First Meeting - Chapter 7
by SusieQ

While Sasha grilled sandwiches, Michael played. Arms wrapped around Sasha's waist from behind, Michael whispered his intentions in her ear.

"First, I'm going to remove every stitch of clothing you have on," Michael elaborated, skimming his hands down the ribbing of the corset. "Then my tongue is going to start right about here," and he kissed her neck just under her left ear, "and slowly work my down," he breathed. Michael's fingers teasingly traced a path over Sasha's soft shoulders, outlining her collar bone as he continued to lightly kiss her neck. As Michael eased in closer, Sasha wormed her bottom into his groin.

"Hummm, be careful my pet," Michael sighed, "or your midnight snack will have to wait."

Sasha giggled, and stretched across the counter, wiggling her rounded ass as she reached for the glasses. Michael's hands slipped to her hips, drawing her bottom snugly into his pelvis. Sasha playfully flexed her ass cheeks when she felt Michael's hard cock press against her. Michael reciprocated by grasping a breast in each hand, and giving her a couple of teasing thrust from behind.

"Goodness, Master," Sasha exclaimed, pretending to be surprised. With a glass in each hand, Sasha turned in Michael's arms. "Would you put some ice in the glasses?" Sasha requested, and handed them to Michael. That should cool him off a little, she thought.

A minute later, "Michael!" Sasha squealed, spinning around to protect her bare bottom.

"I just wanted to get my hands warm," Michael stated with an innocent grin. "Come on baby," he pleaded, trying to wedge his hands between the cabinet and Sasha's bottom.

"No," Sasha scolded, batting his hands aside. "Stick them in your pockets."

"You're refusing your Master?" Michael questioned, unamused by her refusal. Sasha halted, shocked. "Don't burn my food," Michael warned.

In a split second Sasha's hazel eyes went from surprise to blazing anger, and Michael reacted just as quickly. Instantly Michael's quick, powerful hands grabbed her shoulders, jerking her to him. Sasha's head went down as she twisted in his grip, and Michael gave her a good shake. Then grabbing a handful of her auburn curls, he forced her head back, making her look at him. As their eyes met, Michael's mouth covered hers. Forcing her lips open, his thrusting tongue explored the recesses of her mouth. Holding Sasha in place by the back of her head, Michael pushed the skillet off the burner.

Slowly inched backward, Sasha was pressed against the cabinet before Michael released his demanding kiss.

"My precious one has quite a temper," Michael noted, a flicker of amusement returning to his blue eyes. "Are the sandwiches done?" he asked, changing the subject.

Baffled by this unpredictable man, Sasha offered a slight shrug in answer to his question, and turned back to the stove. Michael looked over her shoulder as she turned the sandwiches, then kissed her cheek, gently swatted her bottom, and walked over to the table and sat down to wait.

Sasha brought their plates to the table, and sat down opposite Michael. Each ate in silence for several minutes.

Michael was the first to finally speak. "When you're finished eating, clean up the kitchen then carry one of the chairs from the formal dining room into the living room, and place it in the center of the rug in front of the fireplace." Sasha gave him a puzzled look, and nodded as she took another bite of her sandwich. Michael paused to take another bite also, then continued. "I want you to position yourself over the back of the chair, and wait for me."

"Why?" Sasha asked softly.

"Sasha, you are not to question me. Your feet are to be placed on the outside of the chair legs, and your hands placed palm down on the seat."

Sasha took another bite of her sandwich.


......... With her recent ordeal in the conference room utmost on her mind, Sasha's thoughts quickly sifted through conversations with Michael. She could hear his clear, concise words, as if they were being spoken this very minute.

"I use several methods of punishment," Michael's rich timbred voiced had echoed through the receiver, in answer to her question. "Often punishment will be administered in the living room, where I may be comfortable before and afterwards. You will be restrained either over the back of a chair, or spread eagle on the coffee table."


Sasha's eyes began to gleam over as she parted her trembling lips to take another bite of her sandwich. Michael frowned as watched her struggle to swallow, and also began reviewing topics they had discussed. Everything had pretty much been fine a few mintues ago, he thought. Now she's on the verge of tears. It only took a moment of mental searching for it to dawn on him what the problem was.

