by Kree

She looked around her fine home, with its lovely furnishings with a snug smile. Having been born the fifth child of a poor Methodist preacher who never understood her need for achievement and the finer things in life, she twirled across the lovely Persian rug in her great room like a ballerina. Her reverie was interrupted by the tear that fell from her eye suddenly when she lost her composure. She had sold her happiness to an asshole for "things", a compromise she had lived with her whole life.

She had been blessed with an intellect far superior to that of her siblings and had used it wisely. She started in public schools, but her ability to learn so much faster than her classmates was noticed by a perceptive fourth grade teacher, who contacted her old private school and requested a testing session for the purpose of possibly getting Amanda a scholarship. Amanda took the test, and to her parents great surprise, made one of the highest scores ever seen. She was transferred the day that the scholarship was granted and began cautiously establishing herself. At first, she was shunned by these children of the wealthy, but her charming personality and refusal to be slighted caused her to become a curiosity to them, and the walls soon came tumbling down. Soon Amanda was invited to all the parties and was seen as someone to know. She relished this attention and was always everyone's best friend.

As she progressed thru grammar school, she studied hard and made sure she was at the top of the class. Even at her young age, she knew there was a brick wall waiting for her at the end of the eighth grade. Her scholarship was for grammar school, not high school, and she could not imagine giving up this life she had come to know. As the day for graduation approached, she helped her parents complete the application that would give her a grant to continue this charmed life for another four years. Each day for a month after completing the application, she tore through the mail looking for the envelope that would guarantee her continued access to the country clubs and fine estates of her friends. Finally, the envelope arrived with its glorious message. She was accepted.

Amanda continued slashing her way thru the classrooms for her freshman year and a part of her sophomore year. Suddenly, the wall at the end of high school loomed on her She knew that she would get a scholarship somewhere, but then after college, she was on her own, a poor preacher's daughter with no access to the life she had so grown to crave.

Amanda's friends had begun their sexual explorations and the attendant chatting about "boys" and she had been intrigued, but not a participant. It wasn't that she objected or wasn't curious, and her father's stern warnings had meant little to her. This was HER show and she was going to run it. She began noticing William, the son of one of the wealthiest families in her world. Since most of the girls were wealthy on their own, they chased those that turned them on and William, though a nice boy, wasn't one they put on their lists of boys to chase. He wasn't too smart or very attractive and they had their pick of the others. Amanda liked him as a friend and decided that he was the target she should pursue.

These thoughts ran thru Amanda's mind as she wandered through the house waiting for William Hastings,lll to awake. She sat at the kitchen table and remembered gleefully the seduction of William the summer before her junior year of high school. She had always been a strong woman, much stronger than William, even as a teen. She would never forget the shock on his face when she danced with him at his Father's fancy country club and leaned in and whispered, "William, tonight I have to feel your cock inside me." William almost tripped and fell on the dance floor. They had only kissed a few times and he had never even tried to feel her breasts. Her friends had laughed at her and assured her that William would never figure it out. She had always blushed and pretended she didn't care.

That night, she pulled William away from the crowd and walked with him through the Club, pretending to enjoy seeing the portraits of the past Club Presidents. As they passed the laundry store room of the Club, Amanda lagged behind for a second to try the door, and finding it unlocked, pulled William back to her and into the room. Once inside, she gave him a kiss unlike any they had ever shared and feeling his hardness grow against her leg, she reached down and stroked it through his trousers. William began to shiver at her touch and she stopped for fear he would lose it before she got her chance at him. She had stepped away and locked the door and as she turned, dropped her straps from her shoulders and felt the fabric caress her body as it slid to the floor..........................

