..........birth of a slave.........
by Kree

Running through life, proud and strong
driven to excel In every task.
always peering into the darkness that lies ahead
never reaching the light that awaits.
knowing there is more and reaching high
standing tall, yet with doubts inside.
wondering if there can ever exist,
the one that will light the torch.
searching, struggling, never satisfied
crying at night alone with your fears..
fighting and questioning your deep desires.
explaining your needs to those with deaf ears.
off in the distance a shadow appears
holding a dim lantern to guide you home.
a pinpoint of light, a beacon of hope
whispers of love calling your name.
Come, my love, follow your dreams
Come, my love, I'll fill your needs.
Come, my love, offer your deepest gift,
Come, my love, learn to be adored.

the lessons you have learned through life's search
have been for a reason you now understand.
without the searching and questions, my love
you would not be prepared to begin your path.
power doesn't shout, it speaks with a whisper,
strength is empowering those that we love.
respect can't be demanded, it is always earned,
and the gift of submission will make you free.
the distance has closed, the light now burns bright,
your path is flooded with surrender's sweet light.
come , your true Master's face is now clear,
holding out a strong hand to take you home.

yes my love, you are beautiful as you kneel before me,
finally having found your inner power on bended knee.

Copyright USA, Feb., 1997 Michael Montgomery
All rights reserved

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