pleasures unimagined. My entire body ached with overuse, yet I felt stronger. I was beginning to sense his loneliness. He needed me here.

After about a week, I braved conversation. "You seem so intelligent, are you formally educated?" He did not answer, but just glared at me for a long time. Time felt heavy hanging in the air. I was unsure if he was angry or perplexed. Then he turned his back on me and continued his carving. I tried again.

"What are you carving, it looks very nice, from here."

He dropped the wood and stormed out of the cabin. The door slammed loud in the empty room. This was the first time I had been left alone here. I felt frightened, yet full of hope. I had reached him. Something inside his mind made him fear those answers. As suddenly as he left, he stormed back in. His hands flew to his pants and he dropped them at his feet. I was sitting on the bed, when his hands pulled me by the hair, laying me down. He was on top of me, and inside of me in one fast motion. He fucked me hard. Both his hands stayed locked in my hair, pinning my head to the mattress. I closed my eyes, and gave into the sweet sensations that rippled through me. I began to move with him. My hips rose to meet his deep thrusts. I opened my eyes, and looked up at him. He was staring down at me. Our eyes locked. He nodded to me once, my signal. I shivered as the orgasm gripped me. At the same moment I felt his seed spill into me.

He stopped moving. I lay under him and became very still myself. This was different, everything about how he took me and allowed me to cum without begging. I was more frightened right now, than the first day I entered this strange world. His head was turned away from me, so I could not even gage his mood. I began to tremble. I willed my body to stop, but it shook under his weight.

"I graduated from college with a Masters Degree in Forest Management. I am carving a new chair for you. For the day you earn the right to eat at the table, with me." He got off me and dressed quickly. He was back out the door before I had a chance to respond.

I sat there, flabbergasted. The cabin was eerily silent. With a sudden clarity, I knew. He needed me more than I would ever comprehend. Something had happened to make this man so alone, something tragic. He now took from the world, what he needed, and he needed me. I felt my insides warm with pride. I knew I would do everything I knew to make this man happy, now. I would be his slave, my subservience to him a gift, complete.

I never looked back..................

Copyright 2000 alluriana