First Meeting - Chapter 14
by SusieQ

Michael absentmindedly scribbled on the paper in front of him, half-heartedly listening as Master Corwin raved over Sasha, elaborating on the explosive orgasm she experienced from his expert touch.

"At times it was as if she wasn't even aware of my presence," Master Corwin admitted, and Michael's ears perked up. "Once I put that blindfold on her. Well, she totally zoned out. She was like putty in my hands......."

.......... Michael's mind skipped back to one of the first times it was necessary for him to discipline Sasha. He had instructed her, upon rising, to place a blindfold over her eyes. She was allowed to do whatever she wanted that day, except cook.

Sasha later told him how with the blindfold on she couldn't get him off her mind. She imagined what he looked like from the description he had given her and fantasized about his hands touching her. She also had to confess having an orgasm that day without permission............

"So Michael, I will take her off your hands for thirty thousand dollars," Master Corwin concluded, feeling this was more than a very fair offer.

Sasha glanced around the foyer, she was alone. The clock above her head bonged eleven times. She looked down at her feet, and wiggled her toes in the soft leather boots.

"I think I'm beginning to get used to these outrageous heels," she chuckled to herself.

Lost in thought Sasha didn't hear the door chimes or notice that two more guest arrived. The host and hostess were busy entertaining, so the big man who had escorted Sasha to Galiena answered the door.

"It's about time Thor, I thought you would never answer," Melantha fussed, pushing the big man aside. "Come Tristan."

Melantha stepped into the foyer, and began a visual sweep of the room. She knew Galiena always positioned the most choice merchandise close to the entrance. Puzzled by the empty room, she made a bee line for the dining area, her six inch booted heels clicking on the marble colored tile. Halfway across the foyer Melantha looked behind her, and came to an abrupt halt. Tristan, following to close as usual, did not get stopped in time.

"Look," Melantha gasped, shoving Tristan back. "That's Michael's pet. The one I was telling you about."

Quietly, the two surrounded Sasha.

"My, my, looks like Michael has become tired of his toys again," Melantha cackled, and Sasha's head snapped up.

"Hummm...... eye contact," came a mellow baritone voice from behind, and Sasha swung around. "Aren't you suppose to be standing still?" Tristan asked and roughly grasped Sasha's shoulders, twisting her around to face Melantha.

Sasha jerked her shoulders free from Tristan's grip, and boldly glared at Melantha.

"Eyes down!" Melantha ordered slapping Sasha across the face.

Sasha, her hazel eyes cold and proud, refused to lower her eyes.

"Defiant little witch," Melantha seethed, and raised her hand to strike again.

Tristan caught Melantha's wrist, wrenching her back out of his way. "I don't want her face marked up," Tristan warned. "I thought she was Michael's prized possession. Why is she out here alone?"

"Michael's put her head on the auction block," Melantha laughed wickedly.

"He did not!" Sasha yelped.

"Silence!" Tristan commanded harshly.

Grasping a handful of auburn curls he yanked Sasha's head back into an unnatural position, forcing her to look at him. "Third mistake, pretty one. I think a little punishment is in order."

Tristan's words hit Sasha lika a shock wave. "No, please Sir...." Sasha pleaded.

Yessss," Melantha hissed, her black eyes sparkling, "the dungeon. Come on."

Tristan meshed his lips against Sasha's, forcing his tongue deep into the recesses of her mouth. "Such sweetness," he breathed lecherously. "I shall take pleasure in you many times."

The threatening tone of Tristan's deep voice caused a knot to form in Sasha's stomach as he continued to force her to look into his cold, dark eyes.

"Lead the way Melantha," Tristan sneered, twisting his handful of hair, directing Sasha into a position between them.

Sasha stole a glance through the doorway into the dining room as they passed, hoping to spot Michael, but Tristan hurried her along. Melantha opened the door leading down to the dungeon, and Sasha felt as if icy fingers closed around her throat as they slowly decended into the darkness below.

"Careful, pretty one," Tristan warned, skimming his hands over Sasha's shoulders. "Wouldn't want any marks on you that I didn't put there myself."

At the foot of the stairs Melantha touched a small square plate, and torch like lamps flickered to life along the walls. Lightly tapping the plate two more times the lights gradually dimmed.