Amanda's memories were interrupted by the crying of Trey and she went to check on him. She was to take him to her in-laws house today for their weekly visit. This allowed her some semblance of a quiet time to herself to shop or visit friends or to just come back home and relax. She smiled as she walked to check on Trey, walking through her home, appreciating the fact that it was indeed hers....hers alone. It had been a gift to her and a threat to William from his parents. She had faithfully fucked and sucked William all through high school and college and upon graduation, she had found herself pregnant. They were married hurriedly, much to William's chagrin. He didn't know what else was out there, but he knew he had been had and might never find out. In her third month of pregnancy, she began to feel a change and a sadness with the realization that William would never really DO anything except spend the money allotted from his family. He had a lackluster career in college and only his Father's influence landed him a job selling securities to his Father's company, which provided them an income, but one that had to be subsidized by his Father. His father paid his Club bills and credit card bills and purchased their cars through the company just as he always had. They lacked nothing, but Amanda felt that she had thrown away a possibly brilliant in Medicine if she had stayed in school. The realization that she would always be Mrs. William Hastings, Jr., rather than the accomplished person she was cause d her to begin pushing William away when he wanted the sexual favors that he felt had trapped him.

One night during that third month of pregnancy, Amanda told him no when he wanted her to suck him and William hit her. She slapped him back and he hit her again. To Amanda, the fight seemed to last forever, with her slaps being ineffective against the power of William's blows. William ordered her from the house and told her it was over. Amanda left and went to her parent's house. Several days later William's father called her and apologized to her and told her William was sorry and wanted her back. Amanda thanked him and refused. The next day he arrived and asked her to go for a ride with him. William's Father drove her to the driveway of the house and said that the house was hers, in her name, and that there would be an allowance for her until she and William worked through things. What he didn't say was that William had been cut off from all family assistance. Amanda moved into the house and furnished it as she had always wanted a house to be furnished. William's Father never complained.

Several months before Trey was born, Amanda met with William and told him how his life was to be from that day forth. She explained his position in the house and in her life. William knew that if he didn't go along with her version of the way his life was to be lived that he would find himself cut off from his family. He was weak and chose the easy path as he had always done and allowed Amanda to have control. Amanda for her part of the bargain created a facade of happiness for the outside world and a schedule of availability for him in private that he knew he could not cross. They had lived for three years after he was allowed to return home under those conditions. He worked, came home, ate, then depending on Amanda's availability either read or drank until time for bed. Each day blended and folded into a sameness that one of such limited outlook was able to handle, if not enjoy.

Amanda dressed Trey and looking at the clock, hurried down to the garage. Ten in the morning, back by ten-thirty she thought......good, time to get some things done. Amanda arrived at her in-laws home and with her usual charming way made them feel she was mother of the year. She turned into her street and passed a man on a bicycle, wearing a back pack. He was wearing black trousers and a white shirt and she slowed to watch the movement of his ass as he pedaled along. She turned into her cul-de-sac and looked in her rear view mirror, noticing that he was also turning into the cul-de-sac. She watched him park the bike between the first two houses, reach in the backpack and get a brochure or a pamphlet of some kind and approach the door. She pulled into the garage and pressed the button to shut the door, intrigued by this cyclist, with his worn mountain bike and backpack, not to mention that hard ass that had strained the fabric of his trousers as he pedaled.

She ran up the stairs and quickly changed from her "perfect Mom delivering the baby" clothes to her bumming around the house outfit of an old T-shirt and a pair of cut-off denim jeans. She looked out the bedroom window down the cul-de-sac and watched as the cyclist crisscrossed the street, moving his bike three houses at a time, then working both sides of the street. Her neighbors were obviously not interested in hearing his speech, which she now realized was probably a religiously oriented one because of the rapid manner in which he was being turned away. She realized that she would be his last stop since she was the center house on the cul-de-sac. She wondered what her neighbors would think, if she, the daughter of a Methodist minister turned him away. She considered just not answering the doorbell, but knew that her nosy neighbors would know she was home. Most people at one time or another had fucked up and allowed one of these visiting disciples into their homes. Once someone had spent the two hours or so they invariably stole from their day, they were wiser next time and didn't allow them into the house.

