First Meeting - Chapter 15
by SusieQ

Sasha didn't have to wait long to find out what her destiny was to be. There was a light rap on the door, then one of the slave girls that had arrived with Michael stepped into the room.

"Michael sent me to prepare you to meet your new Master," the slave girl said, quickly closing the door behind her.

"Prepare me, how?" Sasha asked weakly.

"Bath you, put lotion on the whip marks, dress you. Your new Master is having some clothes sent up," the slave girl elaborated over her shoulder as she disappeared into the bathroom. "Now, hurry. Michael doesn't like his clients to be kept waiting."

Sasha sadly unbuttoned Michael's shirt, drawing the soft silk across her velvet skin as she slipped it off her shoulders. Before laying the shirt on the bed, Sasha brought the material to her nose; smelling Michael's cologne around the collar.

"Is Master Corwin to be my new Master?" Sasha sighed, reluctantly leaving the shirt on the bed.

"I don't know," the slave girl answered as she reappeared in the doorway. "He wouldn't be so bad. I've heard other's talk about him. They say he has a ten inch cock," she giggled, "and that he gets it off at least four times a day."

"Go on," Sasha laughed as she stepped into the warm bath.

The two girls talked and laughed as the slave girl bathed Sasha, then gently spread lotion over her bottom and thighs. When they were through the slave girl went to check in the hallway to see if Thor had left Sasha's clothes. They were there and she quickly snatched up the box and shut the door.

When Sasha saw the box, wrapped in plain brown paper, her heart skipped a beat. Everything she had ever received from Michael had been delivered in a box, wrapped in plain brown paper with his hand written note inside. She fidgeted impatiently as the slave girl unwrapped the box.

Finally the paper fell away, and Sasha lifted the lid. The first thing she picked up was a bland looking, stiff leather collar.

"It's brown," Sasha muttered, unconsciously turning up her nose, "and ugly." Tossing the wide collar aside, she looked back in the box.

The slave girl quickly retrieved the collar, as Sasha pulled out a long piece of material. "Yuck," she exclaimed holding up a sleevless white cotton shift.

"Aaakkk! Quit, you're choking me," Sasha fussed, as the slave girl fastened the wide, stiff collar around her neck.

"I am not. Now, hold still."

The slave girl took the dress from Sasha, pinning it to her shoulders for both of them to see how long it was. Sasha scowled at seeing the shift hang below the slave girls knees, and peered back into the box; only four items remained.

Sasha pushed the remaining items around looking for a note. Then she turned the box upside down, dumping the contents onto the bed.

"Where's his note?" Sasha cried, frantically shaking the box.

"Who's note?" the slave girl asked. "I didn't see any note."

The slave girl watched in silence as Sasha turned the box every which way, thoroughly examining it inside and out. Throwing the box on the floor, Sasha uncrumpled the brown wrapping paper; scrunching it back into a ball when she found nothing.

"Maybe it slipped under the bed," Sasha said, dropping to her knees.


"I know, it fell off in the hallway," Sasha exclaimed rushing to the door.


Sadly, Sasha returned to the side of the bed, and stared at the few remaining items. A pair of brown leather wrist cuffs, a six foot brown leather leash, a flimsy blindfold, and a bulky padlock.

"Are you sure you don't know who my new master is?" Sasha sighed miserably.

The slave girl shook her head, and held up the plain cotton shift for Sasha to slip over her head. They had just finished strapping on the wrist restraints when there was a loud knock at the door, then a man Sasha had never seen before stepped in.

"Slave Sasha?" he inquired gruffly, looking from one girl to the other.

"Me," Sasha squeaked, wiggling her fingers as she raised her hand.

"Follow me."

The slave girl quickly clipped the leash to Sasha's collar, and handed her the blindfold.

"Good luck," the slave girl breathed, and kissed Sasha's cheek.

"Thanks," Sasha sighed returning the kiss, then slowly walked to the door.

Once she was within reach the man grasped both her wrist, and held them up for the slave girl to see.

"I have it," Sasha mumbled, and held out the padlock.

The man snatched the lock out of her hand then spun her around so her back was to him.

