First Meeting - Chapter 4
by SusieQ

When Michael returned to the table Sasha was sitting very still--knees together, breast lifted, and head up. Intentionally ignoring her, Michael immediately spoke to one of the men concerning the assets of the slave called Aislynn. Michael watched from the corner of his eye; Sasha's head remained up, but her eyes had lowered to her lap. Michael placed his warm hand on her thigh.

"Watch the activities in the arena," Michael said with quiet emphasis. "I will join you in a few minutes. I have business to discuss first." Sasha gave a small nod and gazed out at the arena. "Good girl," Michael praised and his lips touched the softness of her cheek.

Mistress Melantha had observed the interaction, stroking the backs of her slaves all the while. "Michael, your gentle ways and foolish desires are what lost you playmates in the past," Melantha ridiculed. "A tight rein, and the sting of the whip is more affective."

Michael's shoulders tensed, Sasha instantly came alive, and Galiena's hand lightly touched Johnathan's arm.

"Silence, Melantha," Johnathan ordered with surprising authority.

Sasha, hands still locked behind her back, was held at the edge of her seat by the touch of Michael's leather strap against her leg. Her eyes narrowed and observant, darted from Galiena to Melantha then back to Galiena. A discreet shake of Galiena's head, and Sasha eased back in her chair.

"Shall I be adding another to my covey of beauties?" Melantha ventured softly, her black eyes taunting Michael.

Galiena snapped her fingers and even in the dimly lit room, Sasha could see Melantha's perfect features grow pale. Michael resumed his conversation, returning the paddle to it's sleeve with the same easy with which he had drawn it. A bit confused, Sasha turned her attention to the play area.

Michael quickly concluded his business and repositioned his chair to face the arena. Placing his arm around Sasha's shoulder, his fingers toyed with the chains attached to her nipple clips. Sasha's bottom tightened in the seat, and Michael outwardly smiled.

"Oh my precious Sasha, tonight you will be mine," Michael breathed.

As Michael spoke the lighting in the arena changed, and the area where they sat noticably dimmed. At that instant Mistress Melantha came to her feet. Without a word she gave a sharp jerk to each leash. The slave girls each moved to their respective place at the Mistress' side and waited for her command.

"Tomorrow, Melantha," Johnathan's lowered voice ordered. Melantha inclined her head in compliance and departed into the shadows of the room.

Sasha gave Michael a puzzled look.

"We are all a slave to someone," Michael whispered. Sasha was sure she detected a note of satifaction in his voice.

The play area now had three activities in progress. The one holding Sasha's attention was to the left, involving the Master and female slave who had been the first to enter the arena. Michael shifted easily in his chair, also directing his attention to this Master and slave.

The slave had been stripped and positioned face up on a waist high stainless steel table. Her wrists were bound together with a leather belt which attached to the top of the table, her head clamped between her elbows. Each ankle was bound by a leather belt attached to the end corners of the table, stretching her body down and spreading her legs. After securing the slave to the table a blindfold was placed over her eyes, heightening her other senses. Sasha watched intently as the Master caressed his slave. Starting at her

fingertips, his fingers trailed down outlining the edges of the strap around her wrist. His teasing touch continued slowly over her arms to the underside of her breast. From there his masterful tongue took over, outlining her breast, moving closer and closer to the clips which pinched the tips of her nipples. Finally his moist, firm lips covered one of the clips, causing her body to tremble when his teeth removed it.

"Oooooooohhh," Sasha inhaled sharply, shuddering as Michael also removed one of her clips. Sasha clenched the muscles of her pussy, turned, and offered the other breast to Michael.

"Patience sweetness," Michael breathed lightly stroking Sasha's cheek, then playfully he flicked the other clip.

A soft moan from behind them caused Sasha to glance around. The male slave, his cock fully erect, was still perched on the low stool. Belted and locked around his waist was a gold chain with smaller chains attached. One chain was attached to the front ring of the belt, and to the end of the penis collar he now wore, forcing his cock to stick straight out. Two more chains forming a Y were attached to the same front ring. These were drawn tightly between his legs pushing his balls together and forcing them up against his cock. The tail of the Y attached to a ring at the back of the chain belt, spreading his cheeks and making it uncomfortable to sit on a hard surface.

Sasha decided the male slave looked to content to be the source of the moan and continued to look around.

"Mmmmmm...." she whimpered as Michael released the other nipple clip.