"Sasha," Michael said in a voice that seemed to come from a long way off, "you are not being punished."

A single, salty tear dropped from her hazel eyes when she lifted her head. "Then why?" she pleaded.

Michael swallowed the last bite of his sandwich, wiped his mouth, and stood up. "Just do as you are told," he replied. At the doorway Michael paused for a moment. "You are to reattached your nipple clips as soon as you are finished eating," he added without turning around.

Michael closed the door to his room and stretched out on the bed. Will she stay, he wondered, or will his desires for more than a physical relationship cause him to lose yet another. Her total submission to him is a must, but he has always believed security, trust, and love increased ones ability to give and receive pleasure from pain.

Melantha's ways is quick and sure. The slaves crave the pain and fear their Mistress. But who does she have late into the night to hold and give comfort to?

Michael sighed deeply as he swung his feet to the floor. "Time will tell," he said aloud and began unbuttoning his shirt. After removing vest and shirt together, Michael decided to check on Sasha, and quietly opened his door. He stopped in the hall just out of sight, but at a place where he could see well into the living room. Sasha was just coming out of the kitchen. Michael could see the tiny silver chains dangling from her clipped breast, and smiled to himself.

Sasha looked at the heavy wooden chair, neatly in it's place under the elegant dining table, then glanced through the doorway to her destination. With a resigned sigh, she lifted the chair. Sasha dropped the chair as her hands darted for her breast. When she had flexed her muscles to lift the chair the sudden pain in her nipples was staggering.

Sure that she was going to remove the clips, Michael started for the dining room. Instead, Sasha massaged her breast for a moment, gritted her teeth, and reached for the chair again. Still out of sight, Michael stopped and watched his determined slave. Sasha quickly carried the chair several steps and set it down, massaged her breast to ease the pain, picked up the chair, and again carried it several quick steps. Finally, reaching the shag rug she expertly centered the chair in front of the fireplace. Then, to Michael's surprise, Sasha's fingers slipped between her legs and she felt the moistness of her pussy.

Slowly a smile found it's way through the mask of uncertainty as she gazed at the chair. "We did discuss other activities," Sasha muttered thoughtfully, and stepped to the back of the chair.

Michael's cock stiffened as he watched Sasha place her feet to the outside of the chair legs and bend herself over it's back. Three times she straightened up and bent herself back over the chair. And each time she got repositioned Sasha slipped her fingers between her legs, touching her soft, wet pussy. Next, she seemed to be testing the strength of the chair back by lifting her feet off the floor and wiggling herself about. Then she straightened up one more time, and slid two fingers deep into her dripping cunt.

"Oh my," Sasha breathed, and Michael knew he must make her stop before she caused herself to cum.

"Sasha," Michael's deep voice resounded. "I told you to position yourself over the chair, not play with yourself."

Sasha automatically pushed herself to a standing position as Michael approached.

"Bend over the back of the chair," Michael ordered sternly.

Sasha hesitated, staring at Michael's bare chest as he strode toward her. "Feet on the outside of the chair legs, and hands, palm down on the seat," Michael reminded, spreading Sasha's feet apart with his foot as he pressed her over the chair. Then Michael's open palm connected three times to Sasha's up turned bottom.

"Ooowww! Ooowww!" Sasha yipped, wiggling with each stinging smack.

"You are to remain in this position until I say otherwise," Michael ordered.

"Yes Master," Sasha answered quickly. "Thank you for reminding your slave."

Sasha's reply caused Michael's already stiff cock to throb impatiently. Applying another well placed smack to her pink bottom, Michael returned to his room.

Michael took his time changing his clothes. His planned attire for the rest of the evening was a specially made pair of leather pants that left his gentials and ass exposed for his taking of pleasure from his slave. He changed his boots to his favorite pair. He smiled to himself as he tugged them on, visualizing Sasha on her knees, kissing the ruby red eyes of the dragon engraved on the sides. Standing up, he stamped his foot into each boot, then picked his leather vest up off the bed and put it back on, liking the feel of the cool leather on his bare back and shoulders.