"Hands plea se," he requested in the same gruff voice, and Sasha clasped her hands together behind her back. A second later, she heard the distinct sound of the lock as it clicked shut. Abruptly, the man caught the loop at the end of the leash, and gave an impatient tug.

Dejectedly, Sasha's shoulders drooped, and her chin dropped to her chest as she was led from Michael's room.

"Who is my new Master?" Sasha asked softly.

The man had not responded by the time they reached the door at the end of the hall, and Sasha decided she was not going another step until she got some answers. The man unlocked the door, and stepped in, giving the leash a light tug. Sasha pulled back, refusing to budge.

"I asked you a question," Sasha stated a bit loudly, "and I am not moving from this spot until I get an answer. Who is my new master?"

The man looked at her with a bland expresssion on his face, then gave a fierce yank on the leash; nearly jerking Sasha off her feet.

"All right, all right, I'm was only kidding," Sasha exclaimed, hurrying through the door.

As she was led to the center of the room, Sasha took note of her surroundings. Candles lit the sparsely decorated room, an oval shaped bed set along the wall to her left, a door to her right led to an ajoining bathroom. There was a dresser, a straight back chair, and a small desk.

Sasha looked up at the man questioningly. "Now what?" she muttered.

The man took the blindfold, and covered her eyes; checking and rechecking to be sure she couldn't see even the smallest thread of light.

"Don't move," he ordered, took a long breath and added. "You wait."

"Wait? How long?" Sasha whined.

"Don't talk," the man snapped harshly.

Sasha then heard the door close behind her, and knew she was alone.

"Great!" Sasha yelped, and stomped her foot. "Just great! Everyone around here speaks in one or two word sentences," and she stomped her foot again. "I'm in a strange room, in a strange house, waiting for a stranger who thinks he owns me."

It took a moment for that last thought to sink in, then Sasha gasped, "Oh geesh! Oh geesh! A stranger owns me. Oh geesh! Look at me." Sasha wheeled around blindly. "I can't look at me!" she cried, "I'm blindfolded. And handcuffed!" Sasha frantically struggled against her bonds.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp jerk on her leash.

"What? Who's there?" Sasha gasped.

A finger lightly touched her lips to silence her.

Sasha waited, panting...... frightened.

Whoever it was slowly walked around her, their fingers trailing ever so lightly over the cotton shift she wore. Sasha lost count of how many times she was circled, before she felt the material being lifted off her shoulders. She shivered as she felt a cold piece of steel glide over her skin. Her blindness had heightened her other senses, and she immediately knew the sound of scissors cutting material. Then the white cotton dress dropped around her ankles.

Again she was being circled, fingers carressingly floating over her bare skin. A tongue circled her right nipple, and chill bumps instantly covered her body. She heard a soft chuckle.

"Please......" Sasha pleaded, but again a finger gently touched her lips. Then the same finger trickled down between her breast, skimming passed her bellybutton to that small curly patch of auburn hair.

Sasha was embarrassingly wet, her excitement evident as her new Master's fingers continued their search. A deep, erotic sigh filled the room as warm lips kissed her inner thighs, and Sasha could feel heat stealing into her face, turning her cheeks to scarlet.

That uncomfortable feeling, someone is staring at you, held her motionless. She knew they were watching her. When she shifted her weight, her pussy lips stuck together, and Sasha's head dropped down as if she could see herself; amazed at how wet she had become.

Another soft chuckle touched her ears, and Sasha cocked her head in their direction; straining to listen.

Only silence filled the distance,and in the darkness, behind the blindfold, Sasha focused her thoughts on Michael.

A pair of warm hands came from behind, brushing her long curls aside as they unfastened the stiff collar. Sasha closed her eyes, and imagined Michael rubbing the back of her neck and shoulders. Sensually, the hands glided passed her collarbone, and down. Fingers teasingly circled her breast; slowly, ever so slowly inching their way to the tips. Gently, her nipples were rolled between long tapered fingers. Sasha remembered the excitment she felt last night in Michael's arms, and rested her head back on her new Master's shoulder. Now, lips softly nibbled her neck, a tongue touched the edges of her ear as a hand slid down between her breast to gently press into her tummy; snugging her in close against a warm body. Sasha could feel her Master's breath on her face, and nestled her cheek against their's as her thoughts drifted closer to Michael.

