First Meeting - Chapter 3
by SusieQ

Michael parked the car in the parking garage across the street from the exclusive club, Citadel. After straightening his attire he stepped to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for Sasha. As her booted heel touched the floor she extended her hand to Michael for assistance. Instantly aroused, Michael drew her to her feet, pushed the door closed, and backed her against the car. She could feel the warmth of his leather clad body as he came close. Fire raced through her veins as his mouth hungrily covered her. Lost in a flood of desire, Michael's kiss revealed his fiery possession.

Quickly regaining control of himself, Michael looked at her intensely. For a long moment, his deep blue eyes, as dark and powerful as he was, embraced her.

"Slave," Michael said, his tone velvet, yet edged with steel. "You will do exactly as I say and you are not to speak once we enter the club."

"Yes, Master," Sasha whispered, bowing her head in submission.

Michael waited a punctuating minute, then with a finger he lifted her chin. As their lips again met, Michael's fingers laced with hers, and giving Sasha's hand a squeeze he whispered, "Let's go."

As they left the parking garage Michael slipped his hand from Sasha's and placed it against the small of her back, directing her across the street to the club. Once inside Sasha quickly glanced around the room. Two men in business suits were standing to her left, a women in an evening gown emerged from the ladies room, and she could hear soft music coming from what appeared to be a dining area.

"Good evening, Lord Drakedom," came a deep voice to her right. Startled, Sasha moved a step closer to Michael.

"Good evening," Michael responded.

"May I take the ladies coat?" the clerk asked, offering his assistance. Sasha's eyes widen, and her quick, silent refusal amused Michael.

"No thank you. We will be using the inner room this evening," Michael answered, then his eyes narrowed at Sasha. "We will leave our things with Rebecca, once inside."

"Very well, Sir."

Michael again placed his hand at the small of Sasha's back, directing her down a well lighted hall and around the corner. Stopping in front of the second door on the left, Michael stepped passed her and gave a sharp rap. While they waited Michael positioned Sasha behind and to the left of himself.

"You are to follow me in and you will remain behind me at all times," he instructed. Head up, eyes lowered, Sasha gave a quick nod. "Good girl."

A minute later the door opened and Michael stepped in, followed by Sasha. The lightening was dim and it took a few seconds for Sasha's eyes to adjust. It was as if they had stepped into another world.

To her left were two girls, each had their hands cuffed together and were attached to the wall by a ring above their heads. The one facing her had a rubber object in her mouth, held in place by straps locked at the back of her head. Her only clothing was a pair of light maroon stockings with a deep maroon, silk garter holding them in place, and a pair of six inch maroon stilettos. The second girl was facing the wall, she was encased in a shiny black material, from the hood over her head to the molded stiletto's on her feet. The only skin visible was in the back from her hips to her knees, and that area had been well striped recently by a cane or crop.

Sasha winced slightly at the thought, and turned her attention to the view directly in front of her. Two steps descended into a large public room. Darker there than the room she now was in Sasha concentrated on bringing the view into focus, and unconsciously took a step forward. Michael's hand touched her arm and she stood stock still. Sasha's head lowered just a bit as she cast her eyes to the floor and moved her foot back.

"Good evening, Lord Drakedom," came a familiar female voice to her right.

"Good evening, Abigail," Michael responded, and Sasha's eyes instantly met Abigail's.

"First outing," Abigail remarked, ignoring Sasha's eye contact.

"Yes, it may prove to be a long evening," Michael sighed with exasperation.

Sasha's head dropped.

"Patience Michael," Abigail reminded him, "we have all been there at one time or another." A smile touched the corners of his mouth as he winked at Abigail. "I will speak with you again as the evening progresses," Abigail responded, resting her gloved hand on his arm briefly before she departed.

As Abigail stepped down into the public room, Michael walked over to check his coat. Sasha was watching Abigail, and hadn't notice that Michael had left, but Michael immediately noticed Sasha was not at his heels.

Michael fought the quick anger accompanied with disobeidence, took a deep breath and snapped his fingers loudly. Sasha's head swung around and their eyes met. Michael watched as Sasha sadly hung her head, and waited for his command.

After what seemed an eternity Michael spoke sternly. "Come here."

Sasha slowly moved to the counter.

"Good evening, Rebecca," Michael greeted, turning his back to Sasha.

