First Meeting - Chapter 10
by SusieQ

Michael sat Sasha on the edge of his bed, and began unlacing her boots.

"Michael," Sasha questioned, "why am I going buy an outfit for tonight if you don't even want to go?"

"Because we're going," he muttered without looking up.

"Will Abigail be there?"

"I suppose," Michael sighed, reaching into his vest pocket for the key to the last two silver locks. "Among others."

"Others?" Sasha moaned softly, thinking back to something Michael had once said.

He had called early that night, and she could sense he had something on his mind. Instead of his normal pleasantries, Michael had immediately ask her to recite her directives. When she recited number six *My Master will decide what his slaves sexual orientation shall be on any specific occasion* he had stopped her.

"Sasha, do you understand what that means?" Michael interrupted.

"That you will decide when, where and how I have sex," Sasha answered.

"And with who," Michael added bluntly.

"Oh," Sasha breathed.

"In other words, you might not always be with me."


"Sasha......." Michael grumbled, aggravated with her response.

"Could you explain that, please?" Sasha ventured.

"There is nothing to explain," Michael replied matter-of-factly. "I will decide when, where, how and with whom you have sexual relations. Understand?"

"Yes Sir," Sasha whispered.

"Continue with your directives," Michael urged, avoiding any further discussion.

Sasha remembered trying to readdress the subject on several occasions, but Michael refused to discuss the issue.

"Yes, others," Michael had continued. "There will be some very important people there tonight. Jonathan and Galiena are very well known and respected throughout the bdsm scene. This type of exposure offers some excellent opportunities for me."

"Excuse me Sir," Sasha interjected, as Michael removed her boot. "I wasn't listening."

Michael frowned, and dropped the boot on the floor with a thud. Dimples magically appeared when Sasha wrinkled her nose at him. A muscle twitched at the back of Michael's jaw then was gone.

"There will be a variety of people there tonight," Michael rephrased, and began unlacing the other boot. Sasha rested her bare foot on Michael's thigh, wiggling her toes. "It is just not the setting I would have preferred to display your training."

"Then why are we going?"

"My presence has been requested," Michael commented, furrowing his brow as he toyed with the tiny silver lock under the heel of her boot.

"Like Melantha's presence was requested," Sasha queried seriously.

Michael's blue eyes held a faint glint of humor when he looked up at her. "No," he breathed, giving a slight shake of his head. The lock sprang open in his hand, and Michael slipped the chain from around her heel. "Jonathan told me I would never hear the end of it, if we did not show up tonight."

"What are we supposed to wear?" Sasha asked, pulling her foot free of the boot as soon as Michael had grasped the heel. "Geesh, my feet are sore," she murmured, massaging her toes. "I sure hope the heels are lower."

"I don't know if they will be or not," Michael answered as he pushed himself to a standing position, "Galiena is choosing your outfit for tonight."

"She's what?" Sasha exclaimed pulling her feet under her. "Michael, I'm not sure I want to go tonight."

Michael pulled off his vest, draped it over the bedpost, then sat down on the edge of the bed. "Help me with my boots," he requested, totally ignoring Sasha's remark.

Sasha decided on a different approach as she took hold of the heel and toe of his boot. "Master, may I say something?"

"Yes......." Michael drawled suspiciously.

"If there is going to be people at the gathering this evening that you are hoping to impress," Sasha said, tugging on his boot, "I do not think it would be wise for me to accompany you." The first boot freed itself from Michael's foot, and Sasha grasped the other. "The slave accompanying you should be familiar with the activities of such a gathering, accustomed to your moods, and obedient." Sasha staggered backward when the second boot slipped from Michael's foot. "The slave that accompanied you this evening is inexperienced and very unpredictable," she concluded seriously, still holding the boot in her hands.

"I already tried that excuse," Michael chuckled, "it didn't work. That's when Galiena sent Abigail to check on you. You were still standing where I had instructed, and behaving yourself."

"I was not," Sasha objected, droppi ng the boot beside it's mate.

"Abigail said you were," Michael commented, unfasting his pants as he stood up. "That is the first time I wished one of my slaves had disobeyed me.

"I'm sorry Master," Sasha muttered sadly, "next time I will try harder to misbehave."

"Oh no," Michael laughed gathering her into his arms. "You did excellent, and you will do fine tonight. Now stop worrying about it, and get in bed."

"I have to go to the bathroom."

Michael rolled his eyes to the ceiling as he shook his head. "Well go, and be quick about it," he ordered, swatting her bottom as she slipped from his arms.

Michael was stretched out in the center of the bed, hands clasped behind his head, eyes closed, when Sasha returned. Easing her knee onto the mattress, Sasha crawled into bed straddling Michael's hips.

"Who is Abigail?" Sasha asked, worming her pussy against Michael's pelvis.

Without opening his eyes, Michael's hands skimmed up Sasha's sides until he cupped a breast in each hand. With a playful squeeze he gently drew her down to him.

"She is my mother's most precious possessison," he whispered between kisses.

"Really?" Sasha gasped softly, and pushed herself upright.

"Really," Michael repeated, a mysteriously smile forming as he opened his eyes. "While you two are shopping she will go over some of the details surrounding tonights gathering."

"What kind of details, my Master?" Sasha asked wriggling about on Michael's stiffing cock.

"It's time to go to sleep," Michael moaned, half heartedly trying to buck Sasha over onto the bed.

"Michael, I want to play."

"Sleep," Michael grumbled.

Sasha scooted back until her bottom rested on the mattress between Michael's legs.

"Play," she giggled and swirled her tongue around his cock as if she were licking a lollipop.

Michael's cock bobbed, stiff as a board against Sasha's moist, velvety lips.

"It doesn't look like you want to sleep to me," Sasha observed, speaking to Michael's cock and closed her mouth over the taunt head, swallowing it down to his balls.

"All right," Michael groaned, "play," and he reached under Sasha's arms, lifting her back in place.

Happily, Sasha tucked Michael's cock into her pussy as she wriggled snugly into his groin so the crack of her ass rested against his balls. Sasha then arched her body forward, dangling her breast above him. Michael accepted her delicious invitation, and sucked a sensitive swollen nipple between his teeth.

Sasha's body tingled as Michael's hands glided over her silken skin. Her thighs tightend when his fingers grasped her hips. His lips left her breast, his mouth now hungrily covering hers as he began thrusting inside her. With each forceful thrust she could feel the heat of his body course down the entire length of hers.

That uncontrollable tremor began on the inside of Sasha's thighs, and crept to the muscles of her pussy, then went racing like liquid fire through her veins. Within minutes, Sasha's pussy clenched of it's own accord, and Michael's cock involuntarily throbbed; releasing his cum. Together they touched that moment of ecstasy.

Sweetly drained Sasha collapsed on his chest, their bodies rising and falling in unison as Michael caught his breath. For a long moment his hands carressed the planes of her back, then he kissed the top of her head.

"Sleep," Michael whispered, easing Sasha down beside him. "Turn on your side."

"Yes Master," Sash sighed, and turned to face the wall.

Michael turned over also, and drew her soft, warm body neatly into the curves of his own, then lightly kissed her shoulder. "Good night, precious."

"Hummm...... good night, Master," Sasha softly replied, then fell asleep.

To be continued

© SusieQ 12/13/97

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