By allurem

It's 5 oclock .. god I can't wait to get out of here. The day has been dragging... I should have known that I wouldn't be able to think of anything else but you using me today at work. My aching has come to a climax... soon I will be full of you.

I'm driving down the freeway, traffic is bad but I see or hear nothing but you calling me. This aching hunger has been growing in me now since the last time you sent me away, marked with your ownership, the mirror never lies. Each marning seeing the bruises fading... you slowly move further away from me... till the next time... you remind me of your control over me.

I'm about 10 minutes away .. I can feel you.. closer to me.. my Master, my Daddy.. waiting to slay his lamb. You are waiting for me, rehearsing each stroke you will deliver to me.. each tear you'll make me shed. But, I'm your slut, Daddy.. I'm your whore and when I cry, I only cry for more.

Tonight will be different than the past, you've promised me that. Tonight you'll hold nothing back, tonight my tears will only be an invitation for you to bring your devil out. Daddy's got a devil in his soul. A demon that's going to possess me. I walk down the walkway .. knocking at the door... waiting. The door opens .. you have a smile of approval on your face. You pull me inside .. the door closes. I am yours.

"Did you miss Daddy?" you ask grabbing me by the nipple and pulling me into you. You kiss awakens me... the slap onmy face reminds me of how powerless I am to you. You own me. You hand grabs my nipple harder.. till my knees bend and I fall to my knees in front of you. You are smiling again, you offer your cock to me "Don't use your hands slut!" pushing my hands away from you. My mouth evelops you. My lips caress you, you fuck your baby's mouth.. those sweet lips .. as you watch my enthusiasm to please you. You look down at your sweet slut as I stroke you cock with my lips.. suddenly... your hands are in my hair .. pulling me up from the floor. Pushing me towards the wall and wrapping my hands over the bannister to the stairs. "Don't move slut!" you are yanking at my panties... ripping them from me... my skirt is raised..over my hips... your hand lands on the cheek of my ass in a stinging slap. again and again. I flinch... I don't move. I dont turn around... you are gone.

I hear you moving behind me.. rummaging through something. You return >behind me... suddenly the sensation of the leather stroking my ass ... awakens me. It begins.. the sweet kiss of the leather flogger as it raises welts on my flesh. I am cring out... "Please.. oh please Daddy" "Please what?" You breath in my ear.. "Please....." but you continue. Over and over.. one cheek of my ass to the other... spreading my legs.. as you pinch and squeeze at my cunt... pulling my cunt lips.. pinching them... holding them... and I cry.. and cry.. as the flogger meets my flesh over and over. "Please what?" you ask again..... "Please... rape my ass...."I cry out. You stop. I dont know where you are... I do not turn around.. following your direction..... my cunt drips with pleasure.. I can feel his cock at my ass. "Who owns you whore?" "Who owns this ass?" "You do, Master owns my ass!" I squeel and with one quick stroke he takes my ass. The burning pleasure as his cock impales me is like a rush of adrenaline. He pulls from me repeatedly, ramming his cock in deeper and with more force each time than the last thrust. "I'm going to do it tonight slut!" "I'm going to fist you my slut.. fist that ass!" Daddies going to take whats his.. going to possess of inch of his whores ass. He bucks harder, fucking my sweet ass until he tightens and explodes inside me. He thrusts his last drops of cum into me.. possessing me with his cock, his will, his pleasure.

He pulls my hands from the bannister, throwing me to the floor. "Clean me!" he says as he rubs his cock across my lips, I lick him, savor him, clean him. I look at him in adoration. He strokes my cheek with a stinging slap. It is my Master's kiss. "You're such a good slut" he smiles. He pulls me to my feet, holding me, kissing the top fo my head. "Good girl!" he strokes my hair.

Leading me up the stairs to the room .. "Undress slut" he directs me. "Undress and lay on the bed and wait for me" I do as I am told. I undress, folding my clothes as they come off. Stopping for a moment and then laying on the bed. I lay on my back..waiting.. my legs spread. I dare not close myself.. off to my Master. He owns me.. this is certain.

He comes back to the room. I lay there.. waiting ..... finally I feel his legs brushing up against my feet at the edge of the bed. Suddenly the flogger comes down on my breasts. My nipple the target. A direct hit. Over and over again. I cry out....

"Daddys little slut wants Daddy to break her?" he says smiling..The flogger comes down on the inside of my thighs. I try to close my legs to the unbearable pain "What... ??? Your moving?" the flogger comes down harder....I open my legs wider again... and I recieve Daddy's pleasure once again.. this time unmerciful for trying to control what isnt mine to control. Daddy stands there... looking down at me.. "It's time slut!" "Time to give your ass to Daddy..completely!"

Daddy stands looking down.. I notice the lubricant on the dresser... he >runs his hand between my legs... over my cunt.. I am wet.. sopping... "Maybe we dont need lubricant for a slut like you" he says laughing.."Look at how wet this cunt is!" His hand is squeezing at my cunt.. and I am slick.. almost too slick for him to hold me. His hand moves down to my ass... sliding two fingers inside me... penetrating me .. deep .. opening me ."Daddy's slut wants her ass fisted, does she?" you ask. "Oh god Daddy.. " I cry out as you slide a third finger inside me... plunging them into my ass "Now slut, you know if you want Daddy to do this, you're going to have to help me, just like when I fisted your cunt" I cry out... as I feel you pressing yet another finger in.. "OHHHH GOODDD.. you're hurting me.. NOOOO!!!!" I cry out... "DO IT SLUT!" "I DONT CARE... I told you I was going to do this.. and I COMPLETELY INTEND TO!" deeper.. ripping me wide open... I try to push my ass open to take you .. to make it easier.. but its just not the same.. it burns.. it hurts.. I feel like I am being completely violated. YOU PUSH harder.. and now... I can feel so much pressure I dont know what you are d oing to me.. my head is spinning.. "OH GODDDD!!!!!!!" "NOOOOO!" and you continue... pushing into me harder.. working your fingers inside me... "Think how its going to be when I fist your ass and your cunt slut... THINK OF THAT! .. the widest part of your hand is trying to push inside... I am dilerious... "OOHHHHHHHHH MY GOODDDDDD" I am panting.. sweat is running down my forehead... "PLEASSEEEEE DADDDDY" and finally... I feel the wall of tension break..and Daddy is inside me... but he doesnt stop.. he begins fist fucking my ass... in and out.. I can feel my body.. flying... I am so... OUT OF REACH... I scream out.. as an orgasm racks through my body. "DADDYYYY" I am grunting... shaking..trembling under your reign... "OH PLEASSEE STOP!" Daddy slaps my ass hard..over the already existing welts.. "DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO SLUT!" and he plunges his hand in grabbing my cunt with his other... squeezing... "TELL Daddy what you want!" you breath ... "I want you to POSSESS ME!" I scream out... "I DO!" "I ALREADY DO!"

Daddy slowly pulls his hand out of my ass... the tearing pain making the >tears fall from my face. I lay there.. motionless... trembling.. Daddy crawls next to me and holds me in the wake of my confusion... How can I let Daddy do this to me.. how can I ... be so SHAMELESS.... "Daddy... am I your slut?" I ask "Yes baby, my SHAMELESS SLUT!" and you smile.. stroking my hair.. "but next time baby it will be harder..and you have only begun to let your Daddy break you." Daddy kisses me.."My sweet daughter.. Daddy adores you.

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