First Meeting - Chapter 5
by SusieQ

Sasha followed at Michael's heels, stopping two steps back and to the left when he stopped at the counter.

"Rebecca, our things please," he requested. Sasha waited as Michael put on his jacket, anticipating the release of her hands from behind her back. From the corner of her eye Sasha saw Abigail enter the foyer and motion for Michael.

"Sasha, wait here," he instructed and walked over to Abigail. They spoke briefly then he went back into the public room.

Sasha tensed her shoulders, and tried to scratch her back but couldn't reach the spot with her wrist still locked to the D ring on the corset. She watched as club members moved passed her, talking and interacting. Some noticeably looking her over, some acting as if she weren't even there. She shifted her weight from foot to foot, her mind drifting back to the time Michael dressed her up and made her stay at the mall all day. Disciplining her for not buying the items of clothing he had instructed her to purchase.

....... He had checked up on her and discovered she had not purchased his specified items, so he had sent Abigail to the store to purchased them. Abigail arrived at her apartment the next afternoon with two packages. Sasha opened the largest package. Taped to the lid was a note from Michael.


I am disappointed in you. Fortunately Abigail has purchased the items for me that you would not. She has also purchased several additional items at my request. Due of your disobedience I am forced to add these items to your outfit. You are to put on every item enclosed. I have instructed Abigail to assist you.

Begin Now

Thirty minutes later Sasha was looking at herself in the floor length mirror in her bedroom. The outfit was a black latex body suit. Formed tightly to her feet were five inch heeled stiletto's, her waist was squeezed down to twenty inches by a corset that was molded into the suit, and her breast jutted straight out in the contoured bra. The outfit ended at the base of her throat and covered everything from there down, except her hands. Abigail zipped the back, locking it in place with a silver padlock Michael had provided.

"Now the additional items," Abigail instructed.

Sasha gave a shallow sigh, and removed the wrapping of the second package. Inside the package was a pair of jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a belt. Sasha wiped a streak of sweat from her face as she laid the clothing on her bed.

"What are these for?" Sasha asked, when she saw the remaining items in the box.

"They are also additions to the outfit," Abigail said and retreived the toys.

"But these are....." Sasha gasped picking up the first toy, "this is a vibrator, and this..... this.....I don't even know what this is."

"It's a butt plug," Abigail enlighted, "and it is also a vibrator."

"And what are these," Sasha whined picking up several lengths of rawhide.


"I can't wear these things! Anyway, look at me," Sasha cried. "I'm covered in rubber."

Abigail calmly slid her fingers along the front seam of the suit, and down between Sasha's legs. Suddenly Sasha could feel cool air touch her pussy. The crotch had a hidden zipper that went from her pelvis to her tailbone.

"Do you have any lubricant," Abigail asked, picking up the butt plug. "We need to get finished."

"Yes, there is some vaseline in the bathroom," Sasha sighed resignedly.

Sasha couldn't imagine what her Master had in mind, but she was already becoming very hot inside the restrictive rubber jumpsuit. Abigail reappeared carrying the container of vaseline. Since Sasha was having difficulty moving in the outfit, Abigail inserted the butt plug then handed Sasha the vibrator.

"Oooohhhh, that feels odd," Sasha whined.

"You'll be fine," Abigail commented dryly. "Insert the other so I can zip this up."

Sasha inserted the dildo into her vagina, slowly working it in and out, trying to get it to feel comfortable. While she was doing that Abigail started attaching the rawhide to each side of the belt. Finally, Abigail pushed Sasha's hand aside and pulled the zipper closed. The snugness in the crotch held both objects securely in place.

"Put on the jeans and shirt," Abigail ordered impatiently, and Sasha stared at her. "We need to get moving."

Sasha quickly pulled on the jeans, and slipped the belt through the loops. As she donned the shirt and started buttoning it, Abigail pulled the rawhide strips through slits in the sides. Sasha began sweating more with the increased movement, and had began to pant against the corset.

