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Our Dom/me and submissive Auctions on #submission have been such a success we would like to thank everyone who participated. The auctions are meant to be fun, to make friends along the way and to bring us all a little closer together, and we met that goal with ease. The contributions to the channel and website were beyond what we ever imagined. And we invite you all to look at the site and all the new works throughout it.

Dom/me & sub Auction on #Submission EFNET TBA
Auction (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions
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( Adult BDSM 18 Years of Age and Over Only )

auction pic by lipsy

#submission eGroups

All Lifestylers

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Submissives Only

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Everyone Gets $100 To Start!
To Earn Extra Auction Dollars - All Year Round
* Add your picture to the website - $20; semi-nude $30; nude $40: body art $20
* Add updated picture to the website (see above)
* Provide a bio/profile of yourself for the website. (can be in addition or instead of a photo)- $20
* Contribute story, poem, essay, artwork to the website $50
* Add your ICQ# to #submission ICQ List- $15
* Write a review of a BDSM-theme site, film, CD, toy or book (not currently listed at the site) $20
* Write a review of a BDSM Scene Event or Club $50
* Weakest Kink Winners - $100 - $75 (3rd place in April)
* Write 25 original BDSM-theme trivia questions - $50 (limit 200)
* Schedule a discussion speaker - $50
* Discussion Speaker - $100
* Post to the #submission message board - $15 (one to four lines) $25 (longer posts) (limit 30)
* Join our email lists, submail or subsonly and make a post - $25
* Lead a discussion for at least 15 minutes on any BDSM-theme subject in #submission. Email a log of the discussion to any op. One discussion at a time. - $15
* Cybersex Logs To Be Posted - $75 for #submission's site. (limit 10)
* MP3's and .wavs - $50 for sexy sounds $100 for BDSM related sounds, spankings and such. 30 seconds minimum, 2 minutes maximum. These must be you.
* Webcam action (coming soon and it must be naughty)

Weeks Before Auction-Starting In April
Auction yourself off and get an extra $100
* Convince a friend to be auctioned - $40 (limit 10)
* Convince a friend to open an account - $25 (limit 10)
* Serving as channel waitress/waiter/slut for an hour - $25
* Solo, couple or group scene in channel *scene* on channel $25 (limit 30)
* Introduce a friend from another channel/net to #submission - $15 (minimum time 15 minutes)
* Write a 3 line review of any non-reviewed website in
Ds Links, Erotic Links, or Shopping Links . These do NOT have to be long, just a general description. $10 (limit 30)
* Adding to #submission's D/s Truth or Dare database $10 (limit 10) Please check the database first. Duplicates don't count.
T or D
* Weakest Kink Winners Third Place - $50
* "Most Active Nicks" and "less than 240 lines" nicks each week during the points period earn 10 and 5 dollars each respectively.
* Playing/leading a Truth or Dare game - $10 (limit 10)

**Contributions to website after August 30, 1999 are good for retroactive dollars should you wish to participate in the auction. (Transferable*)
**$100 "Free Money" is NOT Transferable, only earned money can be transfered.
**ALL transferable money has to happen ONE day before the auction or before.

Auction Ground Rules For The Hour Purchased

*Respectful for the Dom/submissive's limits
*No overt sexual contact without the Dom/submissive's expressed consent
*Play in a safe, sane and consensual manner and most of all have fun!
*You are responsible for setting your own time schedules.

View the List of Those Being Auctioned

Auction Accounts - Check Your Accounts Here

*NOTE: If it isn't listed. PhntmJoe hasn't received it. So make sure you send him your earnings.

Special Game Nights!
Game: BDSM Truth or Dare
Open to: Everyone! No pre-registration necessary.
Date: TBA
Where: #submission EFNet
When: 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET

Bonus $100 Best Dare Completed

To be auctioned please write to:
and be prepared to say a little about yourself the night of the auction (this is very important).

*Send a short line to be added to the auction page
*Write something to say about yourself the night of the auction
*If someone on the channel talked you into being auctioned, give their name

To Start a "Auction Money Account" email: ______ today in order for us to ensure proper monies are credited. The more earned, the more you will have to bid. Earned "Auction Money" can be transfered should you wish not to bid, this way everyone gets to play!

*Give your name
*If someone on the channel talked you into opening an account, give their name

To send contibutions to the website and other auction monies earned please write to
: ______ .

*Be specific of the task or website contribution you made.
*If this is a channel task, give dates and logif you can. Or just give a name of someone who saw you doing it
*Don't forget to attach the website contributions
*This ensures that we properly credit your auction account.

Have any questions? Read the FAQ or ask any of the ops when on #submission:

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Last Auction Log | Who Bought Whom Last Auction

NO Refunds!  NO Exchanges!  NO Complaints!  Everything Sold AS IS!  ALL Sales Final!

Play Safe, Have FUN and Enjoy!

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