A Clean Movie
by SheDragon
(age-play between adult characters)

Synopsis: little chris and his Governess have a morning out shopping for groceries and an afternoon indoors watching a movie.

"Did you make the list little chris?"

"Yes, its right here."

"I better check and make sure you haven't forgotten anything. You did remember to write maxi pads and laundry soap on the list didnt you?" asked little chris's Governess with a wicked look in her eye. little chris knew how much she liked to make him buy her maxi pads. Even writting it on the list made him blush and feel very uncomfortable.

"Drink your milk like a good little boy while I look at your list." She swatted his bottom on her way to the counter. "Don't leave all these dishes unwashed before we go either." She sat down, putting her feet up on his chair so little chris was left standing with his milk. "As cute as you look in your underpanties you better think of something else to wear to the store ." She grinned.

This made little chris take another look at his Governess in her own short cotton nightgown with nothing under it to block his view. His breathing got a little faster and he made himself turn away and start the dishes before she teased him about his arousal.

He blushed when he heard her laugh softly. He sighed, looked at her over his shoulder and she winked back at him, still laughing. Her laugh and teasing look increased little chris's bulging problem.

"Governess, I might need some of your extra attention before we go out this morning." asked little chris.

"You might not get it little man." She teased. She stood up and brought him her empty coffee cup to add to the sink of dishes. "How good can you be?" She whispered as she rubbbed his back. Dropping her hand to his bottom she cupped his cheek and pressed her hand firmly into his body. Her other hand came around and stroked his belly. little chris groaned as her fingers found their way inside his panties and rubbed against his stiffening cock. "Mmmmmm my little boy wants some play time does he?" She giggled and withdrew her hands. With a sharp smack on his cheek she headed into the bedroom. "Dishes first little man."

little chris turned just in time to see her pull her nightie off over her head as she entered the bedroom. The last thing he saw were her saucy bottom cheeks as she walked past the door. little chris wondered how fast he could wash the dishes!

In the bedroom he was very disappointed to see his Governess dressed and waiting for him with his wardrobe for the day. He really had hoped she would be undressed and waiting in his bed. She came to stand in front of him, looked at his erection and shook her finger at him, "You have been having naughty thoughts again haven't you little man? I dont have time to properly punish you this morning. So you will just have to have a quick spanking. Stand with your back straight against the wall."

little chris did as he was told but was very confused about how he would be spanked with his bottom safely to the wall. She didnt hesitate, she pulled his panties down over his erect cock and let them fall down his legs to be caught at his ankles. Then she used her hand to smack his cock. Not hard enough to be truly painful but it did catch little chris's full attention. She smacked him about 6 times before his cock was limp and soft. She ordered him to step out of his panties. From his bad boy drawer she brought out the dreaded pink frilly little girl style panties. "Put these on."

Inside his mind little chris cringed. How he hated being made to wear those! The lace in back and around the legs and waist would show as bumps through his pants when he was dressed. People would notice and look at him oddly all day long. "Please Governess not those ones, please?" little chris pleaded.

"Put them on now!"

"Please, any other pair you choose, but not those ones..."

"chris!" she snapped at him. "It wasnt a request!" She shoved them into his hands. "Now, put them on! Do I have to put them on you?"

little chris hesitated and she took two quick steps to him and smacked his balls this time. As he was bent over in pain she ordered him to lift his left foot. His foot was slapped when he didn't obey right away. Then frilly panties were pushed over his foot and pulled up his calf. "Other foot now baby chrissy." His other foot was soon in the leg of the panties and she pulled them slowly up his legs. When they were pulled to just under his bottom cheeks in back and just under his cock and balls in front she left them, snug against him, but not pulled any higher.

"You will wear them just like that all day now." little chris looked at her with a horrified look on his face. She ignored him and walked over to choose the rest of his clothes.

