Scarification: A Love Scene

Well.. we actually did it.

We talked about this for weeks: looking it up on web sites, reading how other people did it, had it done, what they felt... some consider this the ultimate act of submission.

Scarification through cutting.

We decided that we would hae a modified Yin-Yang symbol. It's such a perfect thing for this lifestyle. Master/slave, Sadism/masochism, Pain/pleasure.. two intertwining, intermixing halves making a whole person, a whole relationship. The design itself is open, sort of an abstract version of the classic Yin-Yang. All circles are 3/4 completed, leaving the correct impression but allowing for unrestrained bloodflow to the skin involved.

This is NOT a how too article! This was entered into and agreed upon by two people madly in love, and in lust for each other. We have a 24/7 BDSM relationship and this was a very personal way to affirm our feelings for each other. A ritual of sorts. Nothing went wrong with this, but I learned alot about how to "perfect" my technique.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I did ALOT of research into the subject before I felt even remotely secure in my ability. DO NOT risk the health and safety of your partner unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing.

It started out as a relaxed evening.. she took a lingering bath, trying to both hide from the anticipation and to relax her overly tense muscles. I thought about having a glass of wine, but alcohol and new, possibly dangerous experimentation don't mix. I put on some soft music and prepared my tools. Rubbing alcohol, the pattern on a piece of paper, an unused black marker, an Xacto knife, some vaseline, non-stick guaze pads and tape.

She got out of the bathtub, beautiful and wet. I chastised her for being self conscience and covering herself with her arms. I drew her into the living room with a knowing look, her teeth chattering from the nervous tension. I had to fix that somehow, or she wouldn't be able to enjoy the experience. I laid her out on the floor and gave her a sensual massage.. kneeding my fingers into her shoulders, her neck, down her back.

Sliding my body down hers, pressing my chest into her back, her ass, I slid my tounge down her spine, between her cheeks and into her freshly shaven slit. It was greeted by a muffled moan and her hips pushing up and back to allow my entrance. I dragged the flat of my tounge up from clit to the top of her crack.. feeling her jump as my barbell caught her clit, pulled on it slightly, then jumped over it to land in her now dripping cunt.

I continued the oral administrations until she couldn't sit still anymore. Writhing on my living room floor, moaning her need, I just looked at her body, drinking in the sensations. She wanted release and couldn't until I told her to, and I wanted her release to be all consuming.

I picked her up and placed her on the chair I'd modified for the occasion. Placing leather cuffs on her wrists, tying them to the bolts placed there for just this occasion, her arms stretched out and over the back of the chair. I kissed her, and felt her heat, her need. I let her sate some of that need, while only fueling it further by allowing her to suckle my member for a few moments, then I gagged her.

I finished securing her to the chair, so that she could not run away or overly flinch, ruining the design in the process. I slid my fingers into her, increasing her need, her heat and her tension. I rubbed her juices on her upper lip, that little bit that peeked out from the gag listening to her moans.

I washed my hands, telling her what I was going to do to her. Whimpers reach me from the living room. I'm going to slide a vibrator into her as I begin.. increasing her desire, allowing the endorphins of sexual tension to take hold. I clean her shoulder with an alcohol swab, whispering into her ear how hard she's making me. I show her the blade and ask her, one last time, if she wants this. She moans.. writhing slightly on the vibrator, longing in her eyes. She nods her ascent.

It's one of the hardest things to be so madly in love with someone, to want to protect them from everything and everyone that might hurt them... yet have a sadistic desires, fantasies of pain and blood.

She was ready.
She wanted it, had actually begged me to mark her.

And with knife in hand, an inch from her skin, I froze for an eternity. Doubts about my ability to do this, doubts that I could actually hurt her in this way, anguish over the aching want to hear her muffled screams, the desire to protect her from harm... it all flashed through my head, taking an eternity, and yet only allowing me pause for just a few seconds.

The knife descends.

There are no muffled screams, just whimpers and moans. There are 5 distinct sections that I must cut. One by one they are done, she starts sweating while I'm doing the second one. Seeing this, I smile and whisper in her ear how well she is doing and how beautiful she is. There is suprisingly little blood involved. Each cut only oozes it out gently.

Upon finishing the cutting work, I gather a piece of gauze soaked in Red Wine Vinegar. I allow her release, telling her to cum for me. In the throws of her passion, I rub the gauze pad into the wound.

Now come the screams.

After bandaging her up, I untie her.. remove her gag. She falls into my arms, tears of joy and pain on her face. she cries into my chest.. thanking me.

Scooping her up off the floor, I take her to bed.

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