"Eyes forward," Michael whispered, resting the chains between her breast. Sasha turned her back to Michael, presenting her wrist for release. "No," he refused quietly.

"Masssterrrr," Sasha whined.

"Ssssshhhh," Michael hushed.

In a huff, Sasha twisted straight in her seat, defiantly dropping her booted heel to the floor with a dull thud.

Michael immediately reattached the clips to Sasha's tender nipples. Sasha opened her mouth to cry out, but Micheal's lips silenced her. Pinned in her seat, Sasha was forced her to endure his punishing kiss. As the searing pain in her nipples dulled, Sasha submitted to Michael's domination.

"Don't do that again," Michael warned.

"Yes sir," Sasha mumbled sadly, and lowered her head.

Compliantly scooting back in her seat Sasha tried to focus her attention on the play area. This was not an easy task with the increasing pain in her nipples. The longer she watched the activities in the arena the more excited she was becoming, and it seemed any and every movement, including breathing, affected the clips. Finally she closed her eyes and tried concentrating on something other than sex.

"Sasha," Michael whispered, and she quickly opened her eyes. "Anything wrong?"

Sasha sadly shook her head, and gaze out at the arena. Michael watched as she took a shallow breath and flinched. He waited; she moved her shoulders slightly and it nearly brought tears. Closing her eyes again, Sasha concentrated.

"Sasha....." Michael's deep voice cut through her thoughts.

"I am fine," Sasha murmured, refusing to give in.

"I know that you are," he agreed tenderly, and gently removed both the clips. Sasha's hands grasped the back of her chair, her thighs locked together, and her pussy throbbed with pleasure. It took her three full minutes to relax and again open her eyes. When her eyes finally began to focus the first thing she noticed was Michael had crossed his legs and was fidgeting in his seat. Sasha's heart soared. Dimples accenting her sparkling hazel eyes, she directed her attention to the play area.

The slave on the table was writhing from her Master's expert touch. Clips attached to the outer lips of her pussy, exposed her clit to the feather her Master now used to stimulate her. Each time she lifted her hips, begging for the touch of the feather, the clips bit at her pulsing, swollen clitoris. The slaves sporadic moans revealed the waves of pleasure her body was experiencing. Finally her Master's gentle fingers touched her, sending her into a wondrous release. Sasha's eyes widened as she watched the slave strain against her bonds, moans rumbling deep in her throat, her glistening body convulsing as her orgasm peaked.

Sasha turned to Michael, and was surprised to see him watching her. In the faint light she could see the spark of eroticism in his smile, and she felt her pussy clench.

"Did you enjoy that," Michael whispered, and Sasha blushed miserably.

Suddenly very self conscious Sasha looked passed him, focusing on the other two female slaves. One was sitting alone while her Master was preoccupied across the room with Abigail's merchandise. The other slave was being gently stroked by her Master as they enjoyed a whipping in progress in the center of the arena.

"No my Pet, eyes forward," Michael insisted, nudging her chin around with his finger. "Watch the two who just entered the arena on the right."

Sasha looked to her right. A tall, dark clothed male stepped into the arena carrying a cushioned bar stool. Behind him followed a girl about Sasha's age. She was fully clothed: tan cotton slacks, pink silk blouse, and low heels. She followed with her head down, her shoulders sagging, and a leather strap like Michael's in her hand.

"She misbehaved in public," Michael whispered. "So, her Master is going to punish her in public also."

Sasha shuddered.

...... The Master set the bar stool down and waited as his slave slowly approached. When she arrived she laid the strap on the stool and began unbuttoning her blouse. Sasha began to shift in her seat as she watched the slave remove each article of clothing, folding them neatly and placing them one at a time at the Master's feet. As the slave placed her fingers at the waistband of her silk panties Michael's warm hand touched Sasha's thigh.

"Spread your knees some," Michael quietly ordered. Sasha's brows drew together in an agonized expression. "Do it!" he breathed harshly in her ear.

Sasha's breathing quickened as she reluctantly inched her knees apart, giving access to her pussy.

"Eyes forward," Michael reminded her.

...... The slave had added her panties to the small, neat pile of clothing, and was standing naked before her Master. The Master placed several objects in her hands which he instructed her to put on. The first was a ball gag which she placed in her mouth and fastened the straps behind her head. Next came ankle and wrist cuffs. Last was her leather collar. With the last item secured, the slave picked up the strap and handed it to her Master.

