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bdsm books bdsm book bdsm books bdsm book bdsm books bdsm book bdsm books bdsm
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Music To "Scene" By

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Enya: Watermark - Shepard's Moon

The Downward Spiral

alexus says: "We use Enya all the time, its our favorite for scening! Enya is a female singer, kind of new age and very passionate but a little mellow. Our favorite album is Watermark but Shepherds Moon runs a close second. We have also used Nine inch Nails ("I wanna fuck you like an animal"...hmmm...) when things are wild and crazy."

Led Zeppelin:
Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zepelin II - Houses of the Holy

ProvokeMe says: "I think Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" would be good. Slow start....builds to a crescendo"

White Zombie:
Supersexy Swinging Sounds

Chaosmstr says: "hehe.. I kinda like super Sexy Swingin Sounds by White Zombie myself. It's a good dance beat.. good to workout too, work round the house too.. fuck too.. swing a whip too...but then again.. that's just one couple's opinion. :>"

Bolero - For Relaxation and Meditation

Frankie Goes to Hollywood:
Bang Greatest Hits - Relax Maxi Single

KttN says:"Bolero is the one piece of music is part of my soul, the opening chords stir a passion that waits within. Oh and Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, you try Relaxing when you want to cum!"

John Lee Hooker:
The Best of John Lee Hooker

anima purrs: "anything by John Lee Hooker"



The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste - Twelve Inch Singles


Roni Size:
New Forms


Tranquility Base:
Let The Freak Flag Fly

Children of the Bong:
Sirus Sounds

Compilation CD Sourcelab2


Down on the Upside

Lou Reed:
Transformer - Berlin

New Order:
Substance - The singles 1980-1987

Velvet Underground:
White Light/White Heat

Frank Sinatra -
16 Most Requested Songs

Patti Smith -

Note: Only links to CDs are provided, while cassettes are available.

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Music To "Scene" By and To Set The Mood

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