First Meeting - Chapter 12
by SusieQ

The conversation in the living room ended abruptly as Sasha walked in. A wave of apprehension swept through her as she stopped near the back of the sofa.

"Are you ready to go?" Abigail asked, breaking the sudden silence.

"Yes Ma'am,"

Michael walked them to the door, then reached in his pocket for his billfold. "Here's my credit card," Michael said, holding the card out to Sasha. "Buy yourself a couple of extra outfits."

Sasha's eyes sparkled as she reached for the card. "Something sexy for my Master."

"Clothes," Michael corrected, a slight sterness in his voice. "Clothes that would be appealing to others within the lifestyle."

Michael did not let go of the credit card as Sasha took hold of it, focusing her attention to him.

"Sasha, I will not see you again until tonight at Galiena's."

Sasha took a quick step back, her hands seeking security in the depths of her pocketed jeans. Michael stepped toward her, forcing her to take another step back.

"Sasha, are you listening to me?" Michael's rich timbered voice questioned as he took yet another step forward.

"Why?" Sasha pleaded miserably, as Michael's next step backed her against the wall.

"Sasha, listen to me," Michael's voice was reassuring, but firm as he lifted her chin until their eyes met. "I will see you later."

"But Michael......"

Michael hushed her with a touch of his finger to her lips. "Do as you're told," he whispered sternly. Then pulling her hand from her pocket he pressed the credit card into her palm, and opened the front door.

Michael watched as the bundle of coats, scarfs, mittens and three inch heeled boots slowly walked down the path to Abigail's car. As he closed the door, he wondered if the slender, tanned, auburn haired beauty would ever return to him, and for the first time in his life, his arms physcially ached to hold and protect someone.


........Michael hadn't told Sasha about tonight, he never told any of the slaves he trained. He found it the best way, so when they were taken by their new owners any feelings they held for him were extinguished by the fact that he had deceived them.

Sasha would find a new Master or Mistress tonight, he told himself. One who would take her places within her mind and body that he had not. His job was just to train the slaves. Normally, this took three to six month, but Sasha was different. She was completely new to the idea of submission and servitude. He had found girls off the street before, but they were different, they were wild, desperate women. Women who would do anything, and greatful for some direction in their lives. But Sasha, he had stumbled on her by mistake. She was so innocent, yet in her own way so worldly. The phone call that night had changed his life, and hers.

He knew Galiena was worried he was becoming emotionally involved. It had been six months since he first mentioned Sasha's name, then not another word. Now his mother was forcing his hand, and he knew it. Tonight he could lose his precious Sasha forever. He could not control the outcome tonight, he would not be allowed to influence her in any way.

Michael's brows drew together in an agonized expression as he tried to shake the thoughts from his head.

"Hell, I don't even have to go tonight," he said aloud, walking into his room. Flopping down on the bed, hands clasped behind his head, feet crossed, Michael closed his eyes. A moment later he shift uncomfortably, and reached under the small of his back. Locating what was poking him, he dragged it out.

"Damn it!" he muttered, holding up the delicate, silver leash Sasha had given him. Unconsciously toying with the silver heart Michael decided to attend after all.


........ Abigail took Sasha across town to a leather fashion bouquet, where she was introduced to the seamtress; Maida.

"Okay, everything off," Maida instructed brusquely, in a deep, throaty voice.

"Now, wait a minute," Sasha protested, backing toward the door. "I thought we were to buy me an outfit for tonight. Michael didn't say anything about this."

"Michael didn't say anything about a lot of things," Abigail countered sharply. "But, Michael did tell you to do as you are told."

"This is not what he was talking about," Sasha said, shaking her head.

"Sasha, you will do as I say, or I will report your disobediance to Michael."

Sasha glared at Abigail with cold contempt as she pulled her sweater off over her head. After folding it neatly she removed her jeans, placing them on top of her sweater.

"Everything!" Maida ordered. "Mistress Abigail, if she is going to be this difficult...."

