First Meeting - Chapter 13
by SusieQ

Galiena personally escorted Sasha to the center of the foyer, positioning her directly in front of the main doors.

"Place your feet slightly apart, hands behind your back, eyes lowered," Galiena ordered, and walked away, looking back as she reached the doorway. "And stand still!"

An hour later Michael walked through the front door, Abigail on his arm, and three descriptively dressed, obvious slaves followed. All three girls were around Sasha's age, and well, from Sasha's point of view, beautiful. Instantly, Sasha's determination vanished, and once again she choked as a knot of despair rose in her throat.

Abigail released Michael's arm as Galiena entered the room. Michael's eyes roamed over Sasha. The outfit his mother had designed brought out every gorgeous curve Sasha had, and the snow white leather accented every delicate line of her sun tanned beauty.

The outfit was a snug fitting harness teddy, with silver rings accenting the white leather and Sasha's sun darkened skin. The silver rings were strategically located to draw ones attention to certain points of interest. Tethered from the ring attached to the inch wide collar were straps angling down like arrows to Sasha's nipples. Each round, pink tit had been skillfully secured in a silver ring at the other end of these leather strips. Straps tethered to these two rings darted out in different directions to join rings between her breast, in back just below her shoulder blades and one circling her naval. From the lower ring a gradually widing strap went between Sasha's legs and attached in the back. Michael had seen similar harness teddy's and knew that the back would somewhat resembled the front. Michael's eyes lingered a bit on the strap between Sasha's legs. It was about three inches wide, but was not drawn as snug as the rest of the harness.

Lastly, white leather boots, with five inch heels adorned her feet. The soft leather was molded to the shapely contours of her calf and stopped an inch above the knee. A thin silver chain was looped around the ankle, over the foot, and locked in place under each heel; securing the boots.

Abigail greeted Galiena by kneeling and kissing each of her boots, then paraded the three new arrivals directly passed Sasha, to their designated rooms. Michael then confronted Galiena.

"I don't want Sasha out here," Micheal stated firmly in a lowered voice.

"Michael, you know we place our most enticing merchandise at the entrance," Galiena reminded him, "tonight is no different."

"Fine, but I do not want her in the center of the room," Micheal insisted. "I am moving her."

Michael stole glances at Sasha as he and his mother continue to speak in hushed tones. Sasha wished she could make out what they were saying. Then Michael looked directly at her, his dark blue eyes revealing his irritation.

"Et ooo," Sasha gulped, wrinkling her nose. "I think they got to the part about me being willful and disobediant."

In three strides, Michael stopped in front of Sasha, his jaw clenched, his eyes slightly narrowed. Sasha, eyes averted, shifted her weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other, rocked on to the balls of her feet and back, shrugged her shoulders trying to easy the tension, and again started to shift her weight.

"Stand still," Michael ordered sternly.

"Yes Sir."

"Be quiet," Michael ordered, "I'll tell you when to speak."

Sasha's shoulders sagged, and her head lowered a bit more as her heart sank. Michael stood there, boldly intimidating for several minutes.

"Willful, disobeidant, arguesome," Michael's voice was sharp and angry. "Care to explain?" Before Sasha could find the words, he answered for her. "There is no explanation, so don't even try. When I am not present, you are still to do as you are told by those who are in authority, without question."

Michael had now begun to pace in front of Sasha, accentuating the annoyance he felt with her. "There will be a dozen or more buyers here tonight, and you will submit to anything they want. You will not hesitate, you will not object. You will just submit. The only distinguishable words you are permitted to use are your safewords. You so much as utter another word, it will be considered disobeidance, and I will personally punish you."

Michael knew he was being harsh, but he had no choice. He must force his own desires aside, relenquish his control, and allow Sasha to experience a different level of submission. A level not customarily explored during training, but a level which he, himself was a master. Finally, he stopped pacing, inhaled a deep breath, and turned again to face Sasha.

"Now, you may speak," Michael permitted.

Slowly, Sasha lifted her eyes to meet his, her long dark lashes damp with tears.

