by alexus

I come to you on my knees
I'm feeling out of my place
I have a need that only you
can understand
this slave begs for your control
I need your absolute power
eclipse my soul with it
to remind me
I am your possession
I need you to cleanse me
of these feelings of insolence
Take your whip
and together we will go back
back to where we live
where I need to be
hear me scream
and know that its for you
lead me into your fire
I will come and join you there
I want you to make me worthy
of you
the whip and the pain
they always bring me home
I need to be bound
completely lost
use my body
fill my every opening
burn out my improper thoughts
fill me completely with you
I need you to give me pain
to make me beg
taste my tears
let me pay the price for
belonging to you
take it out in my flesh
to remind me
take me to your edge
and then lead me farther
where we live together
I go there for us.

Alexus Kelsey Freeland copyright 1997

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