Out on the street, walking to the grocery store, little chris was aware of people looking at him. His Governess would grin cheekily and tell him he was just imagining it. But chris knew she was kidding. chris knew he was being given strange looks. How often did anyone see a grown man wearing short shorts and a T shirt with a cartoon dragon on it. The worst part was how the frilly panties showed through at the bottom of the shorts. chris tried to just pretend he was wearing something normal and dignified but every person he passed made him very aware of his state of dress. Perhaps if he had been a smaller man he could have gone at least a little less noticed. But being over 6 feet certainly had its draw backs at times like this.

"Get a cart for us littl e man. I want to be home in time for the Sunday afternoon movie today. It's going to be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, you know how much I like you to see those nice children's shows." His Governess hurried him along inside the grocery store, pulling the list from his back pocket.

chris took the list as she handed it to him. "Make sure you get everything on the list. I have one or two things to get done while you are shopping here and then I will meet you at the coffee shop on the corner. Don't dawdle little man."

chris watched her walk off with a last wave and smile to him. He knew she had some idea she wanted to try on him this afternoon. It seemed he wasn't going to be given a chance to find out what it was ahead of time. It didn't take long to finish the grocery shopping, especially when one wanted to get done and out of the store as quickly as one possibly could. He heard children asking their parents if he was a weirdo. But that only increased his determination to hurry. He almost "forgot" her maxi pads thinking he could use his humiliation and rush to finish shopping as an excuse. Before he left the aisle he had put them in the cart, knowing his Governess wasn't likely to fall for that. Besides if she was getting "creative" this afternoon he would be smart to keep in her good graces.

He was finished ahead of her and had to wait, carrying all the bags of groceries. His Governess had a rule about not allowing the bags to sit on the sidewalk. The bags began to get heavier and heavier as he waited. His hands were staying closed around the handles by will alone and his arms and shoulders were a massive aching agony. Finally she came around the corner with a small bag from the local toy store and another from the book store. She smiled and gave him a kiss when she was close enough.

"Lets give you a rest my good little boy. I'm certainly ready for a coffee." She entered the shop ahead of him and waved him to a table. She let him sit down and arrange the bags of groceries before she asked for the change from the grocery store and went to get coffee.

Little chris was very pleased to rest. He hoped she wouldn't hurry them off too soon. He really needed to give his arms a chance to snap back before he carried everything back to his place. It was quite a few blocks away as his Governess didn't like the local, closer grocery store.

Governess placed a large coffee and a chocolate chip cookie in front of chris. "I thought you deserved a treat little man. You had to wait for me and you were so good to hold onto the bags all that time. I could see you from the book store as I was looking around and waiting at the cashier. You should have seen the interesting books the woman in line ahead of me had. I looked over her shoulder and we got to chatting. Anyway, that is how I was a little pokey getting back to meet you."

"My arms are a little tired, maybe we could linger here for a little while before we make the trek back to my place?" asked chris.

"Well, not for very long chris. I do have plans for you this afternoon. We need to be back in time for the movie and a few things I want to do before it starts. But I think we can sit here for 20 minutes, I don't want to strain my little man." She smiled at him softly. "You know how special you are to me and I do want to take very good care of you." His Governess sipped her coffee, smiling at chris over the rim of the cup.

chris picked up the cookie and took a bite. Unfortunately a large piece crumbled off and landed on his lap and the floor. "Oh chris!", scolded his Governess. "I think we should have gotten you a bib. Hurry and get a cloth from the waitress and clean that up."

chris stood, got napkins from the counter and cleaned the cookie bits from the floor. Just as he was about to rise and deposit the mess in the garbage his Governess gave his bottom a hard smack under the table. "I told you to get a cloth from the waitress not a napkin chris."

"Sorry Governess, I thought this way would be quicker and easier." chris said as he looked up at her from his position under the table.

"I didn't ask your opinion chris." His Governess rose from her seat, leaving him there, not sure if he should get up or stay as he was.

