A Taste
By kylara

It was one of those evenings where I could not tell what mood he was in. He gave a small smirk when he came through the door, yet there was a twinkle in his eye. He'd had a good day, yet ... that smirk, where was it coming from? and why?

Time passed as it usually did; eating dinner, watching my addiction (the nightly news), taking care of the animals. It was not until close to midnight that I saw that smirk again. He called to me from the sofa, and I smiled as I went to him. Without any preamble or warning, he pulled me down onto his lap and whispered into my ear "And how do you taste today, kitten?" My face flushed and I bit my lip a moment before answering him with a shrug. "Well then let us find out."

Quickly he divested me of the little clothing I had on, keeping me on his lap, then slid two fingers inside of me. I squirmed a bit as he held his hand in place for a few moments. Not for long, just a few moments, after which he brought his fingers to my lips and set them there gently. "Do you wish to taste, kitten?" I nodded in reply and opened my lips just a bit, darting my tongue out against his fingers. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that smirk again, and once again i wondered why. I was soon to find out, as he pulled his hand away and looked me in the eye. "And how do you ask for what you want, kitten." It was more a command than a question, and I blushed a bit as I looked down at my lap, and my own fidgeting hands. Very softly I spoke the words I knew he wanted to hear, "Please Sir, may I taste?" With that smirk on his face he nodded, placing his fingertip against my lips, and I took his finger into my mouth suckling on it a bit.

After just a few moments, he moved his hand ever so slowly down my chest and belly, and back to that area of heat and warmth, so ready for him so quickly. His hand resting lightly against me, he lifted my chin with his other, giving me a gentle kiss. I moved to lean against him, and he put his hand on my arm, "You are not done yet." I raised one eyebrow for a moment, then lowered it with a small nod and a smile, repeating my request. When he put his fingers inside of me this time, he did so slowly, teasingly, bringing me close to orgasm and then intentionally pulling away and putting his hand again to my face, fingers against my lips. Again I took his fingers gently into my mouth, suckling on them, tasting myself on his fingers, enjoying this game of being "fed". I discovered the reason behind that smirk as he repeatedly brought me up to the point of orgasm, then withdrew his hand without allowing me release, everytime at my request.

Just when I thought I could stand the torture no longer, he granted me permission to release. I had not had a shockwave that strong through my body in a long time, and it was all the more powerful for the teasing and torture that led up to it. I looked up at him with a smile, secure in our mutual love, desire to please, and at that moment, enjoyment of our game. It is not a day I will soon forget.

Copyright 1999 kylara

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