"Stand still, and place you arms at your sides," Abigail instructed.

Quickly Abigail located the slit in the right sleeve and pulled the rawhide around Sasha's arm and attached the loose en d to her belt; pulling Sasha's arm in against her body. Abigail repeated the process on the left side, causing Sasha to look like she was standing at attention.

"I can't move my arms," Sasha observed aloud.

"Put you knees together," Abigail ordered, ignoring Sasha's comment. Expertly Abigail wove the longest piece of rawhide through slits of the inseam above the knee, and around Sasha's legs; reducing Sasha's gait to six inch baby steps.

"Now, you are to read this," Abigail said, producing a long white envelope. Before she thought, Sasha reached for the letter. "Oooohhh!" she laughed in surprise as she toppled onto the bed. "I forgot about my arms."

Abigail pulled her to her feet then opened the letter, and held it up for Sasha to read.


You are to go with Abigail to Westland Mall. You may shop. You may buy anything you wish, and you may charge it to the credit card I have given to Abigail.

You may not, at any time remove any piece of your outfit. You may not leave the mall until it closes. Abigail will meet you at the main entrance at nine o'clock sharp.

This is not punishment.

...... Sasha twisted her body, again trying to scratch her back. Where is he, she thought. He could have at least released my wrist. Shifting her weight, Sasha looked longingly at the divan against the far wall.

"This is silly," she muttered to herself. "My feet are killing me, my arms arch, I'm hungry...... I suppose he thinks this is discipline also. It feels like punishment to me," she grumbled, shifting her weight again. Then she gave a yank on the D ring with her wrist. "Nothing," she moaned and stomped her foot at no one.

Abigail appeared at the entrance to the public room. She watched Sasha a minute then turned around and left. Sasha struggled against the corset, angry with Michael for having sent Abigail to check on her. Just like that day at the Mall, Sasha steamed.

........ Abigail had stopped at the curb, right in front of the main entrance.

"I'll be back at nine, here's Michael's credit card," she stated, and waited as Sasha battled her rubber undergarments getting out of the car.

By the time Sasha had made it in the doors, she was gasping for breath, and drenched in sweat. Then to make matters worse. The objects in her rear and pussy started to vibrate. Sasha immediately turned back for the car, but Abigail was pulling away from the curb.

The toys seemed to have a mind of their own, torturing her for countless minutes, to shut off just when she was that close...... In a fit of frustration Sasha headed to the ladies room. Disappearing into a stall, she attacked the toliet paper dispenser. After successfully relieving her sexual tension the dildo in her pussy stayed quiet for over an hour.

Worried she had broken it, Sasha finally inched her way to a seclude area to assess her predicament. Cautiously lowering her rubber encased body to a bench, she wriggled her bottom around, she gave several little bounces, she squeezed her legs together as tightly as possible, all in a desperate attempt to activate the thing.

That's when Sasha saw Abigail watching her from the coffee shop. Abigail waited until she was sure Sasha had seen her, then she left. Sasha started to follow, but as Abigail disappeared around the corner both of the vibrators started to hum.

Sasha sat glued to the bench as the affects of the toys quickly took their toll. Soon Sasha's toes began to curl, her nipples became marble hard, and her pussy muscles clenched of their own accord. After the hot, sweaty wave of pleasure passed, Sasha pushed herself to her feet and slowly made her way back into the main flow of people.

Six hours later, Sasha was braced against an exterior wall at the entrance into the mall. At nine o'clock on the nose, Abigail's car rolled to a stopped in front of her. Sasha's face was streaked with sweat, she had to pee, and the thing in her butt started to buzz again as she reached the curb.

"Why is he punishing me," Sasha cried as she tumbled into the back seat.

"This is not punishment," Abigail reminded her. "This is dicipline. It is intended as a systematic method to obtain obediance."