Sasha's new Master gazed down at her beautiful tanned chest, rising and falling with each breath she took. Suddenly, Sasha's cuffed hands bumped against a rock hard cock, and she snapped back to reality.

"Aaaaaah," Sasha inhaled sharply, and wrenching free, whirled to face him, stumbling as she blindly stepped back.

Her Master steadied her with a strong hand around her waist, then drew her tight against himsel f.

"No please," Sasha protested.

"Ssshhh," he hushed sharply, and Sasha bit back her pleas.

Swiftly, her Master spun her around, and walked her across the room; stopping when she bumped into the wall. Sasha felt his hands glide down her arms to her cuffed wrist, then as he playfully nuzzled her neck, he expertly unbuckled each restraint.

The instant the cuffs hit the floor, her Master grabbed her hand and guided it to his stiff cock. Sasha squirmed against the wall as he cupped her hands between his legs, and for a moment he closed his eyes, relishing the warmth of her touch. Then he heard Sasha softly sobbing and stepped back, gently turning her to face him.

For a moment he studied the vision before him. Her head was lowered, her hands trembling, and her efforts to keep from crying were failing miserably. Her hair was a mass of auburn curls, her skin, tanned by the sun, was a rich golden brown, and her body. He smiled to himself, her body had some of the most dangerous curves he had ever seen.

Sasha tensed when his fingers lightly brushed her cheek as his hand eased under the hair at the back of her neck.

"Please Sir," Sasha pleaded as he drew her to him. "Please, my mind was on........" Her new Master pressed his lips to hers. "........ Michael," Sasha sighed as the kiss ended.

"Uh huh," Michael assured her as his mouth covered hers, devouring it's softness.

"Michael," Sasha repeated, dropping her forehead against his chest.

"Yes, my precious pet," Michael chuckled softly, slipping off the blindfold.

"Michael!" Sasha exclaimed, shoving him backward.

Michael caught her in his arms, and planted another tantalizing kiss on her lips. Tears started, and Michael laughed out loud as he tenderly rubbed her back.

A moment later, Michael felt Sasha's body tense, and he knew her mind just went into hyperdrive. He allowed her to jerk away and storm across the room, then she whirled to stare at him, her hazel eyes dazzling with fury.

Sasha folded her arms across her chest, hesitated, then in an almost involuntary show of defiance, stomped her foot. Michael didn't say a word, so Sasha stomped her foot a second and a third time. When her knee lifted for the fourth time Michael moved, and before Sasha's mind could react he was standing in front of her.

"That's enough," Michael warned, and Sasha gave him a mean frown as she remained balanced on one foot. "Put your foot down," Michael ordered.

Sasha gave a slight huff, and lowered her foot to the floor.

"Good girl," Michael praised, pulling her into another soul searching kiss.

Sasha's hand eased between their bodies, locating Michael's throbbing cock. "Hummm......." Sasha sighed pleasantly, "I think my new Master wants to take advantage of me."

Michael savored the moment as his next kiss managed to stiffle her giggles, then he eased Sasha to arms length, and ran his fingers admiringly over her body.

"Mmmmmmmm," his deep voice rumbled as a shiver of anticipation caught him. Reluctantly pushing the thought aside, Michael went to the dresser and took out a medium size box, wrapped in plain brown paper. Sasha's eyes lit up, and dimples instantly creased her cheeks, but just as her fingers touched the box Michael moved it out of reach.

"We need to talk first," Michael admonished, and Sasha wrinkled her nose. "I want to go back to my room, though. Galiena may need this one."

As Michael opened the door, Sasha quickly picked up her white cotton shift to put around herself.

"Leave it," Michael said.

"I am not parading around naked," Sasha refused in a sharp voice.

Michael's unamused blue eyes flashed, and a muscle flicked at the back of his jaw as he strode across the room. Aggravated, his hand slipped down her arm and tightened around her wrist, then he turned and headed for the door; Sasha in tow. Without stopping, Michael herded her out the door, down the hall, and into his room.

