By flutterbi

I remember the day i met you............your smile, your walk, the way your hair gently curled on your head framing your face as if you were an angel, the way your lips were so absolutely red... the beauty of you astounded me......when i looked at you it was as if your soul was speaking to me.

" Where have you been " your soul said " I have been searching in every little corner every place i could be I have been bars, libraries, the market, church, the beach, the lake, been over the planet looking for you have you been hiding from me my dear? Were you trying not to be found? You can not hide from your destiny sweets no matter which way you turn there it is waiting to give you what you have been looking for , you just have to want it and know that you finally deserve it. Do you deserve it sweets?...Do you deserve the love I was born to bestow upon you? More than do you deserve are you ready for it?"

I looked at you with puzzled eyes....could this be? Am i hearing this ? Were his lips moving? Then you smiled a warm smile and i knew yes you were speaking to me without words. My soul to your soul. For you were truly whom i have been waiting for. My body moved closer to you wanted to bask in your light in your sun you were vibrant.. I wanted to touch your very being. Wanted to feel what you felt inside . I wanted to be part of you.

You smiled are part of me my dear you have been forever. I have just been waiting for you to know that ... for you to realize that you were born for me and I was born for you. Our souls have been longing for each other I felt that ache, that want , did you feel it too?

I sighed yes indeed i had felt it. On so many occasions while sitting quietly on the beach reflecting i could feel you. I could feel the emptiness inside of you for me and the longing inside of me for you. The waves would wash over me as i sat on the edge of the water cleansing me as if a baptism preparing me for you . At the ocean that is where i am pure, my soul is freee to soar like a seagull over the waves over the ships into the clouds . Did you feel me when i flew? Did you feel me when i searched for you? Was I ever close?

You smile again. Awave of warmth surrounds me. Yes you were close dear just not ready to finally see me, not ready to know of what we will have. But now i see your face and i see your wanting and i know that this is true and right. We are together now and will be forever. When you die i die when you live i live. When you hurt i hurt we are one.

"We are one" I whisper "We are one"

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