The Punishment
by alexus

I was once asked what a sub/slave gets out of being punished/whipped, and perhaps what happened to me last night might help answer that question. I would rather not explain what I did, I will just say that I SERIOUSLY disobeyed Masters rules, and then was extremely disrespectful afterward. I don't even know what came over me, I normally simply want to Please Master David.

He came home from work, already having found out about my offense. He had called me and told me to be waiting for him, kneeling in his study. The wait was the longest ever. I heard the door close and he went to the bar to fix himself a drink. I heard him reading his mail, moving about in the other room and then he came in to his study. The look in his eyes was enough to make me behave for a very long time, but I knew I wouldn't get off that easy. Master David is a very good Master, but he is strict. He has a set of rules and I follow them. If they are broken, punishment occurs. I could not only see disappointment in his eyes, but anger too. He has always said that a man who cannot control himself and his anger, cannot control a slave, but I could see real anger there.

I waited there on my knees, wishing I could take back everything that happened, wishing I could make him happy again. He paced around me, talking quietly about rules, and trust, and disappointment. I remained very quiet, my face burning with shame. He was building something else though, something much stronger... fear. His quiet calm, the look in his eyes... I could feel the fear building in me. (at this point I should explain that I am one of those people who FEAR "works" for, and I understand that not everyone appreciates the benefits of this) He asked me to stand and led me to our bedroom. He hooked my wrists to the high posts of our 4 poster bed. (he has small chain hooks attached there) He blindfolded me, which he knows scares me. Then he kissed me. He stepped back and suddenly I felt my dress rip. I couldn't believe the force with which he ripped it. I was dressed as per his rules underneath, lace bustier, no panties, clean shaven, garters and stockings. I felt his hands on the hooks of my bustier and then it was removed. He stroked my back softly. He kissed my hair, and stood very close for a moment. I could tell he was struggling with his actions and I wanted desperately to please him. I wonder if any one else understands this awful feeling... I heard him leave the room. I stood alone, blindfolded for a while, though I'm not sure how long. He left me with my regrets, my fear imagination running wild.

Later, I heard the doorbell ring, and another voice. Master David has NEVER brought another person into our relationship, nor shared me with anyone. We had agreed that I would not be sexually shared from the beginning. (purely personal preferences) I heard Master and another Male voice talking softly, and the clinking of drink glasses. Then I heard them coming towards the bedroom. Master came close to me and said, "I am far too angry at you pet, to punish you. I think I would regret using my whip tonight, so you will be punished by someone else. I want you to understand why this is happening, why it must happen."
My face was burning as I stood mostly naked in front of "WHO KNOWS WHO" and even worse, ashamed to have hurt and disappointed Master David so much that he felt out of control.

He told me he would be right here next to me, and moved almost beside me, very close.

I heard him say, "we are ready." When the first strike hit my lower back, my mind exploded with pain, I realized I was being whipped with a small wooden dowel. (something Master David does not use) I know now, that who ever was using the dowel was very skilled in this practice, since he drew no blood but left VERY dark purple lines across my ass and back. Just as the pain would begin to subside a little, he would strike again. I was screaming to the point where my voice was becoming hoarse, tears streaming through my blindfold. Master moved between me and the foot-board of the bed, so that he was facing me. I felt the warmth of his chest against my nipples, smelled his cologne....I heard him whisper to me that he loved me. Suddenly, I wanted nothing more than to show him how much I could take for him, that there was nothing I wouldn't do for him. I was crying, pressing against him as the dowel struck me again and again. He kept whispering softly to me that it would be ok, and how proud he was of me.

I knew I couldn't take much more, but the man continued. I heard him say to Master, "do you wish me to stop?" Master said, "not yet." I didn't care any more, I was in my "space", my body on fire, and felt as if I was breathing now, only with the aid of Master David. I began to feel dizzy and knew I was close to fainting. Then I heard Master say, "enough." The man stopped and left the room, I heard the door close. Master unhooked my chains and moved me to the bed. He laid me face down and rubbed some kind of cream on my back and legs. It still burned terribly, and I could only imagine how bad it looked. He sat next to me on the bed, stroking my hair, kissing me and telling me how he hated to do that, and how he hoped we would never have to go through that again. I fell asleep then and he left to see to his guest. This is where the answer to the question comes in, What did I get out of that? Many things. Pain, regret, shame.... and later, a strange bonding with Master, as he stood so close to me, as if he were taking my pain with me. And finally, an incredible desire to please him, to NOT disappoint him EVER again.

I will work hard now, to make sure I don't stray from his rules and training.

Alexus Kelsey Freeland copyright 1997

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