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From time to time we plan events that relate to the main channel. We hold bi-monthly discussions on a wide array of BDSM topics, we are hosting Scening Nights, and we will soon be hosting a Dom/sub Auction. Please check here often, and we will keep you informed on all special events.

Special Events and Happenings

We meet to discuss a wide range of topics within the realm of BDSM. Please check dates and topics.

Submissive ONLY Forums Let your haid down, kick up your feet and relax as you talk to other submissives on a wide array of topics.

#Submission Weakest Kink Night Sign up for this fun game which will be held on #submission

Winner gets $100 in Auction Dollars, 2nd $75, 3rd $50

BDSM Truth or Dare
These nights have a very kinky twist!

Dom/me-sub Auction This is more than just an "auction" !!! Have fun earning those extra auction dollars along the way. Keep an eye out, we may have one again.


Just connect and you are in!

We are always open to new events.
Please join our email lists and let us know what events you would like to see happen.

For Events, News, Discussion, Pics
All lifestylers welcomed

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Submissives only. Discussions
Open to all submissives

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Chat Now on #Submission

Weakest Kink Winners
First Winners
1st Place lacy{GW}
Runner-up ][aystack

Third Winners
1st Place sovi{TS|}
Runner-up CybrVixn

Fifth Winners
1st Place allelynn
Runner-up Swift32

Seventh Winners
1st Place kitdeluca
Runner-up submitten
Third Zuzzz

Second Winners
1st Place itsme{GD}
Runner-up kitdeluca

Fourth Winners
1st Place PhntmJoe
Runner-up Zuzzz

Sixth Winners
1st Place KttN
Runner-up submitten

Eigth Winners
1st Place Zuzzz & Cougar
Third ^beloved^


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