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To connect to IRC via AOL is pretty simple. First you have to determine what version of AOL you are using. Once you have AOL software loaded... click on Help and then click on About AOL That should tell you what version you are on. Once you have determined that, follow the appropriate directions below.

For AOL 2.5 or earlier (Windows Version only)

1. Go to Keyword WINSOCK and download the AOL version of winsock.dll this is important as the windows version of winsock.dll will NOT work with IRC chat clients Download this file to your AOL directory or rename the winsock.dll in your windows directory to another file name such as winsock.old and then download the AOL winsock to your Windows directory.

2. Once you have the correct winsock, you need to download a chat client, whether that be mIRC, pIRCh or some other chat client. Any one is fine. Install your chat client according to the directions included.

3. Once you have all that set up, you are ready to connect. However AOL is a bit fussy when it comes to what servers on IRC you can connect to. Follow the list below

Efnet: Ports 6666-6669

Undernet: Ports 6666-6669

Dalnet: any server listed Ports 7000 only you can use any server as long as your port is 7000

Beware though.... AOL servers for Efnet and Undernet have been known to lag badly, and since they are the only two you can use... your stuck with it. You just have to wait out the lag or disconnect and try again later.

For AOL 3.0 and later (Windows version only) :

You can skip step one above. AOL 3.0 already comes with the correct winsock in the installation. So you do not have to go to download it. Being the case, just follow from step 2 above.

NOTE: if you are using the 16 bit version of the AOL software you may only use the 16 bit version of the chat client you have selected. Regardless of whether you are using Win95 or a 32 bit dialer. You need to be 32 bit completely to use the 32 bit chat clients

Take care... happy chatting.
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