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"Bound by Love"
by Cinnamon{As}* for her Master Asitr
Copyright 1998 Cinnamon{As} aka MsSin{As}

The weekend of August 7th my Master Asitr came to visit me. He arrived at the club I work in to pick me up after my shift. Once outside my leash was attached to my ever present collar that remains surrounding my neck at all times. I was dressed as instructed, a silk blouse, lavender button down the front and a silk skirt navy with lavender flowers. To complete the outfit 6 inch spiked heels, No panties or bra where allowed.

Master settled me in the car and we drove out thru the country. My legs where of course spread open as I sat to keep myself available to him if he so desired. As we traveled the back country roads my blouse was unbuttoned and my breast bared to his view, here and there he would reach down and teases my bare lips, tracing his mark arching around the top of my pouty mound lips with his fingertip. My body was tingling with excitment from his touches, the love and strength that flowed from him to me as we talked in husky whispers, the headlights from passing cars occasional aluminating the white globes of my breast, each breathe I took causing the bells my Master placed through my nipple piercings on his visit in January to tinkle softly breaking the sound of our chatter.

cinnamon carWith my directions Master pulled into a country middle school I had found with the equipment he had requested be there for our use. As the car pulled behind the back of the school so it was not visiable from the road my blood raced. I trusted my Master totally and I had no doubts in him but the thrill of being in his presence and the thought of his using me in public to satisfy his desires as well as my own had my blood racing, the pulse in my throat pounding with my heart. Master reached into the back seat and placed four leather horse hobbles lined with fur on the seat between us. My heels where removed before he buckled the hobbles around each of my ankles the fur was warm against my flesh the tightness snug and in a way reassuring but not uncomfortable. Master lifted my face and looked into my blue eyes finding what he was searching for and shared a deep and inimate kiss with me, our tongues dancing as one, our breathe mingling in a sweet mixture. Pulling back he reached for my wrist and began securing the hobbles around each one the buckles locking. Master slipped from the car and moved around to open my door the light from the interior shining over my exposed body.

Tugging my leash he relayed the message I was to leave the car and stand, tennis shoes where put on my feet before he began to slowly remove my blouse baring my breast totally the night air humid and warm as it flowed over them my nipples already hard throbbing more intensely. Master stepped behind my and with one motion my skirt was around my ankles......voice of my Master floating up to me,telling me to step out of the pooled circle of silk. There I stood the light of the car outlining me dressed in nothing except the hobbles, my collar,leash and tennis shoes the football field looming between me and the equipment, the nite softly lite with the moon to guide. I shivered as from behind me I heard the rattling of chains.Like the wings of a butterfly I felt the brush of my Master's fingers at my ankle, I tried to look back......his voice rang out, Cinnamon, eyes forward.
cinnamon stump 1
I obeyed immediately quivering my sex wetting, I could smell my own excitment. The chains where looped thru the ankle hobbles leaving me a foot of slack, Master's hands cupping around my calves to move slowly upward as I stood facing forward in the nite his fingertips finally moving to my sex parting my lips to delve into the moist heat. My lips parted a sensual moan escaping them at the gentle teasing that was so fleeing ........He moved swiftly rising to move before me his voice assuring me, you are a good slave my cin, the chains looping thru the wrist hobbles leaving me a foot of chain for slack as with my ankles. My leash was lifted and tugged slightly, lets go my slave, his voice sounded in my ears. I walked slightly behind my Master moving out away from the car and across the field.......the heat of the night blending with that of my body, my eyes lowered to the ground concentrating on taking small steps so I would not trip myself within my restrains.

Watching as my Master's hand moved back to cup my mound as we walked his finger tracing and teasing the now swollen lips my juices glistening in the light of the soft moon, my breathe ragged now, my breast heaving each time I remembered to drag air into my lungs.

