The Store
by Kree

Different Loving Erotica Contest Winner

To a casual observer, she was simply another well dressed, attractive young woman heading to her job at the beginning of another day. Her attire gave little clue to her occupation, other than the fact that her clothes were conservative but stylish. It would have come as quite a surprise to have seen the pierced nipples and navel and the garter belt holding up her hose.

She walked the three blocks to her place of employment, arriving a little early today and avoiding her ritual of early morning coffee and bagel from the deli. Today was a special day for Susan, He was coming into the store. She was always a little tense being around him. Fortunately, he was and had always been a kind and forgiving Master and had never reminded her that she had made an error in asking for release. Her problem was that she had made the mistake of finding her one true Master on the first try and had wasted the opportunity to serve him through her self-imposed need to explore. It was like a young treasure hunter finding a sunken ship filled with silver and gold and leaving it to look for a larger treasure ship in a vast sea of unknown and uncharted waters.

Susan smiled a wistful smile as the memories slowly controlled her thoughts. She reached the door to the shop, inserted her key, carefully unlocking the door, avoiding the door's occasional fingernail breaking trap. HaHa !, not today you bastard! she thought as successfully avoided the door's bite! Momentarily overwhelmed by the smell of leather, she flipped the switches, illuminating the displays of clothing. Flipping other switches brought the softer lights that caressed the various leather goods that were the specialty of the kink store she worked for. As usual when she opened, Susan walked to the displays of leather and suede floggers, lifted one of her favorites, sliding her hand across the leather, then lifting it to her nostrils, inhaled its scent, its essence. God, He will be here today, her mind screamed. She replaced the flogger on its display stand, then lifted it quickly, looked around the store, and sliding her skirt to her waist, bent over and allowed the flogger to fall on her smooth ass, instantly creating the wetness she had felt with Him at every contact.

"Enough!" her mind screamed, "finish the opening ritual and get the register open!, you have things to do!" Quickly she counted the change, verifying the amount of opening cash that was supposed to be in the register, then silently cursed her afternoon relief for not having replenished the rolls of quarters necessary to make change. Since she and the store's owner had begun their playing, little details seemed to be falling through the cracks. She stopped the negative thoughts as they began, He was going to be here today! Yes, he was bringing his new slave, but that didn't matter, He was going to be here!

Susan's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the phone. She lifted the receiver and her face lit up at the first sound of his voice. She listened intently to each word, involuntarily nodding her head as He spoke. Her entire contribution to the conversation consisted of " Yes, Master.........." and "Yes Master, I understand." Replacing the receiver she felt the desire between her legs and the wetness that His voice still could cause. One day, one day........ she thought silently.

The next two hours were mainly spent dusting and dealing with the curious and embarrassed newbies and the alleged professional Domme that seemed to take a delight in entering the store , demanding discounts for referrals (which never seemed to pan out, of course), and trying to return an outfit she had obviously worn to a party and was trying to bring back. Susan agreed to hold the garment for the owner to inspect, but wouldn't give the refund. She bit back the urge to remind the Domme that this was not a Rent-A-Outfit store, wrapped the expensive whip that she would try to return in a few days, and thanked her stars that this person was not the normal customer that entered. She chuckled to herself at the word "normal" and began to dust the displays.

The chime on the front door signaled the arrival of the next customers. Susan looked up from her position on her knees dusting the shoe display, to be met with His eyes looking into her soul as he had always been able to do. She lingered in her position for a split second to imagine the feel once again of serving Him, then hopped to her feet, welcoming Him to the store. He made one attempt to introduce Susan to his new slave, which was fine with Susan since it gave her more opportunity to compare herself to the new interest. Susan had never had feelings of inferiority because she kept her body toned and although not a raving beauty, she knew that she turned heads everywhere she went. She looked into the girls eyes, seeing the combination of fear, love, and excitement. She decided the girl had good tits, but awfully short legs, and .............

"Hello, could you assist me please, " He asks in a rather formal voice, breaking Susan's train of thought and the comparison she was so enjoying.

Susan watches as He walks toward her, feeling the weakness in her knees and fighting off the desire to fall to them and offer Him her soul. His smell reaches her carried on the winds of his movement toward her. "JOOP! goddammit JOOP!", Susan's mind screamed. She remembered buying it for Him for His birthday and it had been his favorite cologne. Her concentration level reached an all time low as she fought to listen to his words. She was pleased that His body shielded her from the prying eyes of his slave as they apparently inspected merchandise. She had already chosen everything that he would require after their conversation this morning, so the charade of choosing things being played out was simply a means of providing old lovers a few moments of catching up. She still called Him Master, which brought a wry smile to his lips. She felt confident that He too was reliving their time together as they inspected merchandise. Their hands touching as she handed him the items to inspect was like a lightning bolt surging through her. She was pleased to note the smile that crossed His lips as their hands touched. Maybe he remembered that touch when it had sought to pleasure him.