"Good evening, Lord Drakedo m."

"Have my associates arrived yet?" Michael asked as he removed his jacket.

"Yes Sir. They are seated near the arena," Rebecca answered cheerfully.

"Slave, remove you coat," Michael spoke harshly to Sasha. Wincing at the sound of his voice, Sasha's fingers fumbled with the buttons of the duster.

Taking longer than she wanted, Sasha finally managed to slip the heavy coat off and handed it to Rebecca. Michael then unsnapped the shoulder cape from her collar, fully exposing her breast. Sasha remained still as he handed her cape to Rebecca.

"Now, remove your skirt and hand it to Rebecca," Michael ordered. For a split second Sasha's eyes met Michael's, and she remembered her skirt was the only article of clothing for which he had not provided a lock. "Slave, do as you are told."

Sasha reached behind her back and lowered the zipper of her white suede skirt. Then swallowing the lump in her throat, she slipped her fingers under the waist band, slowly pushing the skirt passed her hips and thighs. Silently stepping out of the skirt she folded it neatly and laid it on the counter for Rebecca.

A woman, dressed in an elegant leather body suit, stopped at the counter. Her black eyes roamed over Sash'a half naked body.

"Nice Michael. Very nice," her deep, throaty voice pentrated Sasha's mind.

Sasha was greatful for the semidarkness as she felt her cheeks redden with embarrassment. Unforunately, the darkness didn't hide the tear that slipped unbidden from her hazel eyes.

"Mistress Melantha, this is my precious pet, Sasha," Michael's gentle voice introduced. His words caressing Sasha's breaking heart. "Be assured of her place at my side," he continued, a silken thread of warning in his voice.

"I shall indeed be watching, Michael," Melantha chuckled threateningly, and gracefully glided toward the public room.

Michael touched his thumb under Sasha's eye, drying her tears. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

"Yes Master, I am fine," Sasha breathed.

Michael touched his lips to her forhead and whispered, "Good girl." Then reaching into his vest pocket Michael brought the nipple clips and tiny chain into view. "My Pet, I am going to see to it you stay focused for the remainder of the evening," he enlightened, as Sasha gazed at the objects in his open palm.

Michael attached the ring end of each chain to the center ring of Sasha's collar with the extra lock he had dropped in his pocket. Each clip now dangled loosely between her prominet breasts. With the clips resting in the palm of his left hand, Michael's right forefinger eased into the half cup bra of the corset. Expertly lifting the nipple of each breast, which Sasha had so conscientiously tucked out of view, his fingers teasingly fondled the sensitive pink tips. Sasha watched as her nipples became erect, pinched gently between Michael's fingers.

"Look at me, my pet," Michael whispered.

As Sasha's questioning hazel eyes met his, Michael simultaneously attached the clips. Sasha's eyes widened in surprise, and Michael blocked her hands as they darted toward her breast. Sasha tried to shoved his hands aside. Michael immediately pulled the leather paddle from it's boot.

"No," Sasha gasped pleadingly, dropping her hands to her side.

"You will not touch the clips," Michael ordered emphatically. "Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master," she whimpered softly, biting her lip against the intense pain in her nipples.

"The sharpness will be gone in a minute," Michael encouraged.

Sasha gave a slight nod and shifted her weight in the six inch heeled boots. Quickly her expression changed as her legs rubbed together, and Michael smiled.

"Excited?" he whispered, and his blue eyes sparkled.

The paddle still in his hand, Michael tapped the front of her thigh, indicating for her to separate her legs. With a disapproving scowl, Sasha inched her knees apart. Michael's hand skimmed the inside of Sasha's thigh, stopping at her moist pussy.

"Very wet, my Pet," he murmured. Visibly amused, Michael took a tissue from the counter, and dried the tips of his fingers. When he spoke again his voice was firm.

"Sasha, it is time to meet with my associates. You are to do exactly as I say and you are to remain silent, is that clear?"

"Yes Master," Sasha replied, and raising her head and lowering her eyes, Sasha followed Michael down the two steps into the public room.

The table where Michael stopped was along the perimeter of the well lighted arena. Four men and two women were seated about the table. One of the women being Mistress Melantha. At her feet, positioned on all fours were two seemingly well trained female slaves. Each dressed in matching collars, wrist & ankle cuffs, and what appeared to be a tail resting between the cheeks of their ass. Also two of the men had female slaves and one of the men had a male slave perched precariously on a very low three legged stool. The other two female slaves wore outfits similar to Sasha's and they each sat quietly to the left of their masters. Sadly, Sasha did notice that none of the female slaves had nipple clips attached to them.