Amanda watched as he parked his bike in front of her house and made his way to the houses on either side of her, only to be met at the door by the polite refusal to listen. Her phone rang as she waited for the ring of the doorbell. It was Mrs. Johnston calling to warn her that the freaks had landed. Amanda reminded her that her Father was a preacher and that he had always told her to honor the religious feelings and beliefs of others. As Mrs. Johnston was hurriedly agreeing and adopting a pious front, Amanda's doorbell rang and Amanda told her she would speak to him and maybe listen since no one else had.

As Amanda opened the door, he looked at a list and began his routine.

"Hello, Mrs. Hastings, I am Joshua, a member of the Seventh Day Church of God on my one year mission. May I have a few minutes of your and Mr. Hastings time?"

"Well, Mr. Hastings isn't here, but I am a minister's daughter and will allow you some time to visit, since I do respect what you are doing," Amanda replied, "and please, Sir, since you are older than I am please call me Amanda," she said as she opened the door to him.

Amanda closed the door behind him and passing him, led him to the living room. Once there, he smiled and said, " Amanda, get me water, it is a hot day and I have ridden and walked throughout your neighborhood."

Amanda hurried to get the water and watched with interest as he downed it in one drink, smiled and asked for more. She refilled the glass and when he was thru, took the glass back to the kitchen. He removed his backpack and set it on the Persian rug. Amanda waited for him to begin his sermon and invitation to his religion and sat on the chair across from where he stood.

"Amanda," he began, "get your ass off that sofa and go to your knees before me."

Amanda stared incredulously at the audacity of this sweaty man standing before her. Something inside her urged her to give in to him, while simultaneously telling her to begin screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Now! Amanda," he whispered forcefully, staring with a deep intensity into her eyes.

Amanda felt a sensual awakening inside her, a longing and urging, she had never encountered before. She had playfully watched scenes on the internet in chat rooms and laughed in private messages with friends as silly desperate women had compli ed with the orders of silly lonely men pretending to be strong.

"Amanda, if you do not immediately go to your knees before me, I will come to you and take you there and punish you," Joshua said as he began removing a crop and a paddle from his backpack..

Amanda held her position, sputtering the word "no", over and over, as he advanced on her. He was much larger and obviously stronger and Amanda felt the adrenaline rush of fear and panic running through her entire body. As he approached, she felt her pussy suddenly release a wetness she couldn't control and she suddenly realized she didn't wish to control it. He reached for her and as she pulled away, he grabbed her wrists in one hand, yanked her from the chair, and in one motion pulled her across his lap face up. Her eyes were filled with fear and lust as he held her in place with one hand and grabbed her T-shirt with the other. He gripped the T-shirt tightly, moved the other hand to a position beside the first and tore the T-shirt from her, exposing her rapidly hardening nipples. She felt her legs tremble as the most intense orgasm of her life ripped through her, leaving her body shaking with desire. She knew at that moment that this man now owned her.

Joshua unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, pulling them down to her hips and flipped her onto her stomach across his lap. He slid her shorts and panties to mid thigh, exposing her ass. Her wetness was drenching her and her thighs felt the draining in a way she had never experienced, she couldn't stop the flow, it had a mind of its own. Her pussy throbbed, begging his touch, she felt his hand on her ass rubbing and thrust her pelvis upward longing for him to rip her shorts off and touch her clit or slide his thumb into her. She felt the gentle rubbing of his hand cease and felt the first fire of her life in her ass as his hand landed hard, the fire spreading through her as she felt the imprint of his hand, resting in place after the slap. She moaned at the feeling and felt the throbbing grow worse. She heard his voice whispering to her as he lifted the hand and landed it again and again, the fire spreading through her, consuming her. Again and again, he slapped her ass, the blows raining harder and harder until they blended into one long continuous feel of warmth. Amanda felt the slapping stop, only to be replaced with the feel of his finger teasing the lips of her pussy. He slid his finger up and down slowly, just parting the lips as her explosions came faster and faster. When he touched his finger to her clit, Amanda screamed and began shaking, pressing against his finger, wanting more. He dipped his finger into her and explored the soft inner walls, then slid the finger from her and pressed it to her ass. Amanda felt the rush of fear again. No one had ever touched her ass, he couldn't, he just couldn't. She began whispering "no" over and over again, as she felt her legs part as best they and he ass rise to press against his finger. Her bodies desire to be taken overcoming her minds shock.

