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The Master Within Me

by Arturo-
Copyright © 1996, Arturo- -all rights reserved-

The soul of a Master has awakened within me, freed from the repression that imprisoned the fullness of my passion. This passion is a power so intense it would destroy the unenlightened, or frighten them away. But no longer must I keep my fire at bay, for I have discovered the mate of my soul. She is peacefully dwelling in the delicate body of the true submissive and has been there all along. She was patiently waiting, but eternally aching and longing for me. She is so eager to please and so ready to give, all that she is, and all she will ever be.

Freely, willingly and with a joy filled spirit, she offers to me the only food that can satiate my soul. As I drink of her sweet submission and breathe in her delicious surrender, I can feel her enter my body and radiate through my soul. She fills me, satisfies me and sustains my life. Gracefully we dance in symbiosity, writhing in her gracious resignation and the power of my fiery passion. She hungers for my gift of pain and together we ride the ambrosial edge of ecstasy. So dangerous, yet so safe, our stomachs flutter and our organs surge with electricity. We rhythmically pulsate as we feed one another and give one another life. We revel in the love and the power that is born of our perfect match, perfectly equal, yet perfectly opposite. Having experienced the petit mort, we can never be the same. Rather, we are born again, as one perfect soul, free to soar the universe until the end of time. For I am your Arturo and loving Master my pet, and you are my precious jewel.

A Few Words From MastrMars
by Master Mars

There is a misconception that the act of submission is based on weakness. Being "submissive" does not mean being a "doormat" or "not having a brain, opinion, sense of humor or insight".

It has been my experience that the "gift of submission" given freely and willingly to a Master is based on strength, courage, love & trust and under the loving firm & strict hand of a Master, this gift is disciplined, focused and nurtured to give the submissive a pose & grace that she could never achieve on her own, along with a sense of her own femininity that allows to walk thru her life with a dignity that raises her far above any vanilla woman. A few words....

Since neither is a "mind-reader", communication is not just important, it is the foundation of a "D/s" relationship. Keeping the air "clean & clear" is what distinguishes a "D/s" relationship from a "vanilla" one where emotional baggage is being tossed back and forth by the parties.

This is why "boundaries & rules" are discussed and agreed to. So there is no doubt in either's mind as to what will happen when the "boundaries" are pushed or the "rules" broken.

It is a "Master" responsibility to enforce these "boundaries & rules" at all times. By doing so it meets his need to be "DOM" and her to "submit". Which is why they're together in the first place :-)

If she "pushes" these boundaries every now & then, this is by no means "topping from the bottom", it is just her way of being reassured that her "Master" loves her & that "she will be submissive as long as she is with him".

Master Mars
Copyright 1997

"DOM'd if you do, DOM'd if you don't"

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