my Master's pleasure
by oreoh

I knelt, naked, at my Master's feet and tenderly kissed each of his palms. My chest felt tight as I looked up into his eyes as he smiled down at me. I watched as he undressed, revealing his broad, strong chest. I licked my lips as I thought of sucking on his nipples. My Master stepped closer to me and stroked my hair, cupping my face in his large hands. I leaned my face against his body, my cheek against the hard bulge in his pants and slid my face along it, inhaling his wonderful scent. He stepped back away from me and my eyes followed his hands as he unbuttoned his jeans. My breathing came faster and I felt my heart begin to pound as he stood naked before me.

"Oh, Master. You are so beautiful." He smiled at me and began stroking his cock. I watched his rough strong hands caress the smooth skin of his cock, knowing he'd allow me to touch him, to taste him, and even to have him inside me if I pleased him. My nipples hardened as I watched, salivating in my mouth and cunt for my Master.

"Tell me what you want slave," he spoke softly, "and if you are very good, I may give it to you."

I tried to swallow, my feelings overflowing, as I thought of all I wanted. "What I want most Master," I said breathlessly, "is to please you. Let me taste you please, Master?" I could almost feel his cock against my tongue as I thought of how badly I wanted him there. I watched him move closer to me and felt my pussy throb as I saw a tiny drop glisten on the tip of his cock.

"Oh please... please let me taste you Master."

He smiled at me and said, "Do not move a muscle, or I will take it away and not allow you to have it." I froze. My muscles were already tense and tight from wanting my Master's cock in my mouth. I watched as he moved closer, feeling the heat from his skin against my face. I felt his tip rub against my lips, spreading his precum over them. I wanted to taste it so much, but kept still, afraid of losing him. "Close your eyes, slave."

I closed my eyes, feeling his heat, so close to me, and smelling his unique scent, just under my nose. I could feel his precum drying slightly on my lips, and just then, my Master traced them again with his cock, re wetting them. I felt his cock move up my right cheekbone, then across my left, leaving a wet trail on my skin. Then he moved away and I could no longer feel his heat close to me. I listened intently, waiting for a sound that would give me a clue as to where he was, not daring to displease him by opening my eyes. I felt the air move, his warmth close to me again, and my heart beat faster in anticipation. His cock rubbed over my left eyelid and down the bridge of my nose, tracing a line down to my lips. I moaned lowly at the effort it took to remain motionless, when all I wanted was to have him deep in my throat, to feel him against my tongue, and oh, yes, to taste his cum. I swallowed again. I felt him walk behind me and then his hands were on my arms, pulling them back as he fastened soft leather lined cuffs around my wrists.

"Lick your lips slave. Wet them well for me." I eagerly licked them, finally tasting the saltiness I so desperately craved and moaning softly. His cock rubbed against my lips again and I opened them slightly. I whimpered in disappointment as my Master pulled away, "Look at me slave." I opened my eyes and looked up at my wonderful Master. "Now, tell me what you really want slave."

I took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh, "Oooh, please let me taste your cock Master..... I need to feel you in my mouth, .....oh please, please let me Master." My mouth watered even more as I begged and I ran my tongue along my lips again.

My Master moved to stand in front of me again and nodded his permission, "but remember, you may not cum until I command you to slave." I eagerly swallowed his cock, moaning as I buried my face against his pubic hair, feeling him fill me. I felt his hands on the back of my head, holding me there, as the warm tingly feeling in my chest became a hot burning sensation. He pulled my head back off his cock and I quickly took a deep breath, filling my lungs with air once again. I moaned again as he gently cupped my head in his big hands and began to pump in and out of my mouth. My pussy throbbed and my nipples sent sparks shooting downward to my clit each time the hair of his legs brushed against them. My lips grew more and more tender with each hard thrust. His hands held my head tighter, helping me to balance against his thrusting. I covered my teeth with my lips and closed them around his cock, tonguing his head each time he pulled back. With each moan I heard from my Master, my entire body throbbed more intensely. I felt my air cut off each time he thrust in and pushed against the back of my throat, his balls slapping hard against my chin. I moaned as I felt his cock swell in my mouth, my pussy throbbed harder.
Then I heard my Master moan loudly, "Ooooooh yes slave! Cum with me now!" and my body exploded, every muscle tightening and contracting as his cock exploded against the back of my throat. He held me tight to him, my face hard against his groin as we both came. The waves of my orgasm washed over me as I felt my Master's cock throb in my mouth and his cum drip down my throat, his obvious pleasure increasing the intensity of my own orgasm. I happily drank every drop and suckled him, draining him. As his cock softened, I took a deep breath again, closing my eyes and resting my face against him, caressing his cock with my tongue.

I felt his hands gently smooth the hair away from my face and cup my cheeks, moving his hips back. I felt a sudden emptiness as he pulled his cock away from my mouth. He reached down and pulled me to my feet, wrapping his strong arms around me. I felt him kiss my forehead and then he dipped his head lower to kiss my lips, still sticky with his cum. I sighed happily, "Oh thank you Master."

He ran his hands down my arms and over the cuffs still around my wrists and grinned at me, "Did you think we were finished, slave?"

I laughed, felt the soreness of my lips and my pussy began throbbing again, remembering how my Master had made them so so tender. I leaned against him, reaching up to kiss him, my naked body tight against his. I pressed my lips hard against his and sucked his tongue into my mouth. I felt my chest tighten with happiness and my heart fill with love. I whispered, "You are a wonderful Master."

