Our discussions are meant to enlighten, to educate through awareness, to open minds to what is often thought *taboo* and most importantly to open areas to more questions. It is our belief that if you walk away with a question in mind, it will start you on your own journey for knowledge. BDSM is a very personal choice, there are no gurus, and no *set* rules as long as you practice within safe, sane and consensual limits. Have fun, play safely and most of all enjoy!

One Dominant's Journey


Submissive NOT Stupid


Overcoming Childhood Abuse
Through BDSM


BDSM and Ds
Relationship to Self Esteem


Making The Leap From IRC to RL

John Warren

Q&A With The Author of
" The Loving Dominant"

James Bryant

Beginning D/s

Master Vran, Master Perry
cass{MV} and rayna

Polyamory and How
It Works For Us

Future Dates and Topics

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