Tristan directed Sasha across the room to a waist high work bench where she stared, dumbfounde d at the array of restraints, whips, clamps, and stimulators.

"Nice collection, isn't it pretty one?" Tristan chuckled, brushing Sasha's hair back over her shoulder.

Tristan's hands glided down over Sasha's breast, and at the same time his fingers found her nipples, Melantha's fingers grasped her asscheeks.

"She's mine first, Tristan," Melantha reminded him, "like we agreed. I found her, so I get to use her first."

"Yes.... yes, she is your's first," Tristan grumbled as he bent to suck on one of Sasha's swollen orbs.

"Did you hear that, Michael's pet. I'm first," Melantha jeered as she kneaded Sasha's bottom.

With a round firm cheek in each hand, Melantha spread Sasha's ass apart, allowing the tight leather strap to nestle into the crack. This effectively removed the tension on the harness causing the front to gap between her legs, and Tristan's fingers immediately wormed their way passed the leather.

"Remind me to tell Michael his little chastity belt didn't work," Tristan smirked.

Sasha defiantly jerked away, and Melantha's open palm delivered a brusque, well placed smack across her butt.

"You are not to move unless I say," Melantha ordered in a sharp authoritative voice. "Tristan, tie her wrists."

Tristan grabbed a length of braided rope, and began to prepare a loop. Melantha came around to stand in front of Sasha. Casually she stooped down, and took hold of the ring at the bottom of her hobble skirt. Then teasingly she moved the grip up the zipper teeth until the skirt was open to the waist. Sasha could see Melantha's creamy white, clean shaven mound behind the folds of black leather. Suddenly, Tristan stepped between them. "Give me your hands," Tristan demanded.

Sasha extended her hands as she watched Melantha slink into a corner of the room, raise her skirt above her hips, and straddle a well padded workout bench.

Tristan folded three quarters of the rope in half and slipped it over Sasha's wrists; pulling it snug. Then he wrapped the loose ends across each other, passed one end between her hands and the other between her arms above the double wrap; tying the loose ends with a square knot.

Playfully his fingers trickled along the remaining length of rope, his lust filled eyes gleaming as the fine hairs on Sasha's belly stood on end. He rubbed the knot at the end of the rope over that small patch of auburn hair, chuckling lightly as her clit began to lengthen, and peek out from under it's hood.

"Let's go, sweetness," Tristan whispered, and gave the rope a tug.

Tristan handed Melantha the knotted end, then returned to the workbench. A sharp yank on the rope told Sasha to kneel, and she slowly sank to her knees before Melantha.

"Pleasure me, slave," Melantha ordered, parting her knees to reveal the moist pink folds of her pussy.

Sasha remained motionless, her brows drawn together in an agonizing frown as she stared between Melantha's legs.

"Tristan!" Melantha snapped.

A split second later, Sasha heard the crack of the whip before her mind could register the searing bite to her right asscheek. Lunging forward Sasha grabbed the crosspiece directly below Melantha; bringing her to eye level with the bench seat. When the tip of the whip bit her left asscheek, Sasha buried her face in Melantha's pussy.

"Yeesss....." Melantha hissed blissfully.

Instinct took over, and by the forth kiss of the whip Sasha's tongue was paying homage to Melantha in a profound way.

Sasha's tongue darted in and out of Melantha's pussy, then up to titillate her swollen clit or down to teasingly carress her lower hole; always snaking back into the juicy depths of her engorged sex.

Melantha leaned back and lifted her legs, resting them over Sasha's shoulders, offering better access to her hot puckered rose. The next time Sasha's tongue drifted near her nether domain, Melantha bucked her hips upward hoping to force Sasha's probing tongue into her tight hole, but Sasha backed off.

"Trissssstaann," Melantha whined nauseously.

Obligingly the whip cracked and Sasha's tongue plunged deep in that darker region. Deep throaty groans eminated from Melantha each time Sasha's nose became buried in her juicey slit.

Tristan watched the intense changes in Melantha's expressions, imagining Sasha's warm, moist breath against her pussy lips, grinning as he saw her squirm about, trying to catch hold of the feeling. Melantha's features tensed, her body stiffened, and Tristan placed a sudden, stinging lash to that ever sensitive sweet spot where the thighs meet the ass.

