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The Beginners Guide to Dominance and Submission

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1 - Basic Definitions

Chapter 2 - The Players

The Dominant - The Master - The Submissive - The Slave

Chapter 3 - Dominance and submission Rules

Chapter 4 - Reward and Punishment

Chapter 5 - Bondage

Ropes - Straps - Cuffs - Chains - Collars - Bars - Suspension Devices - Specialty Items

Chapter 6 - Training Items

Chapter 7 - Training Techniques

Humiliation - Restriction - Physical Domination - Verbal Domination

Chapter 8 - Additional Information

Wax - Clamps - Electrical Stimulating Devices - Ice - Body Training - Piercing

Chapter 9 - Suggested Reading List


James Bryant

Copyright 1998, 1996, 1995 by The Bryant Press

First Electronic Edition 1996 by The Bryant Press

Previous Edition: The Beginner's Guide to Bondage and Domination

All rights reserved.

Copying or republishing is not cool, so don't do it unless you have permission from the Author.

#Submission would like to thank Mr. Bryant
for the kind use of his guide,
and a wonderful informative discussion.

Beginning D/s Discussion Log
Speaker: James Bryant
Topic: Open Discussion
Where: #submission EFNet
Date: Monday December 10th

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