"Well, it feels like punishment to me," Sasha fussed.

Abigail got out and closed the back car door. "That is because Michael has never punished you," Abigail reflected to herself.

...... Sasha sighed heavily, and shifted her weight. She stood on one foot for a minute, then hopped to the other foot. She wriggled her shoulders, still trying to get that annoying itch. She caught her hair with her fingers and pulled her head back, forcing herself to stare at the ceiling.

"Sasha, stand still!" Michael's stern voice startled her.

"Yes, Master," Sasha responded quickly, thrilled to see Michael, and relieved that her wrist would soon be released.

Micheal picked the duster up from the counter and shook it open. Sasha turned her back to Michael so he could release her wrist.

Michael draped the duster over Sasha's shoulders, then with a deliberately casual movement, he turned her to face him. "I am not releasing your wrists," he said in a tone not to be argued with.

"Micheal...." Sasha objected, stomping her booted heel loudly.

He glared at her, qu ick anger lighting his deep blue eyes. His teeth raked his upper lip, then he caught her by the elbow, turned and strode toward an inner hallway pulling her along behind him.

The first room on the left Michael knew was a conference room, and would not be in use at this hour. When he reached his destination, he pushed the door open and yanked Sasha into the room. In one continuous motion Michael, slammed the door, pulled the leather strap from his boot, and bent Sasha over the back of the nearest cushioned conference chair. Michael never said a word, this time the strap did all the talking.

"OoooWwww!....Oooowww!!......Oooowwww!!!" Sasha screamed and struggled. But the pressure of Michael's other hand in the small of her back, held her in position over the chair. "Oooowww....Pleasssee Master.....Oooowwww!!! I'm sorrrryyy..... I'm sorrryy......Ooowww!!"

Michael seemed oblivous to Sasha's pleas as his strap continued to fall on her naked bottom, raising welts where the cheeks of her ass met her thighs.

"Please stop Master..... it's's enough. Ooowwww!!pleeeassee," Sasha choked, gasping between crys of pain.

Michael didn't care whether he hurt her or not, the punishment continued until Sasha's struggling and screaming became uncontrollable crying. Shoving the leather strap back into his boot, Michael took hold of Sasha's shoulders and pulled her to her feet. Turning her to face him, he stood before her, tall and angry, waiting for the crying to subside. Sasha stood trembling and gasping for air, tears splashing to the floor.

"You will never stomp your foot at me again," Michael demanded harshly. "Is that clear?" Sasha quickly nodded. "Answer me!" Michael ordered.

"Yes.... Master..." Sasha gulped between sobs.

"I told you I was not going to release your wrist. That was my decision and it was not open for a discussion." Sasha winced at Michael's harsh tone. She knew now that Michael had never punished her before. He had never shouted at her, and he wasn't now, but the sharpness of his voice hurt as much as his strap.

"I am the Master, and what I say goes. You are to be seen and not heard, and that is at all times unless I decide otherwise. There was no excuse for your actions just now.

You will do as you are told or I will not allow you to accompany me again."

Michael closed his eyes, took a deep cleansing breath, and forced his anger aside. Sasha was having a much harder time calming down. Micheal took out his handkerchief and placed it over her nose.

"Blow," he said, and Sasha did. "Again," he instructed, then he wiped her nose and returned the handkerchief to his pocket. Michael stood waiting as Sasha continued to sob and gasp to catch her breath.

"Be still," Michael finally snapped, "I've heard enough."

Staring at his boots, Sasha pressed her lips together tightly, swallowed hard, and bit back the sobs. Michael turned on his heels and stepped to the door.

"We are leaving. Stay behind me and be quiet," he ordered. As Sasha silently approached the door, Michael again shook open the duster and draped it over her shoulders. Once in the hallway Sasha waited for Michael to close the door, and step in front of her. Two steps behind and to the left, head down, and breaths occasionally coming in gasps, Sasha sadly followed her Master.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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