First Meeting - Chapter 8
by SusieQ

Sasha folded her hands on top of Michalel's chest and rested her chin on them. "But Michael," she sighed, wrinkling her nose at him. "I am quite satisfied also, except for this clitty thing that is buzzing," and she buried her pelvis into his.

"There will be times when we will lay together afterwards and I will hold you close and we will kiss and talk," Michael consoled. Then pausing in his thoughts, his blue eyes sparkling, he wrapped his arms around Sasha, hugging her to him. "But not tonight," he declared playfully and kissed her.

"Yes Master," she giggled, "but I have to go to the bathroom."

Michael held Sasha in place a moment longer, his eyes searching hers, wondering if she would ever, truly be his.

"Go to the bathroom, you may remove the butt plug, get cleaned up, and bring a warm cloth back to clean me also," Michael instructed, gently swatting her bottom as she slipped to the floor.

Sasha returned a few minutes later with a warm, wet cloth. Michael had moved to the sofa and Sasha went to him and knelt between his legs. Gently she used the soft cloth on the folds of his penis, slowly working the cloth down over his balls, carefully rubbing each one between her fingers.

"Raise up a little, please," Sasha murmured, as she gently cupped her left hand under his manhood.

Michael lifted his hips, raising his buttocks slightly off the cushion. The cloth in Sasha's right hand eased under him, washing each muscular asscheek and the deep crevice between them. As her hand returned to his inner thighs, Michael settled back down on the cushion. Then Michael watched in awe as Sasha placed her head between his legs and sucked his soft cock into her mouth.

Resting his head on the back of the sofa, Michael closed his eyes. He could feel the roughness of her tongue as it circled the head of his penis, the warmth of her soft lips as they slowly covered his shaft, and the teasing touch of her teeth at the base of his growing erection.

When Michael's cock was pleasingly stiff Sasha expertly licked his balls at the same time she swallowed against his cock at the back of her throat. Michael's pelvis bucked slightly and Sasha released her hold. With a twinkle in her eyes, and dimples creasing her cheeks, Sasha placed her hands on Michael's thighs allowing her breasts

to lightly brush against him as she pushed herself forward and up.

"Seems you're not quite through yet either," she whispered in his ear and sweetly kissed his cheek. Deftly eluding his grasp, she wiggled her behind at him as she disappeared back ino the bathroom.

When Sasha returned to the living room she was carrying the butt plug in one hand and the stimulator in the other.

"Did I say you could remove the clit stimulator?" Michael questioned sharply when he saw the toy in her hand.

"No," Sasha answered frowning in exasperation, "but I had to pee."

"You should have moved it out of your way, then replaced it."

"But Master....."

"Put it back on, right now," Michael insisted firmly.

Sasha stared at the floor, wrinkling her nose as she worried the thigh straps between her fingers.

"If I have to put it back on you," Michael warned, "I will put you over my knee an spank you."

Sasha's shoulders sagged just a fraction. "Yes sir," she sighed, and raised her eyes to find him watching her.

"Good girl," he whispered kissing her forehead, relieved he would not have to follow through with his threat.

While Sasha worked with the stimulator, Michael began rearranging the room to accommodate his next activities. Sasha placed the clit stimulator between her legs, squeezing them together, so as to hold it in place while she attached the straps. As she reached back to catch hold of the strap, she nearly lost her balance in the six inch heeled boots, and instantly widened her stance.

The toy dropped to the floor.

Sasha quickly picked it up and looked around to see if Michael had seen her. To her relief he was pre-occupied and paying her no mind. Again she placed the stimulator against her pussy, holding it in place as she spread her feet apart. But this time she knocked her knees together squeezing her thighs tight. She caught hold of the strap without any difficulty and attached it to the front of the device. Then pulling the second strap around she realized she had crossed the straps in back, and at the same time the first strap slipped from the buckle.

"Damn," Sasha grumbled, stomping her foot as she snatched the toy away from her clit, and Michael looked up.

"Sasha," Michael's stern voice corrected.

Giving an aggravated huff to acknowledge his warning, Sasha marched to the bathroom. Michael started to follow, but decided she was better off left alone. In the bathroom Sasha made several unsuccessful attempts at putting on the clit stimulator, and getting it as comfortable as it had been earlier.

"Sasha," Michael's deep voice sounded through the locked door, "come out here."

"I'll be out in a minute," Sasha snapped in frustration.

Michael reached above the bathroom door, and took a key from the ledge. Silently unlocking the door he stepped in. Sasha was standing with one booted foot against the oval shaped garden tub and the other braced along the baseboard, forming a triangle in the corner. Her head was between her legs, and her ass was facing the center of the room; round and firm.