"Michael," Sasha rasped tearfully, "have you made love to all the slaves you've trained?"

Michael's hands instinctively slipped beneath the auburn curls at the base of Sasha's neck, easing her to him as he pressed his warm lips to her forehead.

"No, my precious Sasha. I have not," he breathed reassuringly, and for a moment they both closed their eyes against the pain the next few hours could bring.

Sasha's question triggered a vision of the loose strap between her legs and Michael stepped behind her. There was a silver ring, as he had suspected, below Sasha's shoulder blades. Tethered to that ring was another strap which extended down the length of her spine, ending with a ring pinpointing her tailbone. The strap between Sasha's legs was threaded through this ring with a silver roller buckle holding it in place.

"Unique touch mother," Michael chuckled softly, "a built in chastity belt." Releasing the buckle, Michael drew the strap taut against Sasha's pussy.

"To tight?" Michael asked.

"No Sir."

Michael took the strap up one more notch, then reach around and tried to slip his finger under the leather between her legs; Sasha squirmed.

"That's better," Michael said, and reached in his pocket for a tiny silver lock. Aligning two of the holes below the buckle, Michael slipped the lock through and squeezed it shut.

Michael moved back in front of Sasha, took a quick survey of the foyer, chose a location more to his liking, and abruptly caught Sasha's elbow.

"You are not to be in the center of the room," Michael stated as he firmly escorted her across the floor.

"Mistress Galiena said........" Sasha started to protest.

"You are my property, and I will place you where I please."

"But, Master, I am for sale," Sasha reminded him as he dragged her along.

Michael stopped short, and angrily jerked Sasha out in front of himself. "You are mine until I say otherwise," Michael snapped. "I make the decisions. Is that understood?" Sasha's lower lip began to tremble as she nodded her head.

"Buyers are starting to arrive," Michael snarled matter-of-factly. "And I do not need to be reminded that you are for sale."

Sasha dejectedly lowered her eyes, and Michael hesitated a moment, taking in her beauty one last time. Then Michael took hold of her shoulders, and walked her back three or four more steps.

"Remember, you are available to all who desire you, and you are not permitted to speak unless it is to use your safeword; Emerald."

Sasha lowered her head, and nodded that she understood, then she listened as Michael left the room.

For the better part of two hours Michael circulated the rooms where his slaves were positioned. Intercepting most of the clients as they entered, steering them away from Sasha's all to accessible location

It was during the second hour, while Michael and Jonathan were conducting business in the library, that Galiena welcomed their next guest. Sasha was craning her neck around the corner, watching the activities in the next room, when she felt a warm, sinewy hand glide over her breast.

Startled, Sasha swung around, unfortunately, coming eye to eye with Galiena. Quickly casting her eyes downward, Sasha gazed at two pair of leather boots.

"Master Corwin, this is Sasha," Galiena introduced. "As enticing as she is, she has been one of Michael's more challenging endeavors."

Sasha recongized Master Corwin immediately. He had been the first to enter the arena at the Citadel the previous evening. Sasha remembered the female slave on the table, and how this man had so masterfully brought her to climax. Chill bumps covered her golden skin, followed by a moistness between her legs, and Sasha wasn't sure if it was from her memories or the affects of Master Corwin's thumb running deliciously down her spine.

Master Corwin's fingers stopped at the tiny silver lock securing the strap between Sasha's legs.

"Michael protecting his investment?" he asked with a significant lift of his brow to Galiena.

Galiena stepped behind Sasha to inspect the recent modification. Serenely gathering ringlets of Sasha's auburn curls, Galiena convincingly sighed, "As I mentioned, Sasha has been most challenging. She is spirited and alluring, attributes many would like to experience, but not necessarily purchase."

Unable to mask the hopeful glint in her clear blue eyes, Galiena casually fluffed Sasha's hair. Allowing herself a moment of wistfulness, she visualized Michael and Sasha together. Quickly, she banished the idea. There would be time for such thoughts later, if there was a later.