"She is not going to be difficult any longer," Abigail guaranteed, arching a fine, rounded eyebrow at Sasha in warning.

Maida gazed appreciatively at Sasha as she stood there naked, her auburn curls cascading down passed her shoulder. Maida walked behind her and inspected the gentle curve of her buttocks. A warm blush rushed through Sasha's veins as Maida's leather smooth hands glided over her skin. Coming full circle, Maida paused briefly to admire Sasha's firm, satiny breasts.

"Galiena was right," Maida sighed, "as always. My white leather will look exquisite. She is a golden tanned beauty, isn't she?"

"Stop gawking at her, and get started," Abigail grumbled.

Maida took the measuring tape from around her neck and began calling out numbers to a young girl, who Sasha now saw standing in the shadows. The girl was naked from the waist down, and had her nose pressed to the wall in the corner jotting down the information as it was called to her.

Sasha tolerated Maida's roaming hands as they skimmed from her fingertips to shoulders, then lightly trickled down to her waist. Sasha remained motionless even as Maida's fingers lingered a bit to long at her breast, getting the exact circumference of each, as Maida put it, when Abigail gave an aggravated grunt. Next Maida moved her attention to Sasha's lower extremities.

"Spread your legs," Maida instructed, an odd gleam reflecting in her chocolate colored eyes.

Before she could obey, Maida smacked Sasha's upper thigh. "Quickly, quickly," Maida ordered with a lustful grin.

The minute Sasha's legs were apart, Maida's hands were at her crotch. "My aren't we just a might wet," Maida chuckled, glancing back at Abigail for approval.

"Go ahead," Abigail sighed.

Immediately, Maida's fingers wormed their way into Sasha's pussy.

"Stop that!" Sasha shouted, slapping Maida's face.

"Why you little bitch," Maida exclaimed, viciously pinching Sasha's clit.

"Oooowwwww!!" they both shrieked. Sasha, dancing in place, and Maida, kissing the back of her hand, each having received a stinging blow from a crop, now visible in Abigail's hand. Totally confused, Sasha stood, eyes shifting from Abigail to Maida, then back.

"Maida, finish taking the measurements," Abigail instructed, her lips twisted with displeasure. As Maida stepped forward, Sasha stepped back.

"Sasha, stand still," Abigail snapped, and slapped the crop across her open palm in threat. Sasha stared at the crop, the welt it had left still vividly burning. Slowly, Sasha again parted her legs to allow Maida her desired access. With a great deal of fondling on Maida's part, the final measurements were taken.

"Sasha, get dress," Abigail ordered, then turned to Maida. "I will be back in three hours for the garment. I know Galiena has already made arrangements for payment, at a future date you will have the opportunity to collect, but it will not be when I return. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress," Maida answered as her chocolate eyes traveled the length of Sasha's partial clothed body. "I will wait. The outfit will be ready when you return."

The next three hours were spent trying on a variety of outfits that ranged from the shortest leather skirts to flowing silk gowns. Although, any clothing Abigail chose that Sasha felt would not be to Michael's particular taste, she would not use his credit card to purchase.

"He instructed you to buy clothes others would consider arousing on you," Abigail reminded as Sasha withheld the credit card. Sasha would just shrug, and wander away.

Their conversation covered everything from the weather to the whose who in hollywood. But, everytime Sasha ventured a question concerning the evenings events or what had just happen at the leather bouquet, Abigail simple ignored the question.

"Abigail," Sasha finally huffed, "Michael said you would tell me about the gathering this evening."

"Michael was wrong," Abigail muttered. There as a long moment of silence, then Abigail turned to Sasha. "Galiena wishes to prepare you."

"Oh," Sasha breathed apprehensively.

From the clothing stores, Abigail headed across town. "I am going to leave you here," Abigail said, pulling up in front of a hair salon. "While they do your hair and nails, I will go pick up your outfit from Maida, it should be ready by now."

