Shop Boy
By SheDragon copyright 2000.

"You put on quite a show last night, Chris." His Governess was standing at the foot of the bed, already dressed.

"That Mistress was quite upset by the time you finished your little comedy routine. It was very rude of you, Chris. You made a lot of people angry, including me."

Chris winced, remembering pieces of last night. "I'm sorry." He pulled the sheet down from his face and looked at her for the first time. It didn't look good. She was still angry, her lips pressed tightly together. In fact she was very angry for someone who seldom became angry. The fog clouding his mind began to clear as the need for self preservation drifted in.

"This morning you are going to her shop to apologize. It had better be your best performance ever. Much better than the one you put on last night. Get dressed now. You still have time to make my coffee before we leave."

Her jeans clung to the curves of her bottom, showing what a really great ass she had. Watching her in those jeans did more to wake him up than anything else could. He pulled himself out of bed as soon as she was out the door. Chris rushed through his bathroom routine. He made sure to brush his teeth extra well; he wanted to take advantage of any possible kissing opportunity.

In the kitchen she had begun making the coffee herself. That was a bad sign, she was impatient. He stood at the counter ready to take over but she ignored him and poured the cream into her cup herself. When the coffee brewed she poured her own cup and took it to the table. Since she was ignoring him Chris decided to watch her till she took notice of him. The red sweater she wore was short, casually revealing her great figure. Long chestnut hair curled down past her shoulders, not quite to her waist. She had gone with the bare minimum of makeup, as she usually did. She was still a pocket Venus, just 5ft 4 inches, but a very soft, sensual looking woman.

Now she was looking at him. Her blue eyes focused right on his face, she said, "Bet you didn't know the lady you ridiculed last night owns her own adult store. Last night we decided you would be punished there. It's a really good idea, interesting too. I'm debating telling you now or just letting it be a surprise."

"Do you think she will listen to my apology? I don't know what got me started last night. You know I wouldn't normally say any of that stuff. I'm really sorry I hurt her."

"You can try. That won't save you from being punished. We decided you should be just as publicly embarrassed as she was. But I think I will let her tell you the details." She smiled.

Chris felt butterflies swarm in his stomach. Public embarrassment was something he dreaded. It was also his Governess' favourite punishment. He tried to smile, as if he had all the confidence in the world and this was just one of lifes little adventures. After all, he had lived through her last big punishment. Not that it had been easy to carry two bulky packages of maxi pads around the grocery store for an hour. He wasn't even allowed to cheat with a basket or a cart. Still, it hadn't been as bad as he thought it would be.

"I'm ready. Let's go." She put her cup in the sink, picked up her purse and walked out of the kitchen. Chris followed obediently.

They walked to the store. It should have been a pleasant walk, the sun was warm, and not a cloud in the sky. But Governess was stonily silent. He followed her, all the way down to the New Age area of town. He thought of it that way, though there was no sign proclaiming it. The stores here were selling crystals, karma readings, health food and the occasional kinky shop just to keep it from being too goodie goodie.

Chris knew she had been here before. She was into all that sort of Pagan stuff. He noticed a couple of stores she had bought books from; he recognized their logos. Right between a trendy bookstore and a health food supplier she stopped. The door on this store had a very fancy painted logo. It was called "The Love Bug". Sounded cute till you looked in the window and saw leatherwear, restraints and assorted gear on the floor and sides of the window. The window itself looked fairly bare. Nothing to really attract the eye.

His Governess stood at the door, waiting to be let in by the plump Mistress Chris had been such an ass to last night. She didn't look at him but began chatting to his Governess right away. "Glad you came a bit early. We will have time to arrange everything before shoppers start browsing by on the street."

"Chris would like to apologize before we begin. If you are willing to hear him." His Governess put her hand inside the front of his jeans and pulled him forward.

"I don't feel like listening to him. Not until afterwards when he might really be sincere."

"All right. Chris this is Mistress Jasmine. I doubt you caught her name last night. Before we start you better find the bathroom and make use of it, you won't get another chance for awhile."

She turned away from him and chatted about some of the equipment in the store. Chris left to find a bathroom. When he came back they were still chatting but now Governess held a mask in her hands. They seemed to be arguing about it. Not a full blown sort of thing, more like bargaining. When they noticed him approaching Mistress Jasmine looked at him for the first time and said. "Take off all your clothes and leave them neatly folded on the counter. Your Governess is determined to allow you to wear a mask, to hide your face. But I can assure you not much else will be hidden."

Chris blushed; truly embarrassed to take off his clothes in front of this stranger, especially one he had no desire for at all. Mistress Jasmine was plump, to be nice. Actually she was more than chubby. Not that he had a problem with nicely rounded women. Just that Mistress Jasmine wasn't nicely rounded, she looked sloppy. She wore baggy clothes and too much jewelry and makeup. Mistress Jasmine actually looked dowdy, if a FemDom could be called such a thing.

"What are you waiting for?" Her voice grated on his ears. Looking at his Governess he knew there was no sympathy there. She looked at him, smiling in that cat that ate the canary way. At least one of them was looking forward to this.

He pulled off his shirt and folded in neatly. Next his jeans. After those were folded he hesitated. Only his underwear stood between himself and full nudity. Dare he ask if this was enough?

Before he could even look up Mistress Jasmine gave him a stinging slap across his ass. Chris jumped. His Governess took hold of his chin to steady his face while she pulled the thick black mask over his head. There was space for him to breathe and two more spaces for his eyes. Each had zippers, with another big zipper behind to firmly encase his head. Once it was zipped he felt suffocated. Without thought he grabbed his Governess' wrists. She must have expected his panic; she stroked his arm and held his hand a few moments.

