Loving From a Distance
by joyful

Sometimes letting go
Is the only way to love you
Here's to your freedom
And hope that you are true

Sometimes when I hurt
There's a smile on your lips
I'll never tell you darling
How much I need your kiss

I'll smile through my fear
And love you all I can
Watching you fly
I'll try to understand

Loving you from a distance
Oh, God, let it be true
Let there be a day
When you say I Love You

You see it in my eyes
And I can feel your pain
It's going to take some time
For you to love again

I want to say I'll wait
But I'm not a child now
I know that there are shadows
I'll be loved somehow

I pray that it's your arms
That I find my happiness
But how long do I wait
Loving from a distance

Copyright 1997 joyful

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