He began pressing the tip of his slippery finger against her opening, gently, yet firmly, pressing against it. Amanda fought her body to control the clenching of her ass, so wanting to relax, but so afraid of the penetration. He pressed and as she relaxed, the tip entered and held its place as she tightened again. Each time she relaxed, he pressed deeper, then stopped as she tensed and clenched. Finally, Amanda felt full and the warmth radiating from his handprints and the penetration took her over the edge . He began sliding his finger in and out of her as she moved against the finger, whimpering as it left her and thrusting up to take it as he pressed in. Clenching to hold it, then thrusting to get it back , her entire being focused on her tight burning ass and the finger invading it.

"Be still!, Amanda," he commanded, as he slid his finger from her, " Now, get up and go and get my backpack."

Amanda composed herself for a second, lying across his lap. The sudden sharp slap of his hand on her ass sent her to her knees crawling and sobbing to get the backpack. She turned slowly, the backpack in her hands, and looked into his eyes. The gaze between them turned from one of fear to a deep searching of souls. Amanda tried to match the intensity of the stare, to regain the control she had always been able to exert, but found herself wanting to lose herself in those eyes. Unable to turn away, she felt a desire suddenly run through her to belong to this man, to be his, to give him her all. Slowly, the feeling of wanting to do anything, anywhere, anytime to please him took control of her. She found a strength inside her that said it was fine, he would care for her. The love was in his eyes.

Amanda began crawling, wanting to please him, wanting to yell to him to claim her as his own, totally new thoughts to her, which both confused, inflamed, and delighted her. She crawled to him, holding the gaze until she was close to him, then looking down as she raised the backpack to his outstretched hand. He took the backpack and she heard a rustling sound, curiosity finally forcing her to look upward. She watched in fascination as he removed objects from the backpack. He stood and patted the arm of the overstuffed chair, indicating she was to lie across it. He placed her hands behind her back and she felt the softness of fur encircling them and heard the click as they locked her hands together. He slid her back over the arm of the chair and resumed fingering her, adding to the wetness already there.. he removed his finger and replaced it with a small vibrator that he moved in and out of her, twirling it as he did so. He removed the vibrator, ripped the shorts the rest of the way off of her, then slowly began filling her ass with the buzzing torment. Amanda exploded at the feel of this wonderful sensation. It was like nothing she had ever felt in its intensity, its unyielding refusal to slow or stop as she cried out.

He spread her legs and slid a larger vibrator into her pussy, the buzz of this one complimenting the first. She felt the round base of the vibrating plug in her ass teasing the soft spot between her ass and pussy as the new tool ground its way into her consciousness, making its own demands on her screaming body. Her concentration was broken as he lifted her legs and kissed the bottom of her feet softly, then sucked each toe, causing her to feel she had fallen into a hole she could never and would never want to climb out of. She felt her legs being pressed close together and clothing wrapping them, binding them from her thighs then across her ass as he lifted her legs. The buzzing lovers inside her were relentlessly forcing her to cum over and over, drowni ng in a sensation that the wrapped cloth would not allow her to escape.

He forced her off the chair and onto the floor, gently lifting her to her knees and resting her back against the chair for balance. Her contractions were out of control, the throbbing inside her increasing the intensity of her orgasm second by second. She looked at him through half closed eyes, back arched against the chair back, body screaming as her voice screamed her pleasure. She saw him smile and move something in his hand and felt the sharp heat of something slapping her nipples. She struggled against the cloth hoping to stop the buzzing inside her before insanity overtook her. Her ass and nipples now both on fire, matching the throbbing burn inside her pussy.

