The Beginners Guide to Dominance and Submission

Chapter 9 - Suggested Reading List

This has been a labor of love. I wish to thank the many people that I have talked with for their input. This booklet was written to answer some of the many questions I am asked about D/s, and in my life I have met many people who were interested in D/s, but knew nothing about it.

I hope after reading this information you are left with the understanding that the Dom is not only about discipline. He is about love. Also, the sub is not the doormat for the whims of a Dom, but a valuable addition to the Dom's life. D/s is not for all couples. It worked for me and I want to share the information I have learned through years of practice.

Special thanks go to:

Craig - Thank you for all your questions which precipitated writing this booklet.

Rex99 - Thank you for your concisely communicated views on D/s and S&M.

All others who have read and communicated their feelings on the information in this booklet - You have my gratitude. Be well, my friends.

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