She asked the waitress for a cloth and another cookie. When they were brought she placed the cookie on the table and handed chris the cloth. "Now get that cleaned up as I asked chris." She left him and went back to speak to the waitress. chris didn't watch as he quickly cleaned the mess and put the crumled cookie and napkins in the trash. He looked for the waitress to return the cloth to her. He didn't see her.

chris waited by the counter. Not wanting to do anything else his Governess could object to he gave the cloth to another waitress as she passed by. He turned around to go back to the table and groaned out loud. His Governess was being given a large children's bib by the waitress. Both were looking at him and laughing, though he wasn't sure if the waitress was laughing at him or more with his Governess.

"Maybe you should bring him one of those children's place mats and some crayons too. He needs something to keep his little hands busy while I finish my coffee."

Little chris groaned again quietly. He wondered if he could change his mind about lingering over coffee. He prepared to ask her just that but she was already grinning at him wickedly and shaking her head "no".

In the end little chris drew some lovely pictures for his Governess. She really did admire his ability to draw. Some of her suggestions were a little "suggestive". A few people had looked twice when she told him to draw a pair of snow people skinny dipping. But it was fun for chris to please her in this way. She kept his drawings, tucking them in her purse as they got ready to leave.

"No dawdling now little man. The movie starts in half an hour." The walk back wasn't as painful as the walk to the stores had been. Fewer people were out this close to the lunch hour. Whoever watched him from inside was unknown to him and that suited chris just fine.

"Get those groceries put away and then bring out that big old laundry tub we found a few weeks ago. Fill it about a third of the way with hot water, don't add anything to it." She disappeared into the bedroom.

chris did as she asked, putting the kettle on to boil some water to add to the hot water from the tap. When the groceries were all away and the water ready he called out to her, "What would you like me to do with the tub and water now, Governess?"

She popped her head around the door and said, "Put newspaper under and around it and then have it by the television so we can watch the movie. I will be out in a couple of minutes. You can also get that metal cup, the one I found in that thrift shop."

Little chris was able to carry the laundry tub into the room just as his Governess came out from the bedroom. He stood still a few moments, admiring her change of clothes, "You didn't get that at the toy store or the book store today."

She wore a red satin slip dress, with no sleeves and a large slit up the right leg. It was a shiny, cherry red with just a touch of lace at the hem and top. The top was fitted to her breasts like a second skin with her nipples perking through the thin satin fabric. As she came closer it clung to her legs and hips. chris almost forgot he was carrying the tub of water and let it slip a bit in his hands. He caught it right away and quickly placed it on the newspaper he had already spread around.

"It seems you have everything ready and in place little man. I'm pleased." She moved to lean against him, pressing her body along the length of his. Her hand reached behind his head, pulled it down until she could reach his mouth and then she kissed him slowly, caressing his mouth with her tongue.

Pulling back she ordered, "Now strip for me little chris." With one last nibble at his bottom lip she left him to flick on the television and settle herself on the couch. In her hand chris noticed the bag from the toy store. He took his time stripping, enjoying giving her a show and having her compliment him and reach out to touch him even kiss him a few times. She seemed in no hurry though he could hear the sounds of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang behind him.

When he was left with nothing but his smile she held his hips, kissed his belly and turned him away from her. "You are missing the movie chris. Be a good boy and stay turned this way, enjoy the show. I enjoyed your show."

His Governess stroked and caressed his body and chris became more and more aroused. He struggled to keep his attention on the TV screen. During the third set of commercials chris heard a rustling as she brought something out of the toy store bag. He couldn't peek behind to see, she would have noticed that. He tried to see something in the reflection from the glass TV screen but nothing was clear.

The water in the tub swirled around his ankles as she dipped something into it. He looked down too late to see what it was. "Eyes front chris. Watch the movie."

chris felt something hard and slippery being drawn down the backs of his legs. He flinched and she smacked his bottom. "Stay still for me little man. You don't want me to make a mistake, do you?"

"May I ask what you are doing Governess?"