Amanda opened her eyes wide as she saw him reach for his belt, slowly open it, unzip his pants, and let them fall to his ankles. He made no attempt to step from them, simply slid his boxers slowly down to rest on top of them, then smiles into her eyes. His cock was erect and Amanda wanted it. She wanted it anywhere and lunged for it, forgetting her bound thighs and wrists. He caught her by the shoulders and lifted her back to her kneeling position, resting against the chair, and softly whispered " No, Amanda, I will decide when you get this."

He gripped her hair and pulled her face close to his cock, close enough to lick with just the tip of her tongue. She had to have it and struggled to lunge for it, but the hands held her hair firmly, preventing it. Her shaking body was reaching a new level of need. The vibrators driving her body into a frenzy, while the frustration of just having the taste of his cock with the tip of her tongue incensed her mind. Finally, he pulled her head hard against him, burying his cock in her throat. Amanda gagged at the suddenness of it, then began greedily sucking him. For the first time in her life Amanda knew the joy of sucking a man's cock to pleasure him, instead of as a means to getting her way. She sucked and moved her tongue over it, eyes closed in an attempt to etch a picture of his cock on her memory. She heard him moan and felt the beginnings of his contractions and tasted the taste of his cum, a taste she knew she would never forget. She sucked him harder and drained him and continued on and on until he pulled her head from him and held her face in his hands gently.

"You have pleased me well , Amanda," he whispered, then gently leaning her forward, he placed her on her stomach on the Persian rub. He sat beside her and removed the cuffs from her wrists, then loosened the stretch fabric binding her ass and thighs, and reached inside the cloth and turned off the vibrator in her ass and flipped the switch on the remote control to stop the vibrator tormenting her pussy. Amanda felt him gently rubbing her back and her head, while whispering to her how wonderful she was and how well she had pleased him. He placed the cuffs in the backpack , kissed the back of her head gently and whispered,

"Amanda, I am leaving you the elastic bandage and the vibrators. Put them up in a safe place and care for them. I may one day return and I will want you to have them at my disposal. Do you understand?"

"Yes," said Amanda in a trembling voice, "when will you return?"

He lifted her face with a finger under her chin and smiled, then softly kissed her lips, stood, lifted the backpack and headed for the door. Amanda tried to stand to follow him, but the tremors rippling through her turned it into a half crawl, half walk, with the elastic bandage unraveling with each step and the vibrators threatening to slip from her. She made it to the window in time to see him mount his bicycle, adjust the backpack and begin to ride away. Her heart and soul flew thru the glass to him, wanting to grab him and pull him back, or to throw a new T-shirt and a pair of shorts on and ride away on that bicycle with him. She stood shaking, watching him ride further and further down the street, until he turned the corner and went back the way she had first seen him. He was gone.

He rode the bike away, smiling inwardly. He glanced at his watch and saw that he had been with Amanda for 45 minutes. Possibly one of the more intense 45 minute periods in his life. He rode the bike down a short hill and turned a corner, went one block and pulled into an empty street that had just been subdivided into estate lots. A cul-de-sac much like Amanda's. He braked the bike beside the new Lexus 400SC and walked it back to the bike rack attached to the trunk. He strapped the bike to the rack and reached into the backpack and retrieved the keys, tossed the backpack to the back seat and started the car. As he pulled away, he lifted the receiver of the car phone and dialed the number he had memorized, but never dialed.

The ringing of the phone ran thru Amanda like a shot. She tried to stop her shaking and trembling and hoped her mother-in-law wouldn't notice the sound of her voice.

"Hello," she said struggling for control.

"Amanda, this is Michael, you now know the feeling of submission that you have made fun of in the past and have just experienced some of the things you have teased others about. I trust you now have a respect for these things you didn't have before."

"Oh God, MICHAEL!!!!!!! That was YOU?"

"Yes, Amanda, one of your fantasies has now come true. You were taken by a stranger."

Copyright (c) Michael Montgomery, USA
July, 1997
All rights reserved

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