"Michael, you're late," the oldest gentleman in the group commented. His quick gray eyes humorous, yet tender as he gave Sasha the once over.

"Yes, forgive me Johnathan. I got held up at the door," Michael remarked, then turned his attention to the woman sitting to Johnathan's right. "Galiena," Michael acknowledged and bowed his head slightly. "It is good to see you."

"Thank you, Michael. Who is the one who shadows you?" Galiena's mystical voice touched Sasha's senses, and she raised her eyes to gaze on a vision of loveliness.

The briefest of signals from Galiena and Sasha quickly lowered her dark lashes.

"This is my play pretty, Sasha," Michael introduced. Sasha didn't flinch as Michael's words sent a shriver over her body, making her keenly aware of the clips on her nipples.

"She is obviously new to the *scene*," Melantha commented to the group. Sasha noticed Michael tense slightly at the comment and wondered what hold this woman had over him.

"We were all new at one time," Michael responded dryly, remembering Abigail's comment.

"Sit Michael," Johnathan broke in, "we have others matters to discuss."

Michael seated himself, then arranged a chair to face the arena for Sasha. Sasha's bare bottom touched the cool wood of the chair and the muscles of her pussy tightened. Heat washed through her body, immediately followed by a chill, again making her aware of the clips fastened tightly to her nipples.

Sasha began to shift about in her chair as she watch the first Master enter the arena and begin to position his slave. Galiena gave an inconspicuous nod toward Sasha and Michael gave a tug to the chain of the nipple clips. Instant pain, followed by increased wetness settled Sasha securely on the chair.

Sasha watched as the Master attached nipple clips to his slave and automatically her hand moved to ajust the discomfort she was feeling. Michael's hand dropped to her knee in warning, and Sasha gave a slight huff, just loud enough for him to hear. Michael instantly redirected his attention to Sasha. Grasping her wrist he jerked it behind her back, twisting her around on the chair as he did so.

"Give me your other wrist," he hissed through clenched teeth.

Sasha heard the unmistakable of each wrist collar being attached to the silver D ring on the back of her corset.

"Turn around and watch the arena," Michael ordered. Sasha turned around, but her head remained down. Michael's lips touched the edge of her ear as he whispered, "Watch the arena, or I will punish you here and now."

Sasha's head came up, her defiant hazel eyes fixing on the center of the arena. Without warning Michael removed the nipple clips. Sasha pressed her bottom tightly into the chair as blood surged into her nipples. Then as quickly as the clips were removed, Michael clamped them on again. Sasha's head dropped, a muffled whimper escaping her lips as the clips bit down. Michael took hold of her chin, forcing her to face him; Sasha refused to make eye contact. At the same moment Michael reached for his leather paddle

Abigail's gloved hands began to massage his neck and shoulders.

"Michael," Abigail's soft voice broke the deafening silence at the table. "There's some friends here I would like you to meet."

Michael hesitated, took a ragged breath and pushed his chair back. Sasha watched as Michael followed Abigail to a nearby table.

"Michael, these are some lovelies I have been training," Abigail informed loud enough for Sasha to hear. "I thought you might like to look them over. Possibly, one will be to your liking."

"Abigail...." Michael started to protest.

"Michael, just stand there and appear to be interested," Abigail instructed quietly. "Now, this one I call Aislynn" she announced loudly, and urged the voluptuous beauty to her feet. "She is quick to learn and very compliant. This one I call Jocasta," Abigail continued, moving around the table, managing to keep Michael positioned with his back to Sasha.

Sasha sat and watched as each girl wiggled about in front of Michael. To appease Abigail, Michael appraisingly fondled each slave with apparent interest--straightening a harness strap, tightening a corset lace, gently swapping a bare ass.

"Abigail," Michael began to grumbled again.

"Michael, turn around and look at your precious one now," Abigail whispered. Michael turned around, his blue eyes piercing the distance between them. The corner of Sasha's mouth was turned down, tears bordered her lashes and her warm hazel eyes told him everything she felt.

"Thank you Abigail," Michael whispered, without taking his eyes off Sasha.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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