IRC enables you to talk with typed messages, in realtime. Finding your way onto IRC and #submission's home on EFNET is as simple as downloading the software. Once downloaded, simply add a few servers from the list we provide here. Special assistance is provided for those using AOL. Once you find your way to EFNET, we think you will find the most tolerant group of people on the net, and the friendliest. We are proud of the way our channel has grown over four years and hope to meet you on #submission soon.

How To Get To #submission EFNet

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NOTE: EFnet servers are less than reliable these days. The server list on this page will list the best servers that we know.

Okay, here is the step by step how to, to get to #submission. We are on EFNet.

So to make it easy, here we go!

1. Download the IRC client software by clicking the appropriate button on the right and go to that site and download the software,
Windows/NT: Pirch and mIRC
Macintosh: Ircle

2. You must add an EFNET IRC server to get to #submission. Here are a few to add, if one doesn''t work, just add another EFNET server:
(aol & okay)

All connection ports are 6667. Click here if you need a larger list of EFNET servers: efnet servers

For addition help in setting up your IRC software go to these pages for more detailed help.
pirch how to | mirc how to | ircle how to

Once on EFNET, simply type /join #submission and we will see you there!

Or you can try our Java chat!



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