Sasha agreed, relieved not to be returning to the bouquet, and got out of the car. Strangely enough, the beautician had a chair waiting for her, so they were able to get started right away. An hour later, Sasha stepped outside just as Abigail pulled along side of the curb.

Forty five minutes later Abigail pulled up in front of enormous iron gates and punched a code into a keypad station on the side of the driveway. Slowly the gates opened and Abigail proceeded up the lane. Sasha estimated the distance from the gates to be about a mile before they rounded a small curve and she could see their destination

The manison was wonderfully hugh, yet had an eerie sort of design. It was three story, gray brick, and Sasha could see several small windows at ground level along one side, indicating a basement. Ajoining the north corner was a tower with stairs circling the outside, leading to a narrow door near the top. As far as she could tell there was only one tiny window, and it was located above this door. Abigail stopped the car at the center of the half moon driveway in front of a dozen steps which led up to double oak doors.

"Gather your bags and wait on the steps. Someone will be out to get you shortly," Abigail instructed.

"Where are you going? Aren't you taking the rest of my things to Michael?"

"I still have a hundred things to do, I won't see you again until tonight."

"But Abigail......." Sasha moaned.

"Will you do as you're told," Abigail snapped impatiently.

Sasha's frightened hazel eyes met Abigail's as she slowly nodded. "Yes Ma'am." Sasha gathered up her packages, then nudged the door closed with her knee.

Abigail hesitated as she watched Sasha, both arms full, turn to face the manison. Suddenly, Abigail lowered the passenger window.

"Sasha," Abigail called.

When Sasha turned back Abigail could see tear streaks on each cheek. "Listen to Michael tonight, really listen, and not just with your ears," Abigail advised, and put the window up as quickly as she had lowered it.

Sasha blinked, sending another hot tear passed her dark lashes as she watched Abigail's car vanish around the curve.

"Follow," came a deep bass voice, and Sasha jumped.

"Geesh, you scared me!" Sasha exclaimed, turning around.

Standing on the steps was a man, a very big man. He merely shrugged at Sasha's comment, or at least she thought he shrugged. His shoulders and neck sort of blended together and it was hard to tell what his shoulders actually did as he turned toward the manison.

Sasha took a gulp of air, squared her shoulders and marched up the steps. "You could at least help me with my packages," Sasha fussed as they entered the foyer.

"Wait," the man instructed. Sasha rolled her eyes at him as she gave a slight nod.

Sasha stood looking around the room for several minutes before a painting caught her eye and she wandered over to get a closer look.


"Geesh, you did it again!" Sasha yelped as she spun around.

The man gave an expressionless shrug, turned, and headed for the stairs; Sasha rushed to catch up. The man stopped in front of the fifth door on the second floor, knocked once, gave a slight grunt, and opened the door.

"Enter," he instructed.

"Thanks for all your help," Sasha joked playfully, winking at the big man as she passed through the doorway. "Maybe we could share a word later?"

"Perhaps," the man responded returning her wink, and closed the door.

Sasha smiled to herself, sighed heavily, and turned around. Galiena was standing before her.

"Hello Sasha, it's nice to see you again," Galiena greeted warmly, and their eyes met. "You are not to make eye contact without permision," Galiena reminded her.

For one quick breath Sasha's independence flared, then she saw Michael in Galiena's deep blue eyes, triggering her mind.

**Do as you're told** **Listen to Michael**

Galiena wished she knew what was behind the sudden flash of defiance in those hazel eyes before Sasha lowered them.

"Yes Ma'am," Sasha replied.

"You can put your packages on the sofa," Galiena offered.

"Thank you. Would it be possible to have someone put them in Michael's car when he gets here? I don't want to forget them tonight."

Galiena's eyes were fixed on Sasha when she turned around. "Sasha, we need to have a talk."

"Talk?" Sasha repeated, cocking her head to one side.

