The Branding
by alexus

Friday night was set as the date I was to receive Master David's brand. I had been counting the days on my calendar, marking them with an X. I was thrilled, excited and nervous. We had discussed this for several years, and I was happy to be finally making this sort of "commitment" to him. I prepared carefully, shaving... doing my hair and nails... with shaking hands. Master had brought in a man who is experienced in branding, and had specially designed one with MDs "crest" on it. The size of the brand is
small, about <= of an inch. We had agreed that it would be placed on my upper inner right thigh.

I wont go into all the boring technical stuff about his preparations, but only say that there are MANY safety precautions, sterilizations etc... The best part is the actual scene that took place. First, Master brought me into the room wearing nothing but my collar and cuffs. The man was sitting by the fire sipping a glass of wine, and he didn't speak to me. I was cuffed to Masters chain he keeps attached to the ceiling, arms over my head. I remember thinking to myself, (gawd, am I TO STAND during this thing???) I was blindfolded and Master kissed me softly. It was VERY quiet, except for the crackling of the fire. I felt Masters hands running up and down my naked body, and felt the warmth of the fire on my skin. I was slightly embarrassed since I knew the man was watching, but my heart was pounding so hard, I soon forgot that part. Master David took some warm oil and began to rub it into my skin, all over.. very slowly. The warmth and strength of his hands calmed me, and I felt myself growing wet.

When he had massaged every part of my body, he stepped away again. I felt his fingers on my lips, and he whispered, "you are lovely pet.." I was trying to control my breathing, to keep my mind from racing, wondering what was next...He slid his hand between my legs and felt my wetness. He began moving his strong fingers in and out of my wet pussy. I was moaning softly, aching for him. He continued until I shook with orgasm. He pressed close to me to feel my body shake, riding the wave with me. He attached my nipple clamps to my now VERY hard nipples. He adjusted them to very tight, and they immediately began to throb. I tried focusing on HIM, fighting against the pain. I felt him reach up and un hook my wrists. He kissed me again, and stroked my hair. He led me forward, to a long upholstered chaise that is in front of the fireplace. I have been whipped and flogged there before, as well as simply cuffed there while he watches TV sometimes. He helped me lie down and told me to put my cuffed wrists over my head and keep them there. We had agreed that I was not to be tied down for this, so it was up to me to keep my hands away. He slowly traced his hands up and down my thighs, spreading my legs to either side of the chaise, until I was exposed. I began shaking, even though this was something I had wanted for a
long time. I was afraid I couldn't take the pain, I was afraid Master might not go through with it, I was afraid I might disappoint him in some way... Alot of what went on right after that, I don't know about, there were sounds of preparation etc... but the entire time, Master David was kneeling beside me, stroking my hair, kissing me and telling me how much he loved me. Feeling his hands on me, hearing his voice and smelling his scent calmed me some, and amazingly.. I was getting even wetter! I felt incredibly exposed with my legs spread wide to this other person, knowing what was to come.. feeling the fear wash through me. There was never a point when I wanted to stop, or even considered it. I remember Master touching my clasped hands and I squeeze his fingers. He began to speak softly. He said, "You are my love and my life.. you belong to me by choice. I am dedicated to taking care of you, cherishing you and loving you
for a lifetime. By accepting my brand, you honor me, you dedicate your whole self to me. Do you wish us to proceed?"

I tried to speak, but only squeaked a little. I nodded yes, and he asked again, "I want to hear you pet..." I said "yes Master." I remember squeezing my eyes closed even though I was blindfolded. The pain was
searing for a VERY short time. I screamed out, squeezing Masters hand. Amazingly, the pain stopped as soon as the brand was removed, and I remember feeling relieved that it wasn't as bad as I had expected. The man began rubbing some sort of "potion" into the wound, and THEN it began to burn again. I'm told that the cream was a mix of aloe, and antibiotic etc.. I lay there, feeling the burn, feeling it burn into my HEART and soul... and I haven't ever felt as close to Master David as I did that night. He
held me as the man cleaned the wound and bandaged it loosely. Master stroked my hair and kissed me, telling me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. I wish I could explain to you what was going on in my head, in my body even, during this time...I was filled with love, and pride, and surprisingly (to me at least) I was filled with lust for Master. The pain of the burn began to subside, and Master sat me up on the chaise. He unhooked my nipple clamps. He gave me a glass of wine, and left me blindfolded in front of the fire while he saw our guest out. I sat there, basking in the warmth of the fire, feeling it on my oiled skin... thinking how RIGHT this seemed FOR ME. When Master David returned, he carried me to our bedroom. He kissed my inner thigh all around the place where the brand was. I was aching for him to be inside me by this point. He pulled off my blindfold and unhooked my cuffs. I pulled him down to me, and he stopped, concerned that he would hurt my new brand. I begged him, told him that I NEEDED him inside me. I felt his hardness slide easily into me, as wet as I
was. I'm sure my words aren't doing justice to this moment either, but the combination of the burning on my thigh, knowing his crest was there, and that he was inside me.. the MOST intense connection I have EVER felt.

Alexus Kelsey Freeland copyright 1997

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