by PhntmJoe

The time for his arrival was quickly approaching. Strange thoughts ran through her mind as she finished her bath and stepped from the tub. Fear, excitement, anxiety, dread, lust, want, and need all ran through her thoughts as she toweled her body dry. Diana noticed the wetness that was returning between her legs and she laughed. Even that had remained the same.

She had been instructed to wear a certain item all day long. From the time he left their bed this morning, till the time she bathed and readied for the evening. He had purchased the butterfly for her a while ago. Back before they had moved in together. Wearing it was almost the worst torture she had ever felt. Not the device itself, but the denial that came with it. The butterfly provided direct stimulation to her clitoris constantly. She loved that. But, her Master had told her, that she was not allowed to orgasm while wearing it. If she did, or he found out about it, there would be severe consequences. From the beginning, she had obeyed. Not once had she cum while wearing it. That always came from the lovemaking and attention that her Master showed when he returned.

Her Master was the most spectacular and demanding man she had ever met in her life. The time they had spent together so far, had truly been memorable. She had never been happier in a relationship thus far. But the control he had over her, was almost frightening. She pushed those thoughts from her mind and dressed as she had been told to. A plain white top with no bra underneath, and on her lower half, she put on the thong panties, and long white pants as she had been instructed to wear. She heard the door open and close downstairs and knew that he was home. It was time to begin the evening.

James looked through the mail that was lying on the table, although he wasn't really interested in it, he still made the appearance of busying himself with something. He heard her footsteps on the staircase and looked up to see her approaching. James looked up to her and smiled. Not a happy smile as much as one that was filled with the want and desire of what he had planned for tonight. Yes, this would be a good evening he thought to himself, and his pet was about to experience something he had not yet taught her.

"Dinner is ready and waiting for you Master" she said as she stood just a few steps behind him. "Very good pet. Thank you" James said as he turned to her "Shall we eat?" "Yes sir. If you wish to." Diana couldn't hold his stare. She never had been able to. It made her heart jump to look into those deep blue eyes and see him.

He took her by the hand and together they went into the dining room. The meal was set about the table in meticulous fashion. He held her chair back as she sat down at the table. A master he was, but also a gentleman first. James took his seat and they started into the meal that was before them. Diana worked all day to prepare all the things she knew her master loved. And he praised her for it. She knew he was enjoying it, yet she knew it would not fill the hunger that coursed through this man's veins. Idle chat occupied the two of them throughout the meal. Talk of the days' events in his business life, and the ever increasing events that went on in his second life, as a fireman. Diana hated hearing how he placed his life in danger repeatedly for people that he didn't know, but she wouldn't tell him that. She dread the thought that his life could be ended in an instant, yet she did not tell him. Diana knew it made him happy, and that was enough. The meal was almost over and she watched as he took a long drink from the glass she had filled with the brandy he enjoyed most. Knowing the time was approaching, her legs fidgeted under the table. The wetness in her panties increasing.

Finally he stood, and looked to her, extending a hand and almost whispering "Are you ready my love"

Together they walked down the steps that led to the lower level of the home he had built. It was not dark and damp as one might think of a basement. Yet it was immaculately decorated in different things he enjoyed. This was his part of the house. He spent his idle time down here, writing, tinkering, building new things to share with his loved one. Together they had entertained family and friends down here with music and fun. Hours of shooting pool and perhaps playing cards. And then there was the one room that no one had ever seen, one that no one was allowed in except James and Diana. People had asked about it, but never saw it. It was their room for fun, for pleasure, and for whatever her master wanted. He opened the door to the chamber and let her walk inside. After she was inside, he closed the door behind her and walked to a chair and sat down. Diana was standing in the middle of the room, waiting to be told what was next. James sat on one side of the room in his most special chair. The snifter of brandy sat on the arm. He was watching her. Taking in the site of her from top to bottom.

"Undress for me sweet one. Show me what it is that you give to me so willingly." he said as he took the glass and brought it to his lips. Diana didn't say a word as she began to undo the buttons to her blouse. Long slender fingers unfastening the material that covered her. She slid the blouse from her shoulders and let it fall away from her. Her skin was deeply tanned and firm. You had to look far and long to find a blemish on her body. Her breasts were firm and round, and her nipples were already hard to the touch. Diana unfastened the clasp that held her pants up, and slid them down her legs. Stepping out of them, she laid them on the floor beside her shirt. She stood back up and slid her thumbs inside the thong, turning a bit so that her master had a view of her bottom. The panties came off in one flowing movement and joined the pile of clothes.