....... Sasha shifted her body forward, putting more of her weight on her hands. Tingling jolts of pain rippled through her nipples, causing more wetness in her crotch, and again her fingers wormed between her legs. As she lightly pinched her clit an odd twinge of guilt invaded her thoughts. A sensual voice inside her head whispered, "Tonight my pet, you will be mine," and Sasha released her clit.

"No master," Sasha breathed mischieviously, and touched her tongue to the tips of her wet fingers, "tonight, you will be mine."

Sasha had never heard Michael's voice sound so wonderfully carnal. Her thoughts reached back to the time Michael first told her, *you must learn to listen to my voice, and respond accordingly. Whether it be stern, encouraging, ordering, soothing, or angry.* She had lost count of how many times Michael's rich timbred voice had asked, *Sasha, are you listening to me.*

Sasha let her mind drift back, thinking about the effect Michael's tone of voice had on her. She felt a warm twinge every time his praising voice said, *Good girl.* She knew how her pussy would suddenly clench when Michael's harsh voice questioned, *What did I just say.* His sharp demanding tone, *Do as you are told,* always triggered her rebellious side. She smiled to herself as she reflected on that encouraging drawl of his, *Sashaaa... talk to me.* She always found the words then to tell him her feelings.

Tonight, through his expressive blue eyes she had matched all those tones to his moods; even that wonderfully carnal look.

But there was one voice attached to a few simple words, that she still hadn't heard. That look in his eyes, that she had yet to see. She thought she caught a glimpse of it when they sat through that one green light, she thought she heard just the faintest tone in his voice when he said, *You were never in any danger.* But when his anger gave way, it was replaced with merely his statement. Or did she truly catch a flicker in his eye of the one feeling she so desperately wanted.

Sasha shifted her weight again, the nipple clips pinched, the chains attached to the inch wide collar around her neck tinkled softly, and she suddenly remembered her gift.

...... Michael had finished dressing. With erotic anticipation he looked over the selection of vibrators, restraints, paddles, and creative toys he had stored in his armoire. First, he chose single velcro wrist and ankle cuffs, and gave each silver D ring a tug to insure it's strength. A strap on clit stimulator with 3 settings, brought a smile to his face as he picked it up. Next, he selected two butt plugs. The second of which was larger and it whirred madly in his hand when he flipped on the switch. As he reached for his last item, a small square, velvet box caught his eye.

Holding the box in his left hand, he lifted the hinged top. Coiled inside was a light weight, very well made silver chain, a leather loop was attached to one end. Michael set the box down, and removed the mysterious gift. He let the delicate chain slipped through his fingers, catching the loop in his hand. Inscribed on the hand tooled leather in bold letters was--MASTER. As his fingers traced the lettering he felt a roughness on the underside of the strap and turned the loop inside out. On the inside, burned on with an engraving iron was written--Led gently from the Heart. Michael unconsciously fondled the soft leather as he read and re-read the inscription, the chain jingling every time he turned the loop. Michael's mind finally registered the sound and his eyes drifted down to the other end of the chain. Dangling on that end was a small silver heart. Michael pulled the chain across his palm, catching the heart as it slipped into his hand. Stamped in block lettering and colored with emerald green dye was--SLAVE.

A wide smile flashed across Michael's face as he grasped the heart tightly in his fist. "She is amazing," he chuckled to himself, "unpredictable, and absolutely amazing."

Depositing the newly acquired leash into his vest pocket, Michael quickly gathered the articles he had laid on his dresser, and turned toward the door. Remembering his last item, he turned back and selected a braided riding crop. Quietly entering the living room, he observed Sasha again repositioning her weight over the back of the chair.

"Are you uncomfortable, my pet," Michael asked, setting each individual item, one at a time, on the coffee table in front of Sasha.

"I am as comfortable as I suppose my Master wishes me to be," Sasha mumbled.

"Excuse me?" Michael questioned, moving to stand directly in front of Sasha's chair. Sasha's eyes instantly fixed on Michael's naked manhood.

"Aaahh... No Master," Sasha stuttered, "I am.... aaah... quite comfortable."