"Well Galiena, I am here to buy, not merely sample," Master Corwin reminded her as he stepped back in front of Sasha. "Look up at me young lady."

Sasha lifted her head, but did not make eye contact.

"I said, look at me," Master Corwin restated in a low, composed voice. Sasha lifted her eyes to his.

He had extraordinary eyes, flecked and ringed with gold. The mystery within them beckoned to her irresistibly. Sasha's eyes left his, traveling down to gaze at his hands; beautiful, long-fingered, and strong. The sight of a writhing, moaning woman on a stainless steel table flashed before her hazel eyes, and a shudder passed through her.

"Ahhh you remember me, don't you little one." Sasha's eyes darted back to his in surprise. "That's good, I like a girl with a sharp mind."

Sasha shifted her weight, suddenly uncomfortable under his piercing gaze. Heat rising within colored her cheeks, adding to her self-consciousness.

Master Corwin removed a narrow leather leash from his pocket. "If you will allow Galiena, I will take this blushing slave upstairs for a time."

Sasha's eyes rounded in surprise, and the color drained from her face as a tense silence surrounded them.

"Third floor," Galiena's voice seemed to echo through the room, "third room on the right."

Despite her fears, Sasha felt a hot and awful joy course through her as Master Corwin clipped the leash to her collar. With a gentle tug, she fell in step behind him.

But when the door closed, and Master Corwin turned the lock a wave of panic gripped her like a vice.

"Hummm..... spirited and alluring," Master Corwin repeated as the back of his hand carrassed Sasha's cheek. His fingers stopped under her chin, and he urged her head up until their eyes met. "We shall see, won't we, little one?"

Sasha remained silent.

A devilishly sensual grin touched his lips, then a gentle tug on the leash signaled Sasha to follow. Master Corwin stopped in the center of the room, and removed his leash. Sasha looked around.

This is definitely not a bedroom, she thought. The room was lit with a single, bare forty watt bulb dangling from the ceiling. Aside from the perfectly aligned eyebolts directly overhead and anchored to the floor, the only piece of furniture in the room was a bench like table, hinged in three sections. The middle section being more narrow than the other two had a pestal base with three drawers, and what looked like exam table stirrups attached to all four corners. The only difference from the stirrups Sasha had seen before was the length of the footrest, and the leather straps.

"Do you have a safeword?" Master Corwin asked, gently nuzzling Sasha's neck.

"Red," Sasha replied, and looked away, surprised by her incorrect response.

"Good," Master Corwin whispered. As his lips touched her ear, his low silvery voice began explaining what he wanted her to do.

"Arms at your sides," he said, and his hands floated from her shoulders to her fingertips, lightly pressing her arms close in against her body.

Next, he place his foot between her feet and began to nudge them apart. Sasha compliantly widened her stance. "A little farther," he encouraged.

"There, that's good," he praised, and skimmed his fingers along the inside of Sasha's thigh, allowing his wrist to bump against the leather strap covering her crotch; grinning to himself as her asscheeks tightened.

"Sasha, I want you to close your eyes and stand perfectly still. I will tell you everything that I am going to do, before I do it. There will be no surprises. But, if so much as an eyelash flickers I will be forced to restrain you. Understood?"

Sasha nodded.

"Tell me your safeword again," Master Corwin requested.

"Red," Sasha replied incorrectly, and closed her eyes.

With a light kiss to each of her eyelids Master Corwin cupped Sasha's breast in his hands, rolling her nipples between his fingers. Sasha felt his lips, no it was his tongue at the base of her throat. A moist path slowly seared it's way to the silver ring encircling her naval. Sasha's stomach muscles tightened.

"No movement," Master Corwin softly reminded her.

Sasha's nipples were swollen tight in the silver rings and becoming over sensitive to stimulus. As Master Corwin's carressing touch contiued, Sasha visualized Michael's warm hands gently outlining her collarbone.

With a startled intake of breath, Sasha's eyelashes flew open.