"You'll come out when I say," Michael ordered, and Sasha's head thumped against the wall.

"Ouch," Sasha grumbled, rubbing her head.

Defeated, she turned around, the clit stimulator dangling from her right thigh. "I can't get it on," she mumbled, staring at Michael's boots as he slowly approached.

"Humph," Michael grunted, and gave the right thigh strap a tug. The buckle slipped loose, and the toy dropped into his hand. Michael smiled to himself. "Come on."

"I don't want you to spank me," Sasha whined.

Michael ignored the comment, and continued into the living room, adjusting the thigh straps as he went. Sasha slowly made her way to the chair she had positioned earlier on the shag rug. Michael sat down on the edge of the chair, then looked up at Sasha.

"Sit on my lap, facing me," he instructed.

Sasha wrinkled her nose questioningly, then obediantly straddled Michael's legs and sat down. Michael widened the space between his knees, slightly spreading the cheeks of her ass. Then expertly he wrapped the straps around each of her thighs and buckled them. Next he slipped his fingers between the stimulator and her pelvis, spreading her pussy lips. When Michael removed his fingers the soft rubber phallus' were in direct contact with Sasha's clit.

"Comfy," he asked, moving his knees back together. Sasha nodded. "Good."

Sasha straightened her knees until she was standing, and took a couple of steps back. Michael's hand caught her wrist, quickly drawing her across his lap.

"Master...." Sasha whimpered.

"Ssssh," he hushed, and Sasha's bottom tightened.

Michael reached between his legs, under Sasha's tummy, and repositioned her. Now her head and toes nearly touched the floor, and her bottom was centered over his knees. Michael's warm hands kneaded each soft cheek, his fingers, tapered and strong glided over the inside of her thighs. Sasha held her breath, waiting for the first spank.

"Slave," Michael's voice was stern, as his hands continued to massage between her legs. "You will not remove any clothing, restraints, or toys without requesting permission from me. Understood?"

"Yes Master," Sasha whimpered.

Michael raised his right hand, and Sasha's asscheeks squeezed together. Michael's hand dropped gently to her bottom, and he began kneading each cheek again. He repeated his threatening gesture several times, and each time poor Sasha tensed against the pending spank.

"Spread your legs some," Michael said, and again swung his hand upward in threat. Sasha inched her thighs apart. "Wider," Michael grumbled, and placed his left hand under her tummy, lifting her ass higher. Sasha whimpered softly, but parted her legs.

Michael carefully turned his left hand, so his fingers were pressing against the clit stimulator.

Sasha waited, knowing the worst was yet to come.

Michael eased his right hand between her legs and switched the toy onto the third setting-High. It sprang to life, and Sasha's thighs clamped together like a vise, nearly trapping his hand.

"Master....Master," Sasha squealed, frailing her legs and bucking her hips against his lap.

"Lay still," Michael warned half seriously. "Spread your legs."

Sasha held tightly to Michael's ankle with one hand, while the other gripped the chair leg, and again parted her thighs.

While Michael's fingers continued to hold the stimulator securely against her clit, two fingers of his other hand explored the soft pink lips of her pussy. Sasha closed her eyes as she felt his fingers pentrate and begin stroking deep inside her. Unexpectedly, she felt pressure against her rear hole, and tried to resist.

"It's all right, relax," Michael encouraged softly, then pushed his thumb passed her sphincter, and began stroking there also as his fingers continued the sensual caressing inside her pussy.

"Oh geesh," Sasha moaned with embarrassment, pain and pleasure. She couldn't disguise her body's reaction as her ass lifted and fell in rhythm with Michael. Within minutes her body tensed, and her pussy began to clench. Michael's movements quickened, lenghtening each stroke, holding Sasha's climax.

"Oh.... Oh Master...... Master ...." Sasha gasped as her body began to tremble in his hands, and she buried her face against his leg as her orgasm overtook her senses.

As Sasha's body began to relax, Michael slowly removed his fingers and thumb, causing goosebumps to race along her thighs.

"Oh, thank you Master," Sashed sighed, and her body twitched, again sending chill bumps over her skin.

Michael kneaded the cheeks of her ass a minute longer, then pressed the heel of his left hand against the small of Sasha's back. Without warning Michael brought his right hand down delivering a brusque smack to her relaxed ass.

"Now, up and over the back of the chair," he ordered with a light laugh.

Sasha quickly jumped off his lap, rubbing her bottom as she walked around to the back of the chair.

"Master, I'm getting hungry," Sasha commented, watching herself as she lightly tapped her fingernails on the narrow edge of the chair back.

"I want your feet on the outside of the chair legs, then reach over the seat as far as you can and take hold of the front legs of the chair," Michael instructed, disregarding her remark.