Sasha screamed into Melantha's pussy, effectively sending her into a crashing orgasm. Melantha wrapped her legs around Sasha's head, holding her face against her throbbing box, bucking and groaning as her cum juice muffled Sasha's cries. Tristan moved to Melantha's side to wait, knowing his turn was near. With one final exhausting moan Melantha relenquished her victim to Tristan.

Excitedly, Tristan hauled Sasha to her feet and covered her mouth with his, hungrily licking Mistress Melantha's nector from her lips............


.........Abigail stepped into the foyer to check on Sasha.

"Where's the girl?" Abigail asked, quickly crossing the room to where the big man dutifully stood.

"Dungeon," Thor grunted.

"Why?" Abigail questioned.


A shadow of alarm touched Abigail serene face. "And Tristan?"

Thor gave a sharp nod, and Abigail spun on her heel's, leaving Thor staring at her back as she hurried to the library...............


..........Still in a daze, Sasha compliantly followed as Tristan led her into the center of the dungeon. She didn't resist as she watched him slip a hook under the rope around her wrist, and begin winching up the slack piece of chain that was attached.

Slowly, Sasha's arms were pulled high over her head, and she was forced to stand on her toes to relieve the pressure on her wrist. Tristan moved about the area methodically gathering items, leaving Sasha to hang uncomfortably from the hook. The last thing Tristan picked up was a short handled bowie knife, and Sasha's chain rattled loudly as she frantically tugged against her bonds.

"Relax, pretty one,"Tristan said, curling his lip in a taunting grin.

Tristan placed the tip of the blade just below the center ring between Sasha's breast, and slowly etched a path along the white leather down her torso and between her legs; pausing brieftly to scratch the soft strap hiding her pussy. Then the trail moved upward, stopping just above the roller buckle in back.

"Michael.....Michael.....Michael, such foolishness," Tristan sighed, and slid the sharp blade under the strap.

Sasha felt a sudden jerk then the harness hung loosely from her shoulders. Tristan then eased the knife under the collar around Sasha's neck and cut it loose also. Now the entire outfit hung limply from her breast which were swollen tight in the silver rings.

Sasha closed her eyes as Tristan sucked a sensitive nipple into his mouth. She felt his teeth clamp behind the silver ring, and then came the tugging. She whimpered as each tit popped free, and the constant throbbing in her breast was replaced with a terrible burning sensation in her nipples..............


..........Abigail boldly entered the library, and went directly to where Michael sat scribbling Sasha's name on a piece of paper.

"Melantha and Tristan have her in the dungeon," Abigail whispered pointing to Sasha's name.

Abigail barely had the words out before Michael was on his feet and headed for the door................


Tristan didn't hear the door to the dungeon open or notice Michael coming down the steps three at a time. What Michael saw when he reached the foot of the stairs nearly stopped his heart.

Sasha was dangling, by her wrist, from a hook, naked in the center of the room. A four pronged claw was clamped to each nipple. A gold chain swung loosely between her breast, forming a *Y* down her moist body to another clamp on her clit. Deep red welts lined her thighs and torso, and tears streaked her cheeks. Between her legs sat Tristan, roughly fondling her with his fingers and tongue.

The room echoed with an unexpected *Thhwwhhack* as Melantha's cat blazed another crimson path across Sasha's sun tanned skin.

Sasha's head snapped back in pain, and as it did she caught a glimpse of Michael. She blinked, struggling to focus her mind. Michael's deep blue eyes clung to hers, and for a long moment Sasha looked back at him. Then, there in the flickering light, she saw that look. That *protective, possessive, you are mine* gleam was vividly present in his beautiful blue eyes.

In a weak and trembling voice Sasha whimpered, "Emerald."

Consumed by white hot anger, Michael snatched Tristen to his feet.

"Mi...Mic....Michael," Tristan choked, then Michael's fist caught him squarely on the jaw; sending him sprawling across the floor.

There was another loud *thhhwhhack*, Sasha screamed, and Michael turned his fury on Melantha.

"Drop it, Melantha!" Michael's scalding voice demanded, and the heavy grip of the cat made a dull thud as it hit the floor.

