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Our rules are simple, straight forward and are the basic tenents of the BDSM, D/s lifestyle. Our rules can be summed up in two words: RESPECT and CONSENT.


In #submission we strive to treat everyone with respect regardless of station and we expect the same in return from anyone visiting our channel. We will not tolerate expressions of bigotry, hatred, harassment or abuse. We realize that not everyone is going to agree, and we respect the right to difference of opinion and friendly debate. Please keep in mind that just because someone does not share your ideas, it does not make their opinion wrong.


In #submission we encourage the interaction, play and scening between consenting adults. Please do not "touch" or "play" if you have not first asked for that person's consent. Please take time to watch and listen if you are new to our channel. Get a feel for things. Please take the time to get to know people.


1. Always show respect for the ops of the channel. Respect their wishes if they ask you to do something and you don't wish to obey then either /leave the channel or expect to be kicked and banned. Remember IRC is NOT a Democracy.

2. This is an ADULT channel. Please know that minors will NOT be allowed in this channel and will be kicked and banned if they do come in. Expressions of pedophilia, exchange of pedophilia paraphernalia and any activities involving minors will not be tolerated on #submission. You may not be on a channel that is associated with nonconsensual sexual acts involving minors and/or the trading of kiddie porn and #submission at the same time.

3. Trolling is strongly discouraged in #submission. Please take time to get to know us and let us get to know you. If that's all you are looking for, please spend your money taking out a personal ad in a D/s friendly publication. Advertising also includes yourself, web pages, or other channels. Anyone caught advertising will be banned permanently. Do NOT use any type of /msg welcome script (autogreet program) as this will also be considered advertising.

4. NEVER disrupt the channel by having a conflict or any type of confrontation with another user on the channel. Always make it private and use the /ignore command when you have to, that's what it's there for.

5. Always treat others with the proper respect they deserve. Please realise many submissives are not allowed to private msg or many people simply don't appreciate msgs from strangers. Show common courtesy and respect by asking to private msg someone in channel first. This avoids unecessary conflict or embarassment on everyone's part.

6. If you are /msged hi by someone do NOT reply on the channel saying "I'm not allowed to /msg anyone in private." This usually causes a scene and brings undeserved attention to yourself and disrespects the person who /msged you. Again use the ignore command or /msg the user to not to speak to you in private only in public. If they persist /msg op and forward the offending /msg.

7. Do NOT attempt to in anyway try and takeover the channel. The channel is well protected and the ops are knowledgeable and will always be able to thwart your attempt. And your host will result in a permban

8. No flooding of any type will be tolerated and will usually result in a perm ban and at times even a perm ban of your host. And other actions will be taken against you. So be warned.

9. Please do NOT bring bots into #submission. Only those bots approved by the channel owner are allowed in #submission. Fservers are NOT allowed on #submission to distribute pictures, stories, etc. There are other channels on IRC that are more appropriate for the use of fservs.

10. Please use moderation with colors, popups, and sounds as not all chat clients can see or use the colors, popups, and sounds as intended. This results in disruption for some users and takes away from any discussions occurring in the channel.

11. No one person on #submission has more authority over another, save for the channel owner and the ops. Please do NOT take it upon yourselves to chide another for what you may deem as inappropriate behavior. If there is a problem, please discuss it with an op, that is what they are there for. This is a channel of mutual respect and we try hard to acheive that goal.

12. If you are kicked by an op on the channel that usually does not mean that you are not wanted in the channel if you were not wanted than you would have been banned. But do consider the kick a warning

13. If you are banned from the channel, remember the ban is usually a temporary one and will be gone within th e next hour. But take the ban as a major warning failure to do so will result in a more permanent ban.

14. Any mysterious ctcp commands (ping, version, client info, user info, etc.) will call for a ban. If you are a user who has just recieved a mysterious /ctcp command please report it to an op. mIRC users please read the notice below.

Please use this list for suggestions.

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