Our discussions are meant to enlighten, to educate through awareness, to open minds to what is often thought *taboo* and most importantly to open areas to more questions. It is our belief that if you walk away with a question in mind, it will start you on your own journey for knowledge. BDSM is a very personal choice, there are no gurus, and no *set* rules as long as you practice within safe, sane and consensual limits. Have fun, play safely and most of all enjoy!

The Nature of a Sadist

Gloria Brame

Discusses Domina

Molly Devon

Q&A With The Author Of
"Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns"

MstrDavid, alexus & roseAZ

IRC to RL Love Affairs

DebbiJean & #MDOM

BDSM and Child Abuse

Master Perry and rayna

D/s Toy Making At Home
For Affordable Prices


Safewords and Fisting


How To Demand Most From A Dom


On Topping From The Bottom

Future Dates and Topics

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