Susan bent down and retrieved the box of shoes she had set on top of the of the others. She smiled to herself with the knowledge that she had placed the box here purposely to see His reaction to her on one knee. The look on his face as he surveyed the curve of her body was a moment of intense satisfaction. She opened the box, holding it in her hand with the top off, once again enjoying His touch as she handed him the shoe. He smiled approvingly at the choice, perhaps remembering having commented to her at how lovely she was when he first saw her wearing the same shoe.

" As always Susan, you have done well and pleased me," he said in the quiet voice that had always brought focus to her, and with a slight nod of his head, he confirmed his approval.

Susan watched as he turned to his slave and motioned for her to follow him to the dressing room.. She scurried ahead to guide them to the largest dressing room, then listened carefully as he spoke to her concerning the various purchases. Susan smiled inwardly as the slave protested, knowing he would not allow that to pass without a swift lesson in focus. Susan listened as He told the slave, julia, that she must disrobe. As she hesitated, He motioned Susan to move forward and help.

Susan began unbuttoning the blouse and was surprised to find breasts much lovelier than she had imagined. The sight of them made the wetness caused by the Master's presence to intensify. She felt a ripple of excitement run through her and casually brushed each hardened nipple as she removed the blouse. She smiled at julia as she did so, knowing julia was attempting to maintain eye contact with Him. Susan slid to her knees and slowly removed each shoe, then purposely rubbed her nipples, hard and erect inside her silk blouse, against julia's body as she stood. She smiled as julia shuddered at the contact, then pressed against her, purposely caressing julia's neck with her warm breath as she unfastened her skirt and let it fall away from julia's body. As julia stepped away from the skirt, Susan picked it up and hung on the hangar with the blouse.

As she turned back to the center of the room, Susan established eye contact with him, looking over julia's shoulder. She smiled into his eyes, knowing that even though holding julia's gaze, he was looking at her. Susan averted her eyes, turned to face julia, and held the garter belt for her to step into. Once in the garter belt, Susan showed her the black hose and finally losing patience with her softly commanded her to sit down to allow the stockings to be placed on her feet and legs.

Susan kneeled at julia's feet and began rolling the first stocking over her foot. julia's position in the chair, knees placed together and legs bent made sliding the stockings on impossible. As Susan turned to request that he control julia, his stern command echoed thru the room, causing julia to instantly spread her legs, revealing her lovely shaved cunt to Susan. Susan heard a moan escape from her throat at the sight of the delicious lips. She felt julia tense as the moan escaped from her. Susan rolled the stockings up julia's leg slowly, sensuously massaging her leg and thighs as she did so. Susan knew from the slight trembling that julia was feeling the excitement of her touch.

Susan patted julia's leg, indicating the second stocking was on and straight, then reached for the first of the six inch heels. She placed the shoe on julia's foot and reached for the second shoe, gently rubbing her foot as she slid the shoe on. Susan listened to the exchange between the man she now realized more than ever was her one true Master and julia, who she was finding quite annoying with her whining.

Susan stayed on her knees to allow her easier access to the snaps of the garter belt. "STAND UP YOU SILLY CHILD!", her mind silently screamed at julia, while her voice softly sent the same request. Susan listened to the whining again as julia half-heartedly protested her inability to stand, and He assured her she could. Gone from Susan's mind was her own first experience in a pair of six-inch heels. Blinded by her desires, Susan simply wanted this part of the activities to end. She was beginning to have delicious thoughts of the ideas He had placed in her head when they spoke on the phone.

Susan completed fastening the garter snaps to the hose with Him standing behind her, his legs against her back , leaning over her to comfort julia. The idea of kneeling in his shadow brought many delightful thoughts racing through her mind. As he leaned over to kiss julia, Susan rubbed the back of her head against his trousers, feeling the hardness of his cock against her hair. She moved her head in a circular motion, unseen by julia, reveling in the intimacy of the moment and fighting the urge to push julia over on the heels and ravage his cock with her mouth. As he leaned over her to assist julia in returning to her chair, Susan slid her fingernails up julia's thighs and leaned her head back and touched his cock with the top of her head.