"You may ask but I'm not going to answer." She laughed and brought whatever it was higher and over and around his bottom cheeks. She seemed to be writting something on him.

Behind him she put her hand on his left hip and stood, drawing the thing up his back and along his shoulders, down his sides, making him squirm as she got to a sensitive, ticklish spot.

When she stopped and pulled something else out of the bag he was ready this time as she swirled it in the water. He saw something thick and green in her hand before she went back to brushing it over his body. She began laughing as she worked. chris was getting desparately curious. He tried a quick look over his shoulder and laughed when he saw her colouring him. She was using thick soap crayons from the toy store.

As soon as she saw him looking she flashed him a naughty look and pushed the green crayon between the cheeks of his bottom. "Lets make you clean all over little chris." She laughed as she drew the crayon back and forth in his cheeks.

"Maybe a change of colour?" chris asked hopefully. Not sure he wanted to become any more intimate with a crayon.

She laughed and of course, chose a red one. This time once it was wet she brought it to his front. She drew circles and squares on his arms and chest. On his legs she drew her versions of birds in flight and other stick figure type drawings. When she reached his hips she wrote "sex toy". chris looked at it and blushed. As always she was delighted and encouraged to do more by his blush. She took his cock in one hand and coloured the head red. chris automatically backed away when she reached for his balls next. She giggled and instead brought the crayon between his legs, pushing it up against his body and then leaving it there.

She went back behind him and brought a yellow crayon this time. She wet it and began drawing on his face. "Arent you glad we watched those face painters in the park now? I'm making you a tiger face. Though I should use orange, yellow will have to do. There were only five colours in the soap crayon box."

Next she brought a blue crayon and finished with his face. "Thats all five now. Turn around slowly and let me see if I missed any places on you."

chris turned, keeping the red crayon in place. "You are such a good boy chris. I think I'm almost ready to wash you now. But the movie is still on so you better wait here until its finished. Don't sit down or do anything to mess up my masterpiece."

His Governess went out into the kitchen and chris heard her making popcorn. She shared some with him before she sat down behind him on the couch, ready to watch the rest of the movie. After awhile her toes began to wander along the back of his leg. Soon they were kneading his bottom and pressing the red crayon against his cock and balls. chris began to enjoy the sensations of her toes and the crayon. By the time the movie was over his cock had become stiff and her toes had found their way between the cheeks of his bottom. As the movie credits rolled chris cleared his throat hoping to end the torment and move onto something better.

"Did you like the movie little chris?" She asked. He heard the rustle of the bag as she put away the crayons, all but one.

"It was a very nice movie, thank you for letting me watch it with you Governess." answered chris.

"There seems to be a crayon missing chris. I wonder if it somehow fell on the floor. Will you bend down and look please?" As chris was debating the wisdom of such a move she added, "Oh never mind I see it!" Her hand reached in, pushing his legs open and she slowly drew the crayon out. chris gasped as his sensitive parts were given added stimulation. "Its warm." She commented.

"Now chris I want you to lather your body, wet your hands and then run them all over yourself. Face me first. I want to watch you."

chris dipped his hands in the water and began making the soap crayons into a lather all over his body. He could see how well his Governess was enjoying watching him at work so he took extra time over his chest and arms and thighs and all the other areas he knew she would like.

He was about to lather his face when she caught at his hands, "Leave that for now." Taking the metal cup she began rinsing all the soap suds from his body. She followed the cascading water with her hands down his chest, along his legs, every where. Eventually her mouth joined in washing him everywhere she could reach. His skin was nibbled and sucked on and she bit his nipples gently. Her hands wrapped around the shaft of his cock and began the slow stroking rhythm she knew would bring chris the most pleasure. When he was moaning and wriggling, begging for release she took a step away from him.

chris was breathing heavily and he swayed as she pulled away from him. "Are you feeling good now little chris?"

"Yes Governess," moaned chris.

"Good, then its my turn." She smiled wickedly and began to strip off the red slip.

Copyright 1997 SheDragon

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