Master Corwin stopped, squared his shoulders, and Sasha inadvertently took a step back. A look of annoyance crossed Master Corwin's face as he hooked his index finger through the ring of Sasha's collar, and led her to the bench.

"Sit," he ordered sternly.

Sasha hesitated, and Master Corwin grasped her waist and hoisted her onto the padded table. Minutes later, Sasha understood why the footrest looked so strange. The calves of her legs and forearms were strapped to the braces, not her feet. Sasha's frightened gaze amused Master Corwin as he leaned over and kissed each of her eyelids again before slipping a blindfold into place. Sasha's heart skip a beat, then she felt him adjusting the braces, spreading her legs wide, and angling her arms away from her body; forcing her breast upward.

"Now my little one, you will hold still," Master Corwin informed her, pressing his fingers hard against the strap between Sasha's legs. "It's ashame Michael felt so obliged as to cover your sweet juice box, I would have enjoyed seeing your cum drip onto this unique piece of equipment."

Tears of embarrassment wet her blindfold, and Sasha closed her eyes to shut out the sound of his voice. As Master Corwin's arousing touch began again, so did Sasha's visions of Michael.

His lips touching hers, his tongue circling each taunt nipple. The tenderness she felt as he kissed her shoulders.

Sasha remained very still, but her breathing became ragged and heavy. A bead of sweat formed above her lip as she imagined Michael's possessive hands at her thighs; kneading, rubbing, kissing. Soon Sasha was in a frensy, no longer straining against her bonds, but floating in waves of desire. A soft moan escaped as her pussy lips were squeezed together, causing her clit to touch the smooth leather that covered her. Then a fingernail was scratching the strap, teasing her, sending her passed the point of no return.

The orgasm hit in all it's glory. Sasha's hips bucked against the table, tremors shook her entire body, moist heat filled her crotch, and pleasurable groans filled the room.< /font>

Master Corwin smiled at his masterful accomplishment, unaware that through the entire ordeal Sasha's thoughts were of Michael.

Michael concluded his business, satisfied with the profit from the sale of two of his slaves. Anxious to check on Sasha, he left Jonathan chatting with a client. As he pulled the door to the library closed, Master Corwin pulled the door to the third room on the third floor closed.

Michael stepped into the foyer, and was half way across the room before he realized Sasha was not where he had left her.

"Michael," Master Corwin called from the head of the staircase. Michael turned to see Sasha being led down the steps.

"We need to talk money," Master Corwin announced as he reached the foyer. "This little one is marvelous."

Michael barely heard a word Master Corwin was saying. Sasha could feel his deep blue eyes pierce her very soul.

"Return to your corner, little one," Master Corwin directed, unfastening the leash. Sasha, head lowered, slowly walked to her corner in the foyer; Michael stared after her.

"Come Michael," Master Corwin insisted, grasping Michael's shoulder.

"You go ahead, and help yourself to some refreshments. I'll meet you in the library in a few minutes," Michael answered, watching Sasha as she took her position-feet slightly apart, hands clasped behind her back, head down.

Master Corwin agreed, and headed for the dining area. Sasha fixed her eyes on the toe of Michael's black boots as he stood in front of her. Michael waited a moment, then gently took hold of her chin. To embarrassed to look him in the eye, Sasha moved her head to one side, refusing his physcial request.

"Are you all right?" Michael whispered with genuine concern.

"I am fine," Sasha muttered, shifting her weight away from the warmth of his body.

"Sasha, talk to me," Michael's rich timbered voice entreated, and his fingers again touched her skin.

Embarrassed, angry, hurt, and confused, Sasha jerked away. "I said, I am fine. I am for sale," she rasped, and repeated. "I am for sale, and I am fine."

Angry with himself, and aggravated with Sasha, Michael shoved his hands in his pockets. "That's right you are," he hissed. "You're for sale, and you are sold."

Michael stomped off, Sasha remained; and tears burned both their eyes. Michael regained his composure as he reached the dining room. Sasha heard him beckon Master Corwin to join him in the library, and her tears splashed to the floor.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97