Susan waited until julia was seated and He had stepped back. As she started to place her hands on julia's thighs, julia reached down to remove the shoes. Immediately his stern voice admonished her, stopping her before she could unbuckle the shoe. As soon as the sound of His voice halted the removal of the shoe, Susan slid closer to julia, pressing her hands to her thighs, her elbows attempting to spread julia's thighs. He obviously had not told julia anything of His plans, which Susan found highly exciting. She smiled inwardly as julia obeyed His command and scooted her ass to the edge of the seat, opening her luscious cunt to Susan's view.

After He explained to julia that she would be allowed to touch her, julia apprehensively leaned into the touches as Susan's skilled hands played her body like a fine instrument. Susan felt herself being drawn in to the worship of julia's body for her own pleasure as well as His. She told herself that this wasn't about julia, it was a gift He had brought her, julia's first experience with another female. Her feelings for Him deepened even more with the revelation that He was sharing his slave and had chosen her to share with. Susan sucked each nipple nibbling and teasing it with her tongue, aware that julia's tension had disappeared under the feel of her hands and mouth. Slowly, Su san traced a line with her tongue down julia's body, ending as her fingers spread julia's cunt lips for access. She turned to him, seeking his approval. Having seen His nod of approval, she began licking and sucking julia's cunt and clit, feelings she had so often felt with her lovers.

She felt the trembling of julia's whole body, a shake that seemed to consume her She heard julia's pleading cry for release and worked even harder to force julia over the edge before He could command a halt. She knew that He would not allow julia to cum so easily, but something inside her drove her to try to force julia to fail. Just as she felt the rippling of julia's stomach muscles against the top of her head, His voice called a halt.

At his command, Susan halted her ministrations to julia's body and stepped away from her. She watched as He made her stand and walk in the six-inch heels. He was patient with her and held her hand as she struggled for balance. Susan watched as julia walked around behind the chair as He commanded. As julia bent over the back of the chair, Susan moved to stand near him, out of julia's vision. As he stroked julia's back, Susan, no longer able to contain her feelings slides her hands up and down the sides of His body, feeling Him respond to the touch. Satisfied with state of julia's arousal, He extends his finger to Susan to suck the taste of julia from it.

At His instruction, Susan takes her position sittings between julia's legs as she leans over the chair, cunt close to Susan's face, ass high and exposed to Him. Susan then began licking and sucking julia's clit as he undressed. As he took a position behind julia, his cock slid between her spread legs. Susan reached for it and began rubbing it against julia's cunt and simultaneously licking the head of it, remembering the wonderful feel of it against her tongue. Susan wet His cock with her mouth and with julia's juices thoroughly drenching him, knowing that he would need the wetness to enter julia's ass.

Satisfied that His cock was wet enough, He moved Susan's hands from the shaft of it and pressed it against the tight bud of julia's ass. Susan turned her attentions back to julia's cunt, licking and sucking her clit harder and harder, her moans lost in the sounds of julia's cries of delight and His heavy breathing. Susan lost her self in the concentration of chasing julia's squirming body, sucking her clit harder and harder as the sounds of julia's orgasms filled the dressing room. As He came, Susan felt the tensing of his legs against her and she felt the familiar waves of her climax rushing thru her entire being, leaving her dizzy and disoriented.

Susan leaned against the chair back for support, julia's cunt forgotten in the heated moment of her climax. Opening her eyes she saw His hand extended to her and the soft smile on his lips. Susan took his hand and stood for a second gathering her wits, fighting the remaining dizziness. She watched as julia took her seat in the chair, then kneeling removed the shoes. Moving julia to the various positions necessary for access, Susan removed the stockings and garter belt, then left the dressing room.

When He and julia walked up to the counter, Susan had prepared the sales ticket for the purchases and stood calmly waiting as he showed julia some of the other items on display. Finally they walked to the sales counter and he reached in his wallet and extracted the cash to pay for the purchases as Susan handed julia the brown paper sack containing her new clothes. He thanked Susan for her assistance and nodded at julia that it was time to go. As julia turned, Susan raised her hand to wave and felt the electricity run thru her as he took her hand in his and softly kissed the palm while gazing into her eyes. Susan held her composure as the door slowly closed, then slid to her chair behind the counter, her trembling legs unable to support the weight of the orgasm that rocked her soul.

Copyright © USA, Michael Montgomery, April, 1997
All rights reserved

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