"Very good my love. Exactly as you were told. I'm pleased." James said as he stood and began to walk around her. He could ravage her now and take the pleasure that his body was crying for, yet he steadied that hunger and went about what he had planned. "Tonight is special for you my dear. Tonight I want you to feel everything, with every sense that your body has. I want you to feel things in a deeper, more basic level." "Yes sir" was all she replied as she stood there not moving. Her arms were at her sides. Unashamed for him to see her body.

James walked up behind her and kissed her lovingly on the neck. His hands slid down her arms and took one hand in his and brought it up over her head. With his other hand, he bound that hand in ropes that hung from the ceiling. He repeated the process again, securing both arms over her head. James walked to a side of the room where the ropes were secured to a hook. He pulled on the ropes till her body stretched taught. Once done, he secured them back through the hook and walked back over to her. James walked around her taking in every inch of her body. He was pleased so far, but there was more to do. He withdrew a silk scarf from a pocket in his pants and held it to her lips. He noticed the tremble that ran through her body and smiled. "Afraid my pet?" "No master" Diana said in a husky voice. One she hoped would cover the anxiety she felt. Her feet were still planted firmly on the ground and she did fidget just a bit, shifting from one leg to the other. She couldn't help that. She had always been the type to never set still for long. "Good. Then we will continue."

James tied the scarf around her eyes tightly, making sure that nothing could be seen through it. He made sure that her hair did not get caught in the scarf that would hurt her in some way. That wasn't the hurt he was looking for. He ran his fingers through her long brown hair, trailing down her back. He traced the outlines of her lower back. And then, without warning, his other hand struck out, and landed hard and fast on the curve of her bottom. From the sound of the smack, and the sting in his hand, he knew it had hurt. Yet she made no sound. He continued around her, reaching out and touching her from time to time. Always whispering to her how pleased he was with her. How much he loved her. The gentle reassurances he knew she loved to hear. James walked to his chair and sat down for a minute, to finish his drink and let the nervous energy fill her body. He knew she was ready for this. Months of scening with her had led them to this point. He was not about to rush and spoil it. James took one last drink of the brandy and placed the glass back on the arm of the chair. "Master. Are you still here?" she asked turning her head from side to side. The movement was futile as she could not see under the blindfold. Her ears strained to hear any sound. "Yes, I am here my love."

James took the nipple clamps from atop the table and walked back to her. He stood in front of her now, leaning into her and kissed her softly on the lips, taking the time to drink in the taste of her on his lips. Breaking the kiss, he took a nipple in his fingers and squeezed it. A soft moan broke from her lips and her body arched into his hand. He took the clamp and placed it tightly upon her nipple. Her moan grew louder as the pain of the clamp filled her. He repeated this with the other nipple, and attached a chain between the two. He clasp the chain in a hand and pulled on it to test the clamps. Her nipples stretched taught under the pull of the chain. A gasp came from Diana's lips as the pain from the clamps racked her body. She did not scream, yet her body did jerk. James smiled at the reaction and walked around her yet again. He continued to whisper encouragement to her as he circled her. Without warning, he smacked her bottom hard again, this time, not stopping at just one. He continued, over and over until he could see the redness. Moans turned to whimpers as the pain increased in Diana's bottom. James did not stop though. He continued the spanking on both cheeks until he could see the print of his hand rising in a welt on her bottom. James smiled at this and stopped the spanking. Diana's body writhed in the bindings. She did not scream out though. This was just what she loved. She loved pleasing her Master.

A long table filled one side of the room. James walked over to it and picked through the items that lined it. All of them were special to him. All had been tried on her body from time to time and all gained a different reaction from her. James smiled and picked up two of them, then walked back to his pet. He took the plug and ran it along her body. Along the curves of her breasts and down her body. His hand moved from between her legs and he was surprised at what he found. Not only was she wet, but she was dripping. James knew that his submissive was totally feeling all that was going on. She was not holding back from him. He used her natural lubricant and made sure the plug was well covered. He moved behind her and spread her legs a bit with his feet. She helped and stood with her legs shoulder width apart. Using both hands, James spread her apart and inserted the plug into her. Loud moans came from Diana's lips as he finished. She loved the feel of the plug inside her.. Well almost as much as the feeling of him.

James stood again and returned to face her. He kneeled and took the second item that he had brought with him. The round, long vibrator had brought many orgasms to his loved one. Tonight, it would be the best she had ever felt. He traced her leg as he moved it upwards, touching all the spots he knew she liked. Once at her lips, he moved it inside her quickly, deeply.