We walked it seemed like an eternity to reach the wooden equipment of the playground. My mind running with many thoughts, the risk of being publicly bound and nude at my Master's command ........the thrill of giving myself into his care, the total freedom these thing brought to my heart and soul. A quote went thru my mind I heard someone say one time..... Only within my bounds of submission am I totally free......that is the way I felt. He walked slowly up and down examining the wooden items, I assume chosing which he wished to make use of,my body now on edge my clit throbbing with each tiny step I took. Back we walked to a set of wooden stumps, they where about 2 or 3 feet apart and a foot in front of them was a metal rod coming from the ground. I am not sure what they where supposed to be used for but my Master ordered me up onto them a foot on each stump.....

I complied feeling the chain tug between the hobbles the fur press around my ankles as the leather tightened. Master moved before me and dropped the loop of my leash over the metal rod, lean your hands on the top cin. I leaned as ordered, causing my bottom to lift exposing myself farther. A noise from the trees around the it the breeze, a small animal or is someone over there watching us?

cinnamon stumpThe questions ran thru my mind but I never moved trusting completely in my Master to keep me safe from harm. A flash blinding me a moment as the camera clicked, hearing my Master moving but not being able to see him with my eyes lowered to the ground. A cracking sound echoing around me as I felt my Master's hand land on my right bottom cheek a stinging dancing over the flesh, his fingers now kneeding and squeezing, then a deep ooooooooooooo coming from my lips as his finger buried itself into my anal canal.

No pain just pressure as he explored with one finger his breathe now flowing over my neck and ear as he talked to me softly......ohh cin this puts you at the right height so open for me to veiw and use, so vunerable to all I wish....his other hand moving to my clit the fire from the touch making my body jerk with sensations......I love you my slave and you are all mine to use as I see hood ring being lifted and dropped onto my throbbing nub so tight now, so needy.

Then nothing .......I could hear his footsteps as he moved away leaving me there on the stumps open and exposed .......alone for a moment in time in the hot southern night. My eyes lowered but darting from side to side needing the comfort of his closness. Finally not able to bear it turning my head slightly, just slightly but he saw it .......his voice came from far away..Cin eyes forward. I stiffed and turned my head back straight forward once more. Then another flash and in moments he was before me lifting my leash moving my hands so I was standing straight......step down my slave, I could see a blue bag held in one of his hands as I stepped from the stumps. He reached to cup my mound his fingers again teasing the sex I only hold and care for as it belongs to him, moving forward the wet grass tickling around my ankles the chains clinking softly with each step.

cinnamon bars
He stopped before a set of metal bars, the kind that as a child you hung from for chin ups. He stood me between them and I felt his foot tap my calves, spread wide cin as far as you can within your chains, my legs parted my feet touching the wooden post as my Master lifted my wrist more chains clicking as he secured them to the metal bar. I can not tell you how long I was there my breast teasing my nipples tugged, massaged, licked and nipped. Fingers tracing over my belly and mound back up around the curve of my breast, over my hips then once again between my now soaked lips as my juices where now coating them and dripping onto my thighs. My muscles tense as I continued to hold the orgasms that so wanted to be released, but knowing he would give permission at his leisure. Another flash and another then a hand cupping my bottom ..... pop pop pop pop over and over his large hand landing firmly on my tiny tight cheeks the white turning a glorious red where his words.

The sting pentrating the pleasure to help me hold back but at the same time heightening everything I was feeling. Suddenly the chains holding my wrist up where released, my arms dropped, Master rubbing the tense muscles to return the circulation to them. My Master's body moving close to mine feeling the touch of his clothes against my flesh so sensative now his arms surrounding me, feeling his love, his power and feeling pride as his words are doing so well my slave, you make me so proud of you, I love you my cin.
My voice husky and raw as I answered back and I truely love you my Master. The leash lifted my feet once again moving in little steps as I followed my Master over the dew damp grass to a set of monkey bars. Him placing me under one side and ordering I stand still, catching sight of the rope as he looped it thru the wrist hobble then only hearing and feeling as he moved to secure around and over the bars to loop it thru the other wrist hobble my arms stretching the muscles almost burning, away he moved again then I could feel my ankles tug first one then the other, keep them spread cin, his voice commanded as his hands moved them apart.

End Part 1

Cinnamon{As} copyright 1998 (photos and words)
* On April 18th Cinnamon asked for her release and was given it.

[ Continued ]

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