"Now, what were you saying about not parading around naked?" Michael asked pushing the door shut.

"Nothing Sir," Sasha giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Michael grasped her asscheeks, and lifted her off the floor. "Hummmm, you feel good," he sighed deeply, hugging her close as they shared a long, intimate kiss.

Sasha wrapped her legs around Michael's waist, worming her pussy in against him.

"Oh, no you don't," Michael quickly scolded, his cock instantly stiffening. "We need to talk."

"Huh uh," Sasha breathed, running her tongue along the edges of his ear.

"Yes," Michael insisted, prying her legs loose.

Sasha wrinkled up her nose, and gave an exasperated huff as Michael pulled her hands from around his neck.

"I want to explain some things to you, now that you know how I make a living," Michael began. "I should let you know what is in store for you. Then you may decide if you are going to stay."

"I'm staying," Sasha announced sharply.

"Don't interrupt," Michael chastised.

"I can inter........" Sasha objected, but Michael took a threatening step toward her.

"You'll do as I say," Michael informed her bluntly, "and from now on you'll be doing exactly as I say."

Michael gave Sasha a stern look then continued. "Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, you will be my slave."

"Michael," Sasha exclaimed, planting her knuckles on her hips, "I can't do that!"

Michael didn't say a word as he took one step forward, drew back and applied his open palm to her bare asscheek. Sasha's eyes got wide, and her hand darted back to protect her bottom.

"What did I just say?" Michael asked harshly.

"Not...not to..... interrupt," Sasha stuttered, gingerly rubbing the stinging hand print left by the single spank.

Michael waited a punctuating minute, allowing the full impact of his actions to sink in, then he moved Sasha's hand away from her bottom.

"Lace your fingers together behind your back, spread your feet apart, and stand still," Michael instructed in a tone Sasha had never heard before.

The tone was not an angry or mean tone. As of a matter of fact, Sasha thought, it had a calm, patient sort of sound; very reassuring. Yet, it vibrated with a demand of instant obedience.

Sasha knew what Michael was wanting, so she also lifted her chin and lowered her eyes.

"That's my girl," Michael encouraged in that same new voice, and Sasha's chest swelled with pride.

Michael walked behind Sasha, gathering her hair into a ponytail, then gently smoothing the curls down her back. "Whenever, I tell you to take your position or place, this is how I want you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," Sasha answered as Michael stepped back in front of her.

Simultaneously, they looked at the box in Michael's hand, then he handed it to Sasha. "You may open this now."

Sasha's eyes sparkled as she unwrapped the package. Hidden by the plain brown paper was an expensive maple box. Carefully, Sasha lifted the hinged lid, and looked inside. There was a black, leather bound notebook, and resting on top of it was a narrow black leather collar.

Sasha instantly recognized the silver heart attached to the center ring of the collar, but the inscription no longer read SLAVE. Instead, the block letters, colored with emerald green dye read PRECIOUS PET.

"Do you approve?" Michael asked as Sasha's finger lightly traced the lettering.

With a definite nod of her head, Sasha picked up the collar, and handed Michael the box. Michael took a tiny silver padlock from his vest pocket as he watched Sasha fondle the fine leather, reading and rereading the new inscription.

"Turn around," Michael requested taking the collar from Sasha.

That's when Sasha noticed there was no buckle on the collar, and looked up at Michael. Michael's left brow rose a fraction, annoyed with her hesitation.

"Turn around," Michael repeated, making a circling gesture with his finger.

Sasha slowly turned around, lifting her hair out of the way as Michael's hands came from behind. Sasha felt the soft leather against her skin, then she heard the lock click shut.

"Michael," Sasha questioned, immediately turning back when she felt the tightness of the collar around her neck. "How am I supposed to take this off?"

There was a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes as Michael leaned forward and kissed her.

"You can't," he whispered, "I have the only key."

Kissing her again, and catching her hands as they landed in the center of his chest, Michael crushed her to him, smothering her protests with a kiss that left her mouth burning with fire.

"Be still....." Michael breathed between moist, firm, velvety kisses, until Sasha finally relaxed in his arms.

