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Scening" is always encouraged and welcomed on #submission. For those of you who are new to the online community, a BDSM scene is much more than "cybersex", they are passionate, brave, erotic, powerful and offer glimpses of the participants that often are not seen at play parties or organized live demonstrations. In a cyber scene you are afforded a rare look at the mental and emotional side of BDSM. Scening is always a way to open the minds of others. We also encourage BDSM discussions on the channel and have added a list of topics to choose from. And let us not forget BDSM Truth or Dare. Chat on #submission Now

To contribute a scene, send it to:

In addition to a good "scene", we have added other ways to get to know each other.
BDSM Discussion Topics | BDSM Truth or Dare


1. Scening is not only allowed in #submission, it is encouraged. Language during a scene will not be censored to allow freedom of expression for those involved.

2. For scening participants, #submission is a public BDSM channel. We are open to all kinks and styles within the BDSM Lifestyle. However, in the realm of BDSM our flavor tends more towards Bondage & Discipline, and Dominance & submission as opposed to Sado/masochism. All scening is welcomed, but please take into consideration when "edge play", "the dark side" or "torture" is involved it may be misunderstood. While we don't discourage this type of scening, we only ask that you take that into consideration and present a scene in a way others can understand, as opposed their being turned off by it. And be prepared for many questions following the scene.

3. Never interfere between a Master/Mistress and their submissive/slave. If you are unsure if this is a consensual scene, please private msg the participants and simply ask. This avoids embarassment and conflict. If still unclear as to what is occuring, please feel free to msg a channel op and they will look into the situation.

4. Please remember that in the realm of consensual, adult sexual expression there is no right or wrong, there are merely preferences. You need not agree or condone an action seen in channel. You need not understand the dynamics between a Master/Mistress and their submissive/slave. It's only important that the parties involved know and understand.

5. No comments from the peanut gallery during a scene. Commenting publically during a scene is considered crass and rude. If you don't like a scene, you are free to leave the channel and return at another time. If you find the style amusing or funny, please keep the comments to yourself or use private msgs only. While it is acceptable to make comments like *watches the scene with interest* or *takes a seat to watch* it is never acceptable to comment on the style or on the people involved in the scene.

6. If you have genuine questions regarding what you see during a scene, please save them until the scene is over, then begin a discussion with the participants.

7. Please observe #submission's rules at all times.
Channel Rules

8. Like a play party or BDSM club, the virtual door on #submission will always be opening and closing. People will be greeting friends and may take a moment or two to notice a scene is happening, but once they do, we know the focus will be on the scene. We can't expect complete silence, nor will we ask for it. We only ask that everyone play safe, play sane, play consensually and enjoy.

9. We shouldn't have to warn about this as it falls into the "all time tacky" catagory, but DO NOT /msg the participants with comments such as "I wish that was me."


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