"Yes Sir," Sasha sighed, and bent herself forward.

Michael watched as Sasha wriggled about positioning her abdomen comfortably against the top of the chair back. He smiled, shaking his head in amusement,as she attempted to take hold of the front legs of the chair, and realized her comfortable position did not allow for such a long stretch. She stood up, rubbed her tummy, pushed the chair legs deeper into the shag rug, and bent forward again. After some twisting and grunting, Sasha shoved herself back to an upright position.

"It's impossible!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands up and Michael laughed out loud.

Sasha spun around. "It isn't funny," she yelped, and her hazel eyes widened in accusation. "Look at you!" Sasha yelped pointing at Michael's stiff cock. "Is that what gets you off? Watching me struggle."

Michael's temper flared instantly, and he grasped Sasha's arm, jerking her back into positon. "Get your feet where they belong, then raise up on your toes," he ordered. Sasha froze, startled by his harshness. A well placed smack on her bottom brought her out of her daze, and she quickly balanced herself on the tip of her toes.

Immediately, Michael forced her over the back of the chair, pushing her bottom forward with his hip as his hand grasped the back of her neck. "Now, take hold of the front of the chair legs," he demanded angrily.

Sasha snaked her fingers around the chair legs and stiffened her arms, trying to compensate for the tension Michael was creating down the muscles at the back of her legs.

"Master," Sasha gasped, "you're hurting me."

"Then use your safeword!" Michael snapped forcing her further forward, lifting her feet off the floor. Sasha didn't reply. "Say it!" Michael ordered.

"I am fine," Sasha answered as she closed her eyes, shutting everything out of her mind, including Michael. Sasha remained motionless, her breathing shallow as she silently waited.

As Sasha's remark, followed by her compliant silence pierced his thoughts, Michael released his hold and strode angrily to his room; slamming the door behind him. Sasha remained where he left her, tears splashing onto the seat and rolling backward to drop unheard onto the rug.

Michael stormed about in his room cussing himself for losing his temper. He was sure he had lost Sasha. Her words cut into him like a knife. *I am fine*. That was her way of protecting her feelings--of blocking him out.

He had learned this about her during those first conversations. Anytime their talk drifted to close to her inner feelings or if he hurt her feelings she would immediately say, *change subject please*. If he did not, her response would be to repeat, with a bit more emphasis, *change subject please*. He would know by the sound of her voice that something was bothering her and ask if she was all right. Her answer was always, *I am fine* followed by silence, until he moved the conversation in a different direction. The closest he ever got to an answer was a very soft, trembling voice stating, *it's a girl thing*.

Resigned to the fact that the evening was over, Michael returned to the living room to help Sasha gather her things so he could take her home. To his surprise, Sasha was still positioned over the chair, just the toes of her boots touching the floor, and her hands clinging to the front chair legs.

"Sasha, what are you doing?" he demanded.

"Michael, I am sorry," she apologized, her trembling voice barely above a whisper.

Michael crossed the room in three strides and gathered her into his arms. "No, precious, I'm sorry," Michael whispered, hugging her close as her tears wet his chest. "Ssssh, it's all right," he soothed, tenderly stoking her long silky curls. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," she sobbed.

Michael's heart sank a little lower, and he gently kissed her forehead. "Would you like me to take you home?"

"But I didn't use the safeword," Sasha wailed, "it didn't hurt that bad, really.... I'll try harder..... I'll do whatever you say."

"Sasha...." Michael began, only to be cutoff.

"I never should have said anything," Sasha chastised herself, pushing free of Michael's embrace. "Fine! I'll go. You're probably tired of me anyway."

Michael caught her arm and dragged her back hard against himself. Sasha twisted and squirmed in his arms, finally stomping her six inch heeled boot in confused defiance. Michael grabbed a handful of her thick auburn hair, pulling her head back, forcing her to look at him.

"Stop it, right now," he seethed, "or I'm going to get real mean with you." Sasha's breathing was rapid,her hazel eyes blazing, as Michael maintained his hold. "I don't want to take you home; I just asked."

Sasha's eyes began to pool with tears, and Michael gradually removed his fingers from her hair. With a heavy sigh, Michael gently kissed her forehead and turned away.

"Master, may I plea se stay?" Sasha whispered.

There was a spark of some indefinable emotion in Michael's deep blue eyes as he turned to face her. "I would like that," he replied, and held out his hands, to her. Sasha touched her fingertips to his, and he grasped her hands, drawing her into a passionate kiss.

"Master, may I ask a question?" Sasha sweetly whispered her request.

"Uh huh," Michael breathed, kissing her neck.

"Could we get something to eat?"

"Yes, my pet," Michael answered happily, and turned Sasha toward the kitchen and directed her ahead of himself.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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