Mistress Jasmine meanwhile had gotten a pair of scissors and was cutting his underwear, making a big incision along his hip and ripping them off the rest of the way. Now Chris felt a real sense of panic. He was fully nude. His cock however, didn't seem to mind. While his mind spun in fear his cock was growing and beginning to stand to attention.

"The mask is only to hide your face. This isn't a scene party and I knew you would not want someone from your office to stroll by and see you. Just breathe normally and be a good boy." Governess stroked his ass cheeks while she spoke. "Now Chris, you are going to have to lean over the counter and just relax for me. Open your legs nice and wide for me."

"No!" Chris's protest came out muffled.

"Shut up slut!" Mistress Jasmine spat. Obviously enjoying this far too much.

His Governess slapped his ass. "No talking Chris." She reached around and zipped up the mouth of the mask. Chris discovered it was a tight fit, he could not open his jaw. When he tried to speak it was very garbled.

"Let me get out the rest of his surprise. You can play around with his ass awhile, just make sure the dildo penetrates all the way, nice and firm. I've got a very nice harness to make sure it stays in good and deep all day." Mistress Jasmine chuckled and left the storefront.

"OK Chris, this is going to stretch you a bit. Its bigger than the butt plug we have used a few times. I want you to bend your knees slightly, open your legs nice and wide and relax. Let it just slip inside you." Chris felt his chest tighten. Surely this would end now. She couldn't really mean to go along with all of this. He could see her lubricating what seemed to be the biggest dildo he had ever seen. Not that he had looked at a lot. He watched her rubbing the smooth shaft up and down, and over the head. His cock hardened. Traitorous beast, he thought.

The greased tip of the dildo brushed his thigh while she used one hand to open his cheeks. He tried not to clench them. All too soon the head of the dildo was pressing gently at his exposed hole. She pressed it inside, letting it slip in very gradually. So far it wasn't too bad.

"Good boy Chris, lean over the counter a bit more, that's good. Very good. Just let it slip right in. Good." The dildo stopped its progress when it got to his tight inner muscles. Chris was breathingly heavily, the mask making it almost impossible to draw in enough air.

"You are doing very well Chris, just relax and let it enter you. Almost finished with the hard part." She pressed a bit harder but Chris just couldn't fully relax and let himself be penetrated. So she pushed harder, pushing his body into the counter as the dildo fully penetrated his ass and filled him more than he thought possible. She held it in, not letting it slip out though he could feel his muscles protesting the invasion and trying to expel it. Governess unzipped the mask's mouth and he was at last able to catch his breath.

"Good boy my little Chris." She leaned over his back and placed soft kisses there. The dildo remained firmly lodged. Not pleasant by any means but not like he was being split in half. How was he going to bear a day of this. Would some of the people know he was not only a window display but being abused by some of the merchandise?

Mistress Jasmine was, of course, back too soon. Working around his Governess she pulled a harness over his chest, between his legs and up his back. She made sure to tighten the strap to the point of nearly unmanning him. Reaching between his legs, she pulled his cock and balls out between a hole in the straps. The dildo was now firmly held inside him. Governess had moved off to the side to watch.

"I've never thought of putting you in a leather harness Chris. It's actually quite fetching."

"If he's a really good boy I'll let you take this one home with you." Mistress Jasmine said, smacking him hard on his exposed ass cheeks. The smack pushed the dildo in farther. Chris squirmed. "Do you see how the dildo is attached here, this keeps it from going in any deeper. You can do whatever you want to him without worrying about a very painfully embarrassing trip to the hospital" She smacked him again, Chris thought she was being far too spiteful.

"What have you got for him to wear over his cock? I doubt he can display that in your window." Governess grinned.

"Not with an erection like that. Besides there is no way he could keep it up all day, all eight hours of the day. Soon he won't be thinking about his hard little head, just his big soft one up on top. It gets pretty warm in that window. Hopefully one of us will remember to water him sometime in the afternoon."

Mistress Jasmine shook out a small plastic bag. It appeared to be empty; one of the shopping bags with her shop logo on it. To his surprise she wrapped his cock and balls up in it and tied it tightly around the base of his cock. She smoothed the bag out, displaying her store logo on his privates. Chris felt humiliation bloom in his cheeks. Surely his Governess wouldn't let this happen to him. This was just far too much humiliation.

Governess laughed, "That will work."

"OK slut, climb in here." Mistress Jasmine opened a small door at the back of her display window. "Hold onto the hooks in the wall, keep holding them. Put your feet on the tape marks, spread em a bit more." She smacked his inner thighs, the surprise pain making his ass clench the dildo and firmly remind him of the invasion. "That's pretty good. You are such a pretty boy. Nice blue eyes too. Make sure you look at some of the people, let them know you are a real live dummy." She laughed; her laugh was really beginning to bug him. His hands were locked into cuffs attached to the hooks. This left him with his arms extended out to the window, welcoming shoppers and gawkers into the store. She duct taped his feet to the floor. With the dildo fully invading his ass he really had limited movement.

"Now slut, before I leave you to your punishment, there is one final little thing your nice Governess doesn't know about." From a pocket she pulled out a remote control. It only had three buttons. They were marked: On, Off and Random. Chris shivered in sudden terror. "Did you guess? Let me demonstrate just in case." She flicked the "on" button. Immediately the dildo began to vibrate in his ass. Th e base shifted and began a slow and steady pumping action, pushing itself deeper, then drawing out only to push in again. Chris twisted around, begging her with his eyes.

"Your puppy dog look won't work with me little slut. But if you ever want a real Mistress to whip you into shape, you can come to me. That nice little Governess of yours is far too soft on you." She cackled on her way out. Leaving Chris to his torment in the show room window.

Copyright 2000 SheDragon