"Sssshhh," Michael reminded her, lightly pressing his finger to her lips as he released his embrace.

Sasha scrunched up her nose, gave a huff, folded her arms across her chest, and gave a sharp nod. Michael gave her a playful wink, and re-presented the leather bound notebook.

"This is to be your diary," Michael said.

Sasha took hold of the notebook, but Michael didn't let go. "If you decide to stay, you are to write in it every day."

"And if I don't," Sasha grumbled, tugging on the book.

"Then you will not have a record of your experiences. And......." Michael drawled, letting go of the book.

Sasha grinned mischievously, and began leafing through the blank pages. "And what?" she asked, lifting her eyes to find Michael waiting patiently.

"And, I'll be very disappointed," Michael replied.

"Oh," Sasha whispered, caught off guard by the faint tremor of emotion in his voice.

Michael waited a long moment, then continued, "If you stay........"

"Excuse me Master," Sasha interrupted politely. "May I interrupt?"

Michael knew he couldn't refuse, especially after such a shrewd approach. As his smile turned into a soft chuckle he gave a consenting nod.

"Will you please stop saying *If you stay*, I already told you *I am staying*," Sasha stated, matter of factly.

Michael's deep blue eyes took on a faraway stare as he instinctively fought his own desires. He wanted her. From the first moment he had laid eyes on her, he had wanted her. And at this moment, he knew he wanted her to stay with him forever.

Michael took a slow, deep breath as he gathered his thoughts. "Sasha, listen to me," he began, and took a small key from his vest pocket. "What you are choosing to do with your life is a demanding, challenging quest, of which we have only begun to touch the surface. If you choose to continue in my service, I can guarantee that each day we spend together will be exciting and fulfilling."

Reluctantly, Michael unlocked the collar. Sasha's eyes twinkled with anticipation as he placed the collar and lock in her hands. When he spoke again Michael's handsome features were stern, and his warm masculine voice held a challenge.

"I will set clear, definite rules which will be strictly enforced. Discipline will be varied and continual, punishment, when needed, will be severe. There will not be a move you make, or a breath you take that will go unnoticed; I will become the center of your existence. I will be a daily challenge to you, and you will attend to my every need and desire."

Sasha had not moved a muscle, her smile had faded, and her hazel eyes no longer sparkled as she stared at the buttons on Michael's shirt.

"At the present time," Michael continued, "you will not return to your job, I am your job. You will clean my house, cook my meals, run my errands, and submit to my sexual impulses. You will keep a diary, that I am permitted to, and will, read. Sunday afternoons will be set aside to discuss any problems, then you will be free to do as you please until six o'clock the next monrning."

Michael paused, relaxed his tense shoulders and concluded, "I will provide you with a bed, clothes and food."

"And love?" Sasha whispered.

Michael bit his lower lip for a full minute, then replied. "I need to speak with Galiena then I will be leaving for Drakedom Manor. The things you purchased today are in the closet, and they are yours to keep. If you chose to go, I will understand completely. If you chose to stay, you have exactly twenty minutes, and I will not wait."

Michael then turned on his heel and strode to the door, and without looking back left Sasha standing alone in the middle of the room; the collar in one hand and the leather bound notebook in the other. On the other side of the door, Michael flexed his shoulders, took a deep cleansing breath, and started down the stairs in search of his mother.

Exactly twenty minutes later, Michael walked out the front door, and down the steps toward his 300 XLS. His stride slowed as he strained to see through the tinted windows on the passenger side, but it was still to dark outside.

Michael held his breath as he opened the driver's door and slid in behind the wheel. He sat in silence, resting his head against the back of the carseat. He could still feel the pounding of his heart as he reached overhead and slid the back the sunroof. He gazed out at the star filled sky, and softly sighed, "Yes my precious pet..... and love."

Michael swallowed the lump in his throat, straighten himself in the seat, switched on the ignition, and looked over at the passenger side of the car.

"Are you mine, Sasha?" Michael whispered as the moonlight danced in his clear blue eyes.

"Yes Master," Sasha giggled, climbing over the console into his arms. "I am forever yours."

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97