Michael's lethal blue eyes swept the room, coming to a halt on the gleaming steele blade of the bowie knife laying on top of Sasha's white leather harness. He grabbed the knife and rushed to Sasha. In one fluid motion, Michael grasped Sasha's waist, supported her weight, reached overhead, and slashed the ropes that held her. Gently he lowered her arms, releasing his grip slowly to allow her time to gain her balance.

Tristan saw his chance while Michael's attention was on Sasha, and inched over to Melantha.

Sasha flexed her shoulders, winched painfully, and reached to remove the nipple clamps; but Michael caught her hand.

"No! I'll take them off," Michael admonished sharply, and carefully took hold of the clamp attached to Sasha's clit.

"Take a deep breath and stand still, this is going to hurt," Michael warned, and gingerly backed the ring down, releasing the claws.

Sasha squealed, and raised up on her toes as blood surged into her pinched clit. Before she had time to regroup, Michael expertly removed the clamps on her nipples.

"Owww!" Sasha howled, frantically hopping from foot to foot.

Michael saw Tristan out of the corner of his eye, and took a delibertately menacing step in his direction, causing him to huddle closer to Melantha.

"Oh geesh, oh geesh!" Sasha choked as thousan ds of nerve endings tingled back to life.

Michael attentively turned back to Sasha.

"Are you all right?" he whispered, rubbing her aching shoulders.

Sasha's defiant, protective mechanism screamed, *I am fine*, but the words wouldn't form passed her clenched teeth.

"Sasha.... are you all right?" Michael repeated, gently lifting her chin.

Sasha backed away from his touched, desperately fighting to stay in control Michael immediately reacted. "Oh, no you don't," he corrected with possessive authority, and caught hold of her arm before she could take another step. "Come back here."

Sasha's defiant streak flared, Michael's demeanor reverted to dominate, and Sasha's eyes instantly pooled with tears.

"Michael, hold me," Sasha squeaked pitiably as Michael took control.

Michael quickly drew her to him, holding her close as the tears started to flow.

"Ssshhh..... It's all right," Michael soothed, kissing and stoking her gently. "I've got you now. Calm down."

When Sasha's crying eased to sporadic sobs, Michael moved her to arms length.

"We need to go back upstairs," Michael said, catching a tear with his thumb.

Sasha looked down at the remains of her white leather harness, and the crying resumed.

"Ssshhh," Michael consoled, wrappping his arms around her.

"I'm naked... no.... I ... Michael," Sasha stammered, twisting against his embrace.

"Hush," Michael insisted a bit more firmly, and Sasha's lower lip quivered.

With an aaggravated huff, Micheal pulled off his vest. "Hold this," he grumbled.

Michael removed his shirt, and handed it to Sasha to put on. Still sobbing, she slipped her slender arms into the silk shirt, and buttoned it clear to the collar. Michael clearly objected, and pushed her hands aside, unbuttoning the top three buttons.

Sasha promptly rebuttoned the third button, then sheepishly peeked up at Michael. She knew that look, and dropped her head against his chest in devastation as her trembling fingers unbuttoned the third button.

"Good girl," Michael praised kissing the top of her head.

Sasha inhaled a pitiful sob, and Michael shook his head, amused.

"What about us?" Tristan grumbled, and Melantha jabbed him in the ribs.

"You'll stay down here until I send Thor to escort you both off the premises," Michael threatened more than answered.

"I have merchandise here!" Melantha objected angrily.

"Then take them with you when you leave," Michael replied bluntly, and reached out and caught Sasha's hand. "Come on, precious."

Michael led Sasha up the stairs and across the foyer to Thor.

"Thor, take her to my room, then go to....."

Sasha pulled her hand away in a panic, and Michael stopped mid sentence. "Sasha, I have unfinished business to attended to, you are to go with Thor."

Sasha's mind reeled as she stared in disbelief at Michael. The dark expression on his face forced her to lower her eyes, and that invisible wall of defense instinctively shot into place.

"This is how I make a living," Michael stated, his voice absolutely emotionless. "Now, do as you're told."

"Yes, Master," Sasha whispered compliantly.

Michael took a deep, ragged breath, and turned on his heel to depart; turning back he addressed Thor.

"Get her settled, then go to the dungeon, and escort Melantha and Tristan off the property," Michael instructed, and without looking back, left Sasha standing alone.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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