Galiena glanced at the clock. "We don't have a lot of time before guest begin to arrive," she said, and began opening the packages from the leather bouquet, "start getting undressed. We'll talk while you change."

Sasha nodded, and began removing her clothes.

"Sasha, has Michael ever told you what he does for a living?" Galiena asked innocently, removing the leather garment from the box. Sasha was shaking her head as Galiena turned to face her.

"My, my aren't we a sight to behold," Galiena sighed admiringly. Then almost boastfully she said, "Michael trains young ladies in the art of servitude, then sells them to Masters all over the world."

Sasha's jaw dropped, but before she could speak Galiena held up what she was expected to wear, and continued. "This is an important night for Michael, his merchandise has always been sold under the family name. But tonight, under his father's discreet guidance he will handle his own negotiations. Michael will have four slaves including yourself, that will be available."

Sasha just stood there, staring at the outfit, trying to get oriented.

"I'm supposed to wear that," Sasha gasped, then that last word sank in. "Available..... available for what?" she stammered.

"Purchase, of course," Galiena answered, "and yes, this is what you are wearing."

Sasha was shaking her head as she backed against the wall. Galiena waited a moment, giving Sasha what she thought was ample time to adjust mentally; then her attitude changed drastically.

"Young lady, come here." Galiena's voice rang with command, and Sasha shuttered slightly as she stepped away from the wall. As soon as Sasha was within reaching distance, Galiena seized Sasha's right nipple, squ eezing viciously and pulling down at the same time; forcing Sasha to her knees.

"You are a slave without a Master or Mistress, and tonight you will be selected to become ones property."

"But what about Michael?" Sasha choked, trying to swallow the sudden despair that rose in her throat.

"Michael is a trainer, he has not yet found one he wishes to be Master of," Galiena stated coldly. "Do not think of yourself as such a prise. Tonight you are for sale. You will do exactly as I say from this moment forward."

That uncontrollable defiant streak of Sasha's flared instantly. "I will listen to Michael, he is the one I belong to," Sasha snapped, prying Galiena's fingers from her nipple, and coming to her feet.

For just an instant, Galiena's eyes softened. Could Sasha really be the one, she hoped, then her cold blue eyes narrowed. "Michael has decieved you, and placed you at the mercy of all who will attend this gathering; and I do mean mercy," Galiena cautioned. "You will be on open display. Any or all of the Masters or Mistress' may sample the merchandise through out the evening, and are not obligated to buy. Of course, you will always have the option of using your safeword, but remember that Michael's reputation will also be on the line. If you are under my control and code out, nothing will be thought of it, and you can not harm my reputation."

Sasha's thoughts raced. What am I doing? Deceived me......boy, did he ever deceived me. He has other slaves? How long has he been doing this? Why hasn't he choosen one to call his own? He tricked me!! I've been falling all over him and he isn't even interested.

Sasha looked at the outfit Galiena still held in her hands, and as she opened her mouth to denounce all association with Michael her thoughts echoed his rich timbred voice.

*Oh, my precious Sasha* *Sasha..... talk to me*

"I belong to Michael, until he says otherwise," Sasha declared, her clear hazel eyes brimming with determination. "Now, I need to finish dressing before the others arrive."

One corner of Galiena's mouth pulled into a slight smile and she again secretly hoped for a small miracle, as mother's often do.

"Sasha, you are still for sale, and under the same guidelines as the other slaves. If Michael chooses to keep you, he must do so out of his own desires. You must not influence him in any way," Galiena warned. "I am not going to make this easy for you, either. I am going to inform Michael that you have been willful and disobeidant, and that he better be sure he is in control."

Hearing the conviction behind her own words had given Sasha a sense of strength and had lessened her despair; she didn't even flinch at Galiena's threat.

"And Sasha, I will see to it he remembers you are his full responsibility, " Galiena concluded.

"Yes Ma'am," Sasha replied lifting her chin defiantly, fending off any second thoughts before they could take hold.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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