Michael's fingers touched Sasha's pussy, and her knees snapped closed.

"Spread your knees, and place your feet on the outside of the chair legs," Michael instructed in a low demanding tone.

Sasha didn't move.

Michael's fingers eased under the tiny silver chains dangling from her collar. Sasha's knees spread and her feet wrapped themselves around the outside legs of her chair. "Good girl," Michael praised, allowing the chains to slip from his fingers.

...... The Master spoke quietly to his slave. She moved in front of the stool and raising up on her toes, positioned herself over the cushion. Her Master had her grasp the front legs of the stool, then he fastened the cuffs snugly so she couldn't lift her hands. Moving to her rear he positioned her feet to the outside of the stool legs and attached her cuffed ankles against the wood.

Sasha tensed as Michael began massaging the inside of her thigh, the back of his hand lightly brushing the patch of auburn hair above her pussy.

...... With his slave secured the Master positioned the stool so her exposed bottom was facing those in the public room. With the first stinging crack of leather to bare skin Michael's fingers touched Sasha's clit.

A soft gasped escaped Sasha's lips as her pelvis automatically arched in response. With the heel of his hand against her pelvic bone, Michael held her firmly in the chair, his fingers barely touching her pussy.

...... The Master brought strike after unrelenting strike down on the thighs and buttocks of his slave. There was nothing sensual or pleasing about what was happening, yet Sasha was becoming hotter and hotter every time the strap burned a streak across the slaves quivering ass.

Michael was focused only on Sasha. As her breathing increased, so did his stroking of her clit. Sasha's hands were squeezing the back of the chair, her feet were locked around it's legs, and still she continued to worm about. Michael's control ebbing he crossed his legs to conceal his excitment, shifting in his seat as he placed his arm around Sasha's shoulder. His hand now within easy access of her sensitive nipples.

Sasha didn't protest as she felt his fingertips glide over her breast, her chest surging at the intimacy of his touch, her tender pink tits cresting into peaks as he squeezed them between his fingers.

"Mmmmm....mmmmm," she moaned as a shiver of delight followed his touch.

"Ssssh," Micheal breathed, and touched his tongue to the edges of her ear.

Sasha's senses reeled, as she watched the Master's harsh punishment continue to the brink of humiliation. As water streaked the inside of the slave's legs, Sasha felt the involuntary tremors of her orgasm begin. In desperation Sasha jerked her feet from the chair legs, but Michael had placed his own leg between hers, preventing her thighs from meeting. Her toes curled under inside her boots as Michael's titillating finger persisted.

"Mm...Mmm....Mmmmm," Sasha gasped softly.

Sasha's body stiffened, then began to tremble as she yielded to the heat which radiated from the soft core of her body. Michael continued to stroke her gently, her breath coming in long, soft moans. Michael felt the hot tide of passion rage through him as Sasha closed her eyes and surrendered completely to his masterful seduction.

"My precious Sasha," Michael panted, and she could feel the turbulence of his passion swirl around her.

Slowly Sasha's eyes opened. Her hands were still bound, the room was still dim. She blinked, then quickly surveyed the room, her eyes coming to rest on the arena. The strapping had stopped, the Master was assisting the slave from the arena. Michael shifted in the seat beside her. He looked at her, and she saw a burning eagerness in his deep blue eyes. Lowering her eyes she purposely looked at his groin.

"Yeesss," she hissed and dimples creased her cheeks as the sight of his hardness electrified her.

"Hush," Michael scolded playfully, amused by her reaction. "I think it's time I take you home. You sit still until I tell you otherwise."

Another activity was beginning in the arena as Michael turned to Jonathan and Galiena. "We need to be going," Michael explained coming to his feet. "It was good seeing you both. Jonathan I will phone you tomorrow concerning our discussion this evening. Galiena, your comments," Michael invited.

"Willful, disobedient, impetuous," Galiena discouraged. Michael started to object, but Galiena continued, "intelligent, healthy," slowly her mouth curved into an unconscious smile, "and sensual. Excellent choice, Michael."

"Come, my Pet," Michael commanded proudly, and Sasha was immediately on her feet.

As Michael stepped away, Sasha's eyes again met Galiena's. Galiena gave her a disapproving frown, and Sasha's hazel eyes twinkled.

"Thank you, Mistress," Sasha breathed, then quickly lowered her eyes and moved to her place behind and to the left of Michael.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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