Michael reached into his vest pocket and pulled out the leash, allowing it to dangle about, touching his stiff cock. Sasha jerked to her feet.

"I didn't say you could move," Michael snapped, and Sasha's mouth dropped open. "Down," he ordered.

"Michael!" Sasha yelped, every goregous curve of her body reflecting her defiance.

Michael yanked the chair from between them, but Sasha didn't even flinch. Toe to toe she stood up to him, unblinking, her breath coming in short angry huffs. Suddenly she grabbed the chair, tugging it back in front of her.

"YES, MASTER!" she submitted loudly, and bent herself back over the chair.

Michael watched, very much amused, as she struggled to get repositioned. Knowing the nipple clips had to be aggravating her present state of mind, he reached over and removed them. Sasha's knuckles turned white as she clutched the cushion over her mouth, muffling whatever obscenities she was verbalizing. Michael waited for her wiggling and whimpering to subside. Then brushing her hair aside he attached the silver leash to her collar. Draping the chain down her back, he stroked her sun tanned skin with the soft leather

"Sasha are you listening to me?" Michael's deep masculine voice questioned.

"Yes Master," Sasha sighed dejectedly, "I am listening."

"Good girl," he praised, and gave the leash a gentle tug. "Stand up and face me."

Sasha pushed herself upright, and compliantly turned toward Michael; but stubbornly kept her chin tucked against her chest. Michael rolled his eyes skyward, then with the leather loop he tapped Sasha's chin. Childishly she pulled away but his finger and thumb caught hold of her jaw. Michael forced her head up with one hand, and while the other still held tightly to the leash, he grasped the back of her head, drawing her into a surprisingly gentle kiss. Surrendering, Sasha melted into his arms.

"Thank you," he whispered between feathery kisses, gently stroking her head. "It's an exceptional gift." Then he moved her to arms length, and his blue eyes narrowed. "When did you go into my room?"

"I didn't," Sasha responded, "Abigail did. I told her what I had bought for you, and my worry over how to surprise you. She offered to help."

"Hummm," Michael mumbled to himself, "Abigail."

"Kiss again, please Master," Sasha whispered, easing up against him as her slender fingers stroked the shaft of his penis.

Again locked in a kiss, Michael's hands seized Sasha's firm, round ass, drawing her into the warm contours of his body. Sasha easily lifted her legs, wrapping them around his back, and her hands maneuvered his cock into her waiting pussy.

"Mmmmm," Michael moaned softly as he pentrated the warm softness he had so long waited for. "You feel so good," he breathed, and Sasha wiggled teasingly.

Sasha slowly curled her fingers through his dark waves of hair. Her hazel eyes sparkled as she gazed at him from her slightly elevated position, and she pressed her open lips to his.

Michael moved them carefully to the coffee table and lowered himself to sit on the edge. Without releasing their kiss he shifted Sasha into a more comfortable position on his lap. Sasha gently rocked back and forth on Michael's hard cock, her thigh high, six inch booted heels tapping lightly on the wood of the coffee table. Michael caressed the length of her back, his fingers stopping on the bow of the corset lacing. Sasha felt the corset begin to loosen and moved her mouth from his. Michael's hand moved to the mass of auburn curls at the back of Sasha's head, urging her to return to his waiting lips. Soon the corset fell away, and Michael cupped each of Sasha's breast in his hands, his fingers toying gently with her sensitive swollen nipples.

"Tender?" he whispered.

"Uh huh," Sasha mumbled as her lips touched the outer edges of his ear, and Michael pinched both of them at the same time.

"Oooowwww...... Michael!" Sasha yelped, her hands darting for her breast. Michael's quick reflexes intercepted her movements, and her fingers gripped his biceps as she squirmed on his lap.

A full minute later, Sasha began to settle back into a rhythmic rocking motion, and Michael reached behind himself and picked up the clit stimulator.

"Lift up a little," Michael instructed, straightening the thigh straps. "Whoa," he laughed as his cock was freed from her pussy. "Not off. Up."

Sasha giggled, bent down and kissed the head of his penis, then wiggled down over it, stopping just an inch from Michael's lap.