"Oh Master...please let me..." Diana asked, not getting all the words out of her mouth "No my pet. It is not time for that" James said as he left the dildo deep inside her. Diana sighed and fidgeted even more. The sensation of being filled not once, but twice was almost overwhelming. She had used each item separately in the past. But never together. The feelings racked her body intensely. Almost taking her to the brink, but she did what her master wanted, and held back. If he'd only..... A loud crack filled the air and her body went taught with pain. The crop and struck directly on her ass. At the point where the cheek meets the leg. At first, she thought she might pass out from the intensity, but she didn't. Again the crack filled the air and her other cheek exploded in pain. "Master......please....." she said as her body bucked in the bindings.

"Please what? My pet" James asked as he faced her. "More!!" was all she could say.

James took the crop and tapped it against her nipples help by the clamps. He knew that the clamps protected them somewhat. But she would still feel. He tapped the crop down her breast, along her tight tummy, and even down along her thighs. Not as hard as he had on her ass, yet enough to raise small marks. Her lovely body spasmed with each tap. He circled her again, and this time, he went to work on her ass. The smacks came in varying speeds and severity. One time he would touch her back with the crop, the next time, he would strike the tops of her thighs. He didn't stop. One after the other. Choosing spots he thought would bring the most reaction. James smiled at how his pet took the crop. It was not one of her most favorite items, and many times, she had taken the time to tell him so.

But this time, she said nothing. Not one word, even her safe word came from her lips. He continued, now concentrating on her ass alone. One after the other, on different spots of her bottom.

Diana didn't hear the cracks anymore. She was oblivious to anything except what her body was feeling. She wanted to cry out to her master for him to stop, but she didn't. She couldn't. Her body was starting to take each strike and translate the pain into pleasurable feelings in both her mind, and in her body. She knew that she would be dripping now. She could feel the wetness on her thighs. Gawd if he'd only let her cum. Please.....

"My love?" James asked. She was sure he was sitting again. "Yes Master?" "What can I do for you?" he asked as he took some ice from a cup he had beside the chair. She couldn't know that he had brought it with him "Please let me cum" she was almost begging now. "No my pet. Not yet. I want you to feel so much more." he said as he walked back to her. He took the ice and ran it down her back, over her bottom that was red from the crop. He traced the lines of the welts with the ice, soothing each one the best he could. Her body jerked as the coolness met the heat of the welt, but she relaxed more and more as her bottom became accustomed to the ice. He continued this for a while, till he thought she was now relaxed again. He stood and faced her.

"Now my pet..." we will continue. James took the long item from the table and brought it to her. He ran the object along her back and let her feel what it was that was about to happen. Instantly she knew it was the flogger he had made for her. The rubber one. A soft moan emitted from her lips, but yet she didn't ask him to stop. James ran the flogger along her shoulders, over her breasts. She had never felt the sting of this one yet. It was something he had made for her and something he wanted her to feel. Yet he knew he would have to be different with this one, knowing it would surely hurt her more than other toys had in the past. Using the handle as a makeshift finger, he ran it between her legs and tapped it against the dildo. Each tap brought her body towards him, as if she was asking for more. He pulled the handle up and tapped it against her clit. Pllleeeaaassssseeeee Master.... Oh please let me cum for you" she begged now. "No my darlin. Not just yet."

James withdrew the flogger and circled her yet again. He stood back this time and let the flogger sail. It struck with a louder crack than the crop had. Her body spasmed with the pain and shock of the impact. Again he let the flogger sail and it wrapped around her body and along her stomach. Not a hard smack, yet the sound of rubber against a wall perhaps. She didn't scream, but her body was shaking now.

He worked up and down her body. From the top of her back to her knees. The flogger touched her everywhere, and at different levels of intensity. Her body moved with each smack, not jerkingly, yet almost in a rhythm. The marks came instantly, covering her back, bottom and legs. Not welts per say, but lines, lines crisscrossed in different patterns. Once he felt she had enough, he stopped, laying the flogger aside, and faced her once again..

"No Master. Please......" she said as she sensed him close to her face "No what? My pet" "Please don't stop....." she was whimpering now. "Oh I'm not stopping dear one, not just yet. Its time for me to have what I have waited for today." saying that, James pulled on the chain that connected her breasts and knelt in front of her.

He withdrew the dildo from her, causing her to jerk from the emptiness. Taking her legs in his hands, he picked her up and put her over his shoulders, facing him. Her arms could relax now, her weight now fully upon him. James licked along the inside of her thigh slowly, softly...In an almost whisper he said...


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