I heard him chuckle at me as he kissed the top of my head and removed the cuffs from my wrists, rubbing my arms to restore circulation. I reached up and ran them over his shoulders, up his neck and pulled his head down to mine so that I could kiss him again. I sighed happily as he held me tight, feeling so save and secure in his arms. My Master reached up and grasped my wrists, pulling them away from him and led me over to the wall, instructing me to lean against it, palms touching the wall. I watched as he fit my hands into a pair of leather sleeves, binding my wrists together. My pussy started throbbing again as he pushed a finger into my mouth for me to suck. I grazed my teeth over his finger as he pulled it out and then traced each nipple. I felt them grow hard as rocks as he spread my saliva over them. He walked away and left me there, returning after a few minutes with a black bag. My Master pulled a blindfold from the bag and tied it around my eyes, turning my world to darkness. I heard him rustling in the bag again and then felt his hands at my breasts. I cried out in pleasure and pain as he fastened clamps on my nipples. The throbbing that had begun earlier intensified as my nipples ached in rhythm with my clit and I moaned low in my throat.

I felt my Master's breath on the back of my neck and my skin broke out in goosebumps as his lips gently brushed my neck. I moaned as he sucked hard, leaving light bruises all over my skin. He trailed his fingers down my waist and whispered, "Now, my lovely slave, what am I going to do with you...." I felt his energy move away from me. I waited, listening for him.

"Slave, what do you want?"

"Only to please you Master." I felt him near me again, his energy burning into me. My body trembled in anticipation. I moaned again as he flicked his fingers against the nipple clamps.

I felt his breath next to my ear, "Then please me by cumming. Now slave."

Pleasure exploded inside me, spreading outward, causing my body to convulse, my knees to draw in as my muscles tightened.

I cried out, "Aaaaahhh Master!" and felt his body press close behind mine, his fingers tweaking at the clamps on my breasts. He wrapped an arm around my waist, holding me up as my orgasm intensified, drawn out longer as he pulled on the clamps at my breasts. My spasms slowed and he held me close, stroking my stomach and breasts as my breathing slowed.

His hands traveled down my thighs and back up my ass, then around to my stomach and down to cup my dripping pussy. My Master dipped a finger in my wetness and then I heard him sucking my juices off, heard his soft, "mmm." I felt his hands slide back down my body and push into my cunt again. I could smell my own special scent, stronger now, and then he traced my lips with a wet finger, pushing it inside my mouth for me to suck clean. I whimpered as he suddenly moved away and I was left there alone, arms still held in the leather sleeves and blindfolded.

From a distance, I heard his voice, "Spread your legs, Slave." and I opened my legs as far as I could. I felt his energy near again, and then he was pushing a spreader bar between my ankles, spreading me further. He pulled my ankles back away from the wall and caressed my ass.

"You are mine, slave. Here for my pleasure alone." I felt his fingers trail down my spine, stopping to rub around each hole on his way to my clit.

"Oh yes, Master. I am yours." My body began to tremble as he rubbed my clit in little circles. Wanting. Needing. "mmmm oh Master.. please."

He pulled his finger away from my clit, "Patience slave. I will allow you to cum, but not yet." I cried out at the loss of his finger, but it turned into a pleased moan as I felt him shove a dildo inside my cunt. I squirmed as he began pumping the dildo in and out. It felt huge, as though I'd been split wide open. My cunt clenched around it, and I grit my teeth, trying not to cum till he commanded me to. My moans grew louder, I was unable to be silent as I felt him push a finger against my ass, spreading wetness over me. I was almost panting as he stood behind me. I felt his hands on my hips, lifting me slightly and then his hot cock against my ass. I tried to relax my clenching muscles as he slowly pushed into me. I cried out in pleasure as I felt the head of my Master's cock pass the first tight ring of muscle. He held still for a moment, then pushed harder, lowering me inch by inch, until he was buried inside me.

"Oh Master, yessss" I was growling with pleasure. My cunt and ass quivering as he held my weight over him. I felt him withdraw and then slam back into me, his balls smashing against my pussy, moving the dildo that was still deep inside me. I felt myself losing control as my Master continued to shove harder and faster inside my ass. My thoughts were jumbled, no longer coherent, all I wanted was to cum with my Master.

I begged, "Please Master... oh god please.. let me cum.. please Master.. I need to feel you cum.. oh god Master, I can't stand it any more!" I screamed with each thrust, my ass and cunt and clit throbbing in time with my racing heart. My body was a mass of nerve endings, seeking release. I heard my Master cry out and let my weight rest on his cock, as he grabbed my nipples and pulled against the clamps.

He uttered one word, "Cum." and my body exploded, writhing over his. I felt his cock expand inside my ass, and then a warm flood as he came inside me. He pulled out some and shoved back hard, all my weight on his cock, on his hips as his fingers pull against my nipples. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, each thrust causing a new wave of sensation to sweep over my body. He slowed his thrusting and gently placed my feet back on the ground. I felt his cum dripping down the inside of my thighs as he pulled out of my ass and leaned down to remove the spreader bar. He kissed me tenderly as he removed the blindfo ld. My Master straightened and loosened the leather sleeves, holding my body as I start to fall. I looked up at my Master, safe and happy in his arms and smiled languidly. He picked me up and carried me to bed, laying me gently down, and lying next to me. I curled my body around his, tucking my leg between his, sighing contentedly.

He looked into my eyes, "You have pleased me well tonight, slave."

I smiled happily, "I love being yours, Master." I fell asleep in his arms, thrilled that to have pleased my Master, feeling loved and protected and cherished.

copyright 1998 oreoh

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