"What is that?" Sasha asked, watching as Michael adjusted straps, wires and controls. Without answering, Michael nestled the rubber phullus' against Sasha's clit, spreading the shaven folds of her pussy lips with his fingers. Although she enjoyed the touch of his fingers, Sasha lifted herself higher.

"Aaaaa, back down," Michael insisted nudging her downward with his forearms against the top of her thighs. "It's a clit stimulator, and you'll find out how it works in just a minute."

Expertly Michael slipped each strap around Sasha's upper thighs, and buckled them place, pulling the slack out, so his toy would remain secure.

"Now, kiss me," Michael chuckled as he grasped Sasha's hips. Drawing her snugly into his pelvis, Michael shifted his bare buttocks on the hard surface of the coffee table. "This is killing my ass," he grumbled with a painful scowl.

"Poor baby," Sasha sympathized, wetting her lips as they descended to meet his.

Michael flipped on the switch to the stimulator. Sasha's eyes widen, her thighs tightened, and Michael caught her hands as she grabbed for her pussy. The limpness in Michael's cock, brought on while attaching his toy to Sasha, quickly vanished as Sasha wormed about on his lap.

With Sasha's tight, wet pussy wiggling around, and the steady hum of the clit stimulator pressed against his pelvis, Michael felt the beginnings of that familiar sensation. In hopes of suppressing the inevitably, yet still actively playing tongue tag, Michael's hands searched the coffee table for his next surprise. With toy in hand, he secretly lubricated the smaller of the butt plugs behind Sasha's back. Again urging her upward, he spread the cheeks of her ass with the fingers and thumb of one hand; positioning the probe near her rear opening with the other.

"Down," he breathed between kisses, and Sasha lowered herself.

When the tip of the plug touched her tight hole, she bolted upward; removing Michael's cock from her pussy.

"Down!" Michael snapped, and grasped her hips, roughly tugging her back in place on his cock.

"No!" Sasha protested, struggling to keep herself lifted above the butt plug.

Michael's open palm smacked loudly as it connected full force to the back of Sasha's thigh. "Down!" he ordered, and Sasha's rounded eyes fixed on his. "Sasha, do as you are told."

Cautiously Sasha lowered her bottom, until her rear opening again touched the tip of the butt plug. Then pressing her lips tightly to Michael's, she allowed the object to slowly enter her body from behind.

Michael's fingers firmly kneaded the areas on the inside of Sasha's asscheeks, helping her tensed muscle to relax and accept the entire length of the plug. As the last of the probe eased into place, Sasha's hole squeezed around it's narrow base holding it securely inside her.

"Are you okay?" Michael whispered, still holding her filled, round ass in his hands.

Sasha wrinkled her nose at him, then clenched her pussy muscles as tight as she possibly could.

"Aaaahh," Michael groaned, and his hands reached for her hips.

This time Sasha was to fast for him, and caught hold of his wrist, pushing them away and down. Then rocking her body forward, she caused Michael to force his pelvis up to stay in contact with her pussy.

"Oh geesh," Sasha gasped as Michael began to thrust upward into her. "Michael," she cried, as her elbows buckled and he grabbed her waist pulling her back down.

Sasha managed to get the heels of her boots hooked over the edge of the table on either side of Michael, giving her excellent leverage. Michael's hands steadied her as she

rhythmically bounced above him. He could feel the plug in her ass everytime she drove her pussy down, then she'd tilt her pelvis forward, tighten every blessed muscles, and lift.

For Sasha the movement, along with the stimulators quickly brought on that delighful involuntary tremor that starts in her thighs and works inward. The uncontrollable clenching of Sasha's pussy sent Michael over the top. Clutching Sasha's hips, Michael pulled her tight against himself as his cock pumped his cum deep into her body.

In pleasant exhaustion, Michael leaned back, resting his elbows on the hard surface of the coffee table. Sasha collasped on top of him, being careful not to let his softening cock slip free.

"Would you please turn this off," she giggled, rubbing the buzzing clit stimulator against him.

"Nope," Michael replied with a devilish grin. "I'm satisfied for